Ciclismo de montaña con vistas a lagos

Bike tour organized by Bulgaria

Details of our best mountain bike trip. In Europe there are many bicycle routes and tourism by bicycle or cycle tourism is booming. At we are specialists in active tourism trips to Eastern Europe, and based on our experience, since 2014, we are scheduling guided bike trips every […]

mountain bike borovets

MTB in the bike parks of Bulgaria

Practice MTB in bike parks. Where to find bike parks? Currently in Spain a true passion for mountain biking is developing, which has great advantages such as, for example, that it makes the purchase of MTB bikes more affordable, accessories and repairs to the general public, fan clubs are formed, increase culture […]

Mejores modelos de bicicleta downhill

Best downhill bike models

If you don't know what downhill is, We briefly explain what it consists of launching with a mountain bike downhill, generally by hills of wooded areas, along paths avoiding the trees, where what prevails is the balance and the control of the descent speed. It is therefore a discipline that generates […]

Senderismo en Svaneti (Trekking Mestia - Ushguli)

Hiking trail in Georgia – the best of the Caucasus

Hiking in Georgia. Introduction. The transcaucasus hiking trail “the Transcaucasian Trail (TCT)” It is the only long-distance hiking trail in the Caucasus Mountains, connects the Caspian Sea with the Black Sea. It is a route with fascinating landscapes with views of peaks of more than 5.000 meters, rivers, waterfalls and through dense […]

Senderismo en Svaneti (Trekking Mestia - Ushguli)

Hiking in Svaneti (Trekking Mestia – Ushguli)

  Get to know our travel program for Hiking in Svaneti (Georgia) with local Spanish-speaking guide on our page: “Hiking in Georgia“. But in this article we give you a summary of what you will find on the hiking trail in Svaneti (Trekking Mestia-Ushguli). The Greater Caucasus is a true Alpine wall […]

el mejor campo de paintball y airsoft del mundo

The best Paintball and Airsoft field in the world

  Get ready for a unique experience… and in this case it is not a cliché: in March of 2018 a mega installation is inaugurated to practice Paintball and Airsoft outdoors. It is undoubtedly the best paintball and airsoft field in the world, why?… because it is the field of paintball and airsoft more […]

Senderista en picos de montaña de roca de Pirin

Where to go extreme adventures in Europe

Extreme sport in Europe. Where to go extreme adventures in Europe? The answer is in Bulgaria, This country in Eastern Europe has an extension similar to half of Spain but much greener. And within the country there are multiple possibilities to practice adventure tourism and practice extreme adventures , be it extreme sports […]

cartel de eco sendero

An extreme hiking trail in Bulgaria: Eco trail “Borov Kamak”

Extreme hiking in Bulgaria. If you are fond of hiking trails “specials” You may have heard of some extreme hiking route found in Spain like the one in: Footbridges over the Mao River, Catwalks of Montfacó, Cahorros de Monachil, Urdón Canal, etc… They are called extreme because the trail has aerial sections […]

bicicleta mtb tipo cross country

Differences between downhill bikes (DH), cross country (XC), all mountain (trail), enduro and freeride

Types of specialized mountain bikes. Travelers who do mountain bike tours in Bulgaria with us often ask us what the differences are between downhill bikes., cross country, all mountain, enduro and freeride, all of them Anglicisms applied to different disciplines of the sport of mountain biking. Then you […]

Viajes a medida por Europa

Tailor-made tours of Europe – recommendations

At we are specialists in organizing tailor-made trips around Europe. Our specialty is adventurous travelers, we love to organize excursions for hiking, mountaineering, climbing, canyoning or any other sport or adventure activity. Europe is the ideal place to practice this type of activity, its great geographic and climatic diversity endows […]

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