Monasterio de Rila en Bulgaria

Rila Monastery in Bulgaria

Information about the Rila Monastery. Where is the Rila Monastery located?. The Rila Monastery is located within the Rila National Park . It is in a mountainous area 1.150 altitude meters, in fact the monastery walls are surrounded by wooded hills, green in Summer and multicolored when the […]

Viaje al Festival de la Rosa y otras atracciones de Bulgaria

What to see in Bulgaria in 12 days ?

The best travel route in Bulgaria in 12 days. If you are thinking of visiting Bulgaria soon, and you don't have many references about what to see in Bulgaria , Here we make our proposal for a travel route through the country. And please note that we can offer you a trip of “hotel + coach […]

La capital de Bulgaria: Sofía

Why travel to Bulgaria?

Are you planning to travel to Bulgaria?. An honest opinion about Bulgaria. Hi there, I'm Luis, travel adviser at . The first time I traveled to Bulgaria, some years ago, I knew that that first trip was not going to be enough and that I would want to return. Why travel to Bulgaria ?: because I love this type of […]



Sandanski town in Bulgaria. Sandanski is a small town of about 31.000 inhabitants found in southwestern Bulgaria, close to the border with Greece. For years it has been a tourist city famous for its natural hot springs that are used in hotels, balneological complexes and public swimming pools in the city. […]

Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo town in Bulgaria. Veliko Tarnovo is a fascinating Bulgarian city, It was former capital of Bulgaria and has a long tradition as the main university city of Bulgaria. Its tourist attractions are undeniable and there are already many blogs and articles detailing what to see in Veliko Tarnovo, therefore instead of enumerating […]

Ciudad de Tryavna

Tryavna city

Historic city of Tryavna. The city of Tryavna, that is to 40 km south of Veliko Tarnovo (50 minutes by car), in the center of the Central Balkan Mountains. If the landscape that surrounds Veliko Tarnovo is already quite impressive for its ravines and for the capricious curves that form the […]

Viajes fly and drive , ¿qué debes saber?

Viajes fly and drive , What should you know?

Tips for hiring fly and drive trips or self-guided trips. What are fly and drive trips? Fly and drive trips are also known as “self-guided tours” The “trips to your air”, the “fly and drive” (literally “fly and drive”) it is a trip in which you drive a rental vehicle, Following […]

Ciclismo de montaña con vistas a lagos

Bike tour organized by Bulgaria

Details of our best mountain bike trip. In Europe there are many bicycle routes and tourism by bicycle or cycle tourism is booming. At we are specialists in active tourism trips to Eastern Europe, and based on our experience, since 2014, we are scheduling guided bike trips every […]

El origen de la Diosa Afrodita

The origin of the Goddess Aphrodite

The true story of the Goddess Aphrodite. In most of the articles you find about the Goddess Aphrodite they will tell you details about this famous character based on Greek mythology. However, the origin of the Goddess Aphrodite dates back many centuries., pre-Hellenistic and Greek times. The Goddess Aphrodite […]

Ecoturismo y Ecogastronomía en Bulgaria (incluye Festival de la Rosa)

Bulgarian yogurt

The best yogurt in the world. A mildly sour tasting yogurt, bulgarian yogurt, It is undoubtedly the best yogurt and the healthiest of the dairy products that can be consumed today. In the rest of the world people know it as Bulgarian yogurt but in its land of origin, Bulgaria, it is called […]

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