To take advantage of the offers on the website we advise you to know the General Conditions of Sale (CGV).

The performance of any type of services is reserved for users who have previously read these CGV in full and have accepted without reservation. Any order implies acceptance of the GCS. reserves the right to modify these GCS at all times, without warning, provided that such changes do not apply to reservations previously accepted by also offers products and services web pages or partner companies. These CGV, in this case and the type of benefits they may be supplemented or replaced by the specific conditions of these employees. These Specific Conditions, of which will be notified by employees, They shall be validated at the time of operation. Should accept these specific conditions imposed by our employees and accept the conditions and limitations of liability relating to the availability of products and services offered. may delegate to partner companies providing services and customer billing, In any case the customer will be previously informed on the general conditions of the offered trip which is the company responsible for providing services and billing, and this will be the sole recipient of any claims. Apparently, is responsible for the proper execution of the services rendered, such as the right advice and proper processing of the reservation.

1. Registration and reservations.

1.1. Budget request.
This information may be requested by telephone, via email or in person at our office in Madrid capital by presupesto application form found on our website. However no information on prices on the website itself to calculate for itself the travel budget. This page provides an indicative price which must be confirmed by once we submit the application form Budget.

1.2. Application Form activities.
The reservation request must be made at least 60 days before the departure. But even recommend booking further in advance that period to try to ensure the availability of guide / instructor and be eligible for cheaper flights. The reservation must be made via email using the form for booking places you will find in the website.

It will be managed by our team within an indicative term 3 a 5 days (excluding public holidays and rest) to the receipt of the email. This delay is necessary for confirmation of the availability of the required services to the local community and the preparation of the business plan since it is a plan tailored to each customer. After that time, if the application is accepted by, Customer will receive the detailed report requested services, its price, method of payment and general conditions.

1.3. Reservation confirmation and payment terms.
Once the reservation is confirmed by, the client will have 5 days for the first payment corresponding to the amount of hosting services that you have chosen and that at least is 150,00 € per person. If renting a vehicle for the transfer of the client and his companions then required also govern the rules of paragraph 5.4.1. general conditions of adding both amounts for the reservation.

The remaining sum must be satisfied at least 20 days before the commencement of the provision of services if you choose to pay by bank transfer. If you opt for a cash payment of remaining amount, this can be done as late arrival at the airport of Sofia according to the conditions stipulated in paragraph 2.2. Modes of payment.

If the backup application deadlines are not met by the customer, commits itself not to keep the program budgeted prices and customer may transfer the additional costs of making reservations without advance as planned in hotels, rent a car, activity and other, the amount of which will be communicated to the client in writing.

If you want to pay through banks, you receive an invoice with our bank account number. The bank transfer fees must be paid by you if any. Once we have received the booking amount on our account we will send the invoice within 5 days.

Booking with you establish a service contract with us, that Bulgarian law shall be governed.

1.4. Documents delivery (such as airline tickets and / or bonds).
They will be sent by mail or mail only after payment, to the address indicated on the form of reservation. not responsible for errors committed by their partners or suppliers.

2. Payments
Prices refer to a number of services described in the detailed summary of each plan of activities. Therefore, those services that are not expressly included in the business plan are borne by the Client.

2.1. Validity of prices
Prices vary considerably, according to the period of enjoyment of activities, the number of participants, trade policy or carriers. The currency used is the Euro.

2.2. Payment methods
Payment is made in Euros or in BGN (Bulgarian currency) depending on the mode of payment used. Regardless of the method of payment chosen by the customer, always prevail the limits within which payment must be paid. Upon validation operation, you can choose from:

• Payment by bank transfer.
Payment is made by bank transfer to the bank account in the bank has “First Investment Bank” based in Bulgaria. Transfer fees are payable by the customer.

• Cash payment.

The cash payment can be done by the customer personally appearing at our office in Madrid or in another location so be agreed by both parties within the Community of Madrid.

In special cases it is also possible to pay cash upon arrival at Sofia Airport.

• Payment by check.

Payment by check is possible. Checks must be nominative, to name and address sent to Madrid which will be indicated. Your payment will be paid by check after admission to our bank. Sending checks by any means and its receipt by within the stipulated period is the customer's responsibility.

2.3. Price revision reserves the right to change prices to reflect significant changes made after the completion of the reservation such as:
• The cost of transport depends and varies according to the price of fuel.

• Airport charges (landing fees, boarding, landing at airports, which they are susceptible to modification by the local authorities).

Variations in the cost of transport and airport charges are calculated proportionately and if they apply within the requested services will be added to the total price of the services requested
• The price of currencies, once part of the services invoiced by foreign currency

• The price of accommodation, related price inflation too strong unforeseeable events.

In any case, the price changes may be made as late up 30 days before the start of the provision of services by

In case of an increase of over 10 % the total price of services due to one or more of the reasons indicated in this section 2.3, the customer will have the possibility to cancel your reservation without any expenses may claim reimbursement of the amounts provided for reservation purposes, provided notice of its cancellation in writing, at least 20 calendar days before the start of the provision of services by Failure to meet the deadline, they will be applied cancellation fees, as and as provided in the general conditions.

2. 4. Exceptions
In general and unless otherwise indicated, They are not included in the price: insurance, optional excursions, drinks and meals, gratuities, personal expenses, tickets to museums, monasteries and cultural centers, services chairlift and gondola and in general all services that are not expressly included in the program of activities sent to the client.

3. Rights and obligations of the parties.

3.1. For services rendered by employees and suppliers. may subcontract with local suppliers providing customer of any of the services it deems appropriate provided that this does not involve an increase in the price of those services to the customer or not undermine its nature or quality.
Save legal provisions regulating otherwise, you agree that, as a mere intermediary not assume any responsibility relating to contracts of sale or provision of services signed between you and any of the collaborators and providers, especially in what refers to the availability, the nature, the quality, the amount of Products or Services sold, compliance, delivery or use them for their part. For any warranty regarding the products and services or employees and suppliers, You must take into account specific conditions directly or Partners and suppliers concerned.

3.2. For services provided directly and without intermediaries
In this case, will do its utmost to ensure the normal development of the travel and services. But nevertheless, shall not be liable for schedule changes, delays, cancellations and other changes by fortuitous events, force majeure, in his opinion, or by third parties unrelated to the provision of services.

3.3. For all services not be liable for breach of service, especially in cases of breakdown products or the unavailability of the Product or Service, force majeure, by disruption or general strike, partial, especially of postal services and transport and / or communications. not accept any claim or refund in relation to the failure or improper performance of the service, caused by you or your companions or for any acts of third parties unrelated to the provision, or by force majeure.

Save legal provisions regulating otherwise, no liability with errors or failures of any of its employees and suppliers.

3.4. agrees:
• To provide the customer all agreed services within the program and prepaid services.
• reserves the right to apply Article. 5 of these general conditions in case of changes or cancellations of services to be provided.
• reserves the right to cancel the reservation, not provide program services and to withhold payments made without liability if Customer fails to make payment or payments within the deadlines set, or does not comply with these terms and conditions.

3.5. Customer agrees:
• To be in possession of official documents required by force and under the law in force or of the countries visited.
• To pay fully the value of the services provided by, its employees and suppliers as the general conditions.
• To respect the laws of the destination country.

3.6. The customer is entitled:
• A transfer his contract to a third party, according to art. 5.1. of these general conditions.
• To make changes and cancellations, according to art. 5. of the general conditions.

4. Responsibility of the parties and Guarantees.
4.1. Disclaimers. not be responsible for failure or partial performance of the service by causes caused by:
• The Client or his companions.
• Shares persons outside
• major forces - Force majeure means any event beyond the parties, unpredictable and insurmountable nature that prevents either the client or the participants receive the total or part of the services requested, or that or service providers involved can run all or part of the obligations under the program of activities

Expressly, as such cases are understood: strike transportation, the hotel staff, or air traffic controllers, other strikes by workers or employers, Public demonstrations, insurrections, civil and world wars, acts of terrorism, taking of hostages, use of weapons, any ban approved by any government or public authority, desastre natural, fire and adverse weather conditions. In this way, it is expressly agreed that force majeure suspends, for parts, the fulfillment of mutual obligations that were affected by these cases. Respectively, each party bears all the charges of which they are entitled and expenses arising from cases of force majeure. Therefore, customers and participants bear the additional costs that may arise in case of force majeure, to allow the continuation of the program of activities, without liability on the part of

In case of failure or partial performance of services by, mentioned in the program of activities, the latter undertakes to compensate customers for breach of services or by the respective damages. The maximum amount of liability in such cases is limited to a maximum of 100% of the total price. reserves the right to cancel the reservation and provide the services at any time before the start of program activities, if the minimum number of participants has not been covered (only for activities which has been set a minimum number of pre-booking confirmation by participants In this case, return the amounts paid customer. In cases of force majeure, not be held responsible for not implementing the program of activities partially or completely and therefore the amounts paid will not be refunded to the customer. shall not be held liable in cases of cancellations, delays or changes in the terms and conditions of the provision of services that are not dependent on his will and especially:
• Delay, modification and cancellation of airline flights for technical reasons, weather or other.
• Trip Cancellation or termination by the client.
• Losses, theft or damage to baggage during the customer journey from Spain or their transportations in Bulgaria.
• For customers of Spanish nationality is essential to have a national identity card to travel to Bulgaria and advisable to carry the European Health Insurance Card, both effective. The Passport is optional within the EU . People of other nationalities (outside the EU) They are responsible for the validity of their documents and they should inform the administrative procedures requiring to visit Bulgaria.

For minors: for all border crossings, all minors, regardless of age, It must be in possession of a national identity card or passport staff, according to destination. It is strongly recommended that parents accompany advised and bring the family book. If the child tries to leave Spanish territory in the company of another person other than a parent must, also, an authorization, to leave the Spanish territory, in force, issued by the relevant Administration.

The information we provide is useful both to you, as for the tour participants. Whatever their nationality, It is your responsibility to request relevant information, for instance, at consulates and embassies of countries to visit, Without forget, countries or transit stops, on administrative and / or health during his stay in Spain for you and your children under age, and to any other participants in your group. Those are the only authorities that can provide them perfectly timely and accurate information. The completion of these formalities and costs generated at its own expense. And, due to their inability to not respect you and / or any of the other participants in your group administrative and / or health formalities in force in the European Union, not responsible for the consequences, and the amount of the sums paid to in no case be refunded to the customer.

The pedimos, bona fide, to verify the coincidence of personal data contained in the travel documents (such as flight bookings) with their personal identification documents and visas. not be liable for any penalties and / or fines, both client, and participants in your group, as a result of breaching health and / or customs rules in Spain, scale in the country or in the country of destination, as well as the consequences that may ensue. not be responsible, or refund the amount of the airline tickets or the amounts paid for the services to which the customer is not present at the scheduled, when the client can not ship by lack of personal identity documents and / or health required for the realization of your trip or provide documentation expired.

4.2. The website
The Website and the contact means provided should not be used for speculative bookings, false or fraudulent.

The spread of threats, defamatory data, Pornographic, the racist politicians, en general, of any illegal information is strictly prohibited. reserves the right, to report such cases to the Justice, to denounce the user that the spread, without prejudice to any claim for damages.

4.2.1. Information published on the website offers on its website an overview that aims only guide them in their searches. The published information may be incorrect or changed without the knowledge of For that reason it is essential to first consult with the final providers of services, embassies or offices of tourism in the destination of your trip to check whether the information is current. not guarantee the updating of information published and made available on the website, en particular, relative to the procedures and formalities of passports, visas and required vaccinations. It is your responsibility to learn and respect the rules and requirements, in accordance with the provisions of art.4.1. of these Terms and Conditions.

In addition, all information relating to products and services offered by our partners and suppliers, including features, Rate conditions, amounts, availability of products and services is provided by our partners and suppliers who exercise full rights over them. will bend over backwards in order to obtain from their partners and suppliers updated information, relating to products and services offered by them through the website.

Therefore, information and descriptions, including text, photographs, graphics, Prices, types of discounts related to products and services marketed directly by employees and suppliers are published on the website information only without guarantees update, accuracy, their accuracy or relevance.

4.2.2. Using the website not responsible for their inability to access the Website or use it anytime it, or any disruption of such access or use, or defects that might prevent them from performing any operation. not guarantee that the Website is free of viruses or other abnormalities that may cause damage or loss of data on their computers.

You acknowledge the characteristics and limitations of Internet, especially its technical performance, response times for consulting, find out or transfer data and the risks to security in relation to communications.

Therefore, in no case be liable for indirect and / or materials, foreseeable or unforeseeable (including profit or loss opportunities…) due to supply and / or use or the total or partial inability to use the services provided on the Website.

By last, can not control any of the sites that sends information through links and hyperlinks, they exist only to facilitate navigation or information, not responsible for their content. reserves the right to deny access to the Website at any time, without warning. not guarantee that the information on products, services and software provided on the Website will be free of defects or errors, or they can be corrected, or that the site will operate without interruption or failure, or that is compatible with hardware or configuration other than specifically validated by not responsible for failures caused by third-party software are installed on the Website and are incorporated in it.

The site may contain links to other web sites owned and operated by third parties. has no control over such third party sites, or related to them, and is not responsible for the accuracy, integrity and quality of the information contained therein. The content of these sites does not play Products, services or information provided by Any questions regarding these links, It should be addressed to the administrator or webmaster of these sites.

All Internet users should be aware that some search engines can find websites outdated information, with expired dates, therefore invites the user without regard to their pages.

The communication of the existence of websites or search engines, and / or the possibility of access to them, through our website, in any case liable to

4.2.3. Capacity
The site has as one of its objectives to help in the search for products and services related to travel and leisure activities, and make appropriate reservations or any other transaction with partners.

All client recognizes their right and responsibility to contract under the following conditions: be of age and not under guardianship. You are solely responsible, in terms of economics, by the use of the site, You therefore., as third, including children in their care. You also warrant the truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided by you or your companions on this site.

The fraudulent use of the reservation service against these Terms and Conditions may result in the immediate denial of access to the services offered by

4.2.4. Pictures
We strive to improve our published photographs and illustrations and to provide the most realistic and accurate a picture as possible of the services offered.

However, the informamos, the pictures and illustrations in the descriptions are nothing more than a simple illustration of our services. The photographs are used by solely for the purpose of illustrating the grade category or class of services but in any case their lack of veracity or resemblance to reality may be taken by the customer as cause for complaint or return of sums paid to

4.2.5. Intellectual property is the owner of all intellectual property rights relating to the Website owned or owns the rights to use under the same.

Access to the site does not grant any rights to the intellectual property rights on the website and its contents, which remain the exclusive property of

The accessible elements on the Website, such as texts, photographs, images, icons, sounds, videos, software, database, They are protected by intellectual property rights, industrial property rights and other rights owned by

Unless explicitly stated otherwise herein, you can not, in no case, reproduce, modify, transmit, publish, adapt, in any medium, by whatever means, or in any way exploit, either all or part of the Site without the prior written permission of all rights not expressly granted herein, User, you can not claim in any way use or benefit.

Exploitation or use not previously authorized by of all or part of the Website, may be subject to appropriate action by European travel, especially an infringement action and reporting to the competent organs jurisdiscionales.

The inclusion of links or hyperlinks references to other outside anywhere website websites is prohibited without prior written permission of

5. Procedure for the modification or cancellation of the booking service delivery.
Each party has the right to request a modification or cancellation of the reservation service delivery due to basic changes in the circumstances in which it has been held that reservation.

5.1. By request of the client
Any modification or cancellation must be notified in writing via email to the following address requesting a read receipt

Any modification or cancellation of the reservation shall be effective upon confirmation within 72 hours from receipt of the notification. However, you can not ensure the viability of the requested change.

Any change in the record, before departure involves spending 150 € by the customer.

These expenses are added to the cost assumptions and required by suppliers and if, the customer will be informed before making the change.

Some changes are treated as a cancellation followed by a new operation in a way that does not cause cancellation fees.

The customer may transfer your booking (excluding insurance contracts and air travel) third, provided report following the procedure described above, I eat very late 20 days prior to departure, expressly stating the name and address of the beneficiary and the participants or the trip, accepting them the same conditions as he for the requested services (particularly for children who should be in the same age group). The owner and the beneficiary is responsible for payment of any outstanding amount and the additional costs arising from such transfer.

5.2. By request
If performs a basic change in the program of activities or conditions of provision of services, It is obliged to immediately inform the Customer. You represent that the phone numbers, emails and mailing contributed to Europe travel can be used by as a means of rapid release of this information, as well as any other correspondence.

The customer has a period of 3 days from the receipt of the information to amend the record to accept or deny the modification. Once this period has passed without receiving any response or comment, the changes are automatically accepted. The acceptance of the new conditions will then apply to the file.

In case of non-acceptance of the amendments by the customer, promises to offer an alternative of similar quality. If the client rejects this new proposal, the reservation is canceled without the obligation to pay the remaining amounts referred to in the record. undertakes to repay amounts already paid within 14 days from the date of receipt of the notification of refusal by the client.

The change from hotel, restaurant, conveyance, visit or activity by another of equal or higher category without changing the price, not be considered a basic modification of the record.

5.3. Administration fees
The management costs are a record 30% the total amount with a minimum of 150 €, which are retained in case of cancellation, regardless of the date of cancellation.

5.4. Cancellation fees
The cancellation fees vary according to the providers involved in the provision of services. Following the specific conditions of each service, apply the expenses listed in the table below.

5.4.1. Amounts relating only to rent a vehicle for transfers.
When booking a deposit of is required 30% del total. This amount will be retained by in case of cancellation of the reservation, regardless of the term.

5.4.2. Amount concerning the reservation of hotels or other accommodation, tour guides, Trainers, tourist activities, sports and / or cultural, etc.

• For any cancellation affects:

Time before the start of service delivery Percentage retained by the total price Minimum amount withheld
More of 30 days 30% 150 €
from 30 a 16 days 40% 150 €
from 15 a 11 days 50% 150 €
from 10 a 3 days 80% 150 €
less than 3 days 100% 150 €

5.4.3. Amounts relating to travel (including charter flights or scheduled flights at a special price).

For all types of charter and scheduled flights, subject to full payment of the amount on the day of reservation, as well as other flights that are subject to special conditions, the costs are payable 100% of the tour price, in all cases without exception.

5.4.4. For all formulas
In case of no show or presented outside the time set on the meeting place, you will be charged the 100% the amount of the record. The management costs for cancellations are the 30% As minimum, not being reimbursed (at least 150 €), always applying the amounts reflecting the table in 5.4.2.

In case of interruption of the program of activities by the customer, It will not be refunded any amount. If the customer has purchased an optional insurance that covers trip interruption, You must comply with the terms of cancellation given in the general and special conditions of the insurance policy.

When you have taken out insurance with an insurance cancellation, we remind you that you are solely responsible for reporting directly to the insurer of the cancellation or any other objection to the terms and conditions set forth in the policy.

6. Provisions relating to the characteristics of the services provided.
6.1. Risks
The Customer acknowledges the risks and mishaps associated with the nature of some activities (Adventure, Sports, …)

6.2. Physical conditions and health status
You and your companions say they are in good physical condition and have no health problems that a priori may impede the implementation of activities. If the physical conditions or health status of the client or his companions prevented perform some or all some of the activities planned, European travel is not responsible for the consequences that this entails in terms of expenses or lost time generated or modification of the program of activities.

6.3. The authority's Guide / Instructor.
The Customer accepts the authority and decisions of the Guide / Instructor – representing If the guide / instructor considers that certain situations, even if they are included in the program may jeopardize the group or any other person, amend or avoid them, without being subject to any claim by the customer.

7. Lawsuits and claims
7.1. Complaints procedure
Claims of a commercial nature or related to the quality of services must be submitted within 7 days after completion of service delivery, the, by registered return receipt to the address of its registered office it is as follows letter:

c / Ztvetna Garden 5, entrada A, plant 1, office 1. 1421 Sofia (Bulgaria).

Postage costs of this communication are at the customer.

Given the time needed to transmit mail to the headquarters, It should also warn by email to the following address: requesting a read receipt. Communication via email disclaims not legally perform the mandatory claim via postal and if not received it at our head office, communication via email will not be taken into account by

After this period, No claim will be processed.

In addition, claims will be accepted, as long as his reason has been transmitted via email to for the provision of services, with the aim of remedying try to limit the damage.

If the terms and conditions have been met claims, promises to respond within 15 days from receipt of the complaint at its registered office. not accept any claim for any loss, damage or theft of luggage, clothing or personal items which remain under the exclusive supervision of the client himself during his stay, nor for the consequences they entail for the customer perjucios. Only checked baggage by a carrier is secured and only for the duration of transport, under the conditions set used by companies or the insurance contract has been signed and in any case the customer will be solely responsible for informing or claim to these companies if they suffer any damage.

Any claim relating to the provision of products or services offered by should be directed to by the media mentioned above, except in the following cases when the employee or provider is established as the sole recipient of complaints:

All claims relating to transactions with products or services provided directly by employees and suppliers will be transmitted directly to the employee or supplier concerned. For example claims related to products or services provided by: hotels or other types of accommodation, car rental companies or sports equipment, transport companies, travel agency, provision of tourist guide, and others, They must be such as recipient companies, the customer being solely responsible for informing or claim to these companies under the conditions that each of them have to do.

7.2 Dispute resolution

All disputes between the client and will be resolved amicably between the parties to the extent possible.

In the absence of such an agreement, the matter will be taken by the party deems appropriate before the competent court Sofia, en Bulgaria, who will rule according to the Bulgarian legislation in force at that time.

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