In order to benefit from the offers on the website we advise you to be aware of these General Conditions of Sale (CGV).

The performance of any type of service is reserved for users who have previously read these Terms and Conditions in their entirety and have accepted them without reservation.. Any order implies the total acceptance of the CGV. reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time, without prior notice, as long as said modifications do not apply to reservations previously accepted by also offers products and services from websites or collaborating companies. These CGV, In this case and depending on the type of benefits, they may be completed or replaced by the Specific Conditions of said collaborators. Said Specific Conditions, of which they will be notified by collaborators, will be validated at the time of the operation. You should accept those Specific Conditions imposed by our collaborators and accept the conditions and limitations of responsibility regarding the availability of the products and services offered.. may delegate to partner companies the provision of services and billing to the client, In any case, the client will be informed in advance in the general conditions of the trip offered of which is the company that is in charge of providing the services and billing them., and this will be the sole recipient of any possible claims. Evidently, is responsible for the correct execution of the services provided, such as the correct advice and the correct processing of the reservation.

1. Registration and reservations.

1.1. Budget request.
This information may be requested by phone, Via email or in person at our office in Madrid capital using the budget request form found on our website. However, it has information on prices on the website itself to calculate the budget for the trip.. This page offers an approximate price that must be confirmed by once you send us the budget request form.

1.2. Activity Reservation Request.
The reservation request must be made at least 60 days before departure date. However, we recommend making the reservation even earlier than that period to try to ensure the availability of a guide / instructor and to be able to opt for cheaper flights. The reservation must be made via email using the seat reservation form that you will find on the website.

It will be managed by our team in an indicative period of 3 a 5 days (except holidays and rest days) counting from the receipt of the email. This period is necessary for the confirmation of the availability of the services requested before the local Suppliers and the preparation of the plan of activities since it is a plan tailored to each client. After that period, if the request is accepted by, the Client will receive the detailed report of the services requested, its price, form of payment and general conditions.

1.3. Booking confirmation and payment terms.
Once the reservation is confirmed by, the client will have 5 days to make the first payment corresponding to the amount of the accommodation services you have chosen and which is at least 150,00 € per person. If the rental of a vehicle is required for transfers of the client and his companions then the rules of the section also apply 5.4.1. of these general conditions adding both amounts as a reservation.

The remaining amount must be paid at least 20 days before the start of the provision of services if you choose to pay by bank transfer. If you choose to pay the remaining amount in cash, This can be done at the latest upon arrival at Sofia airport according to the conditions reflected in the section 2.2. of payment methods.

If the reservation request deadlines are not met by the client, does not undertake to maintain the prices budgeted in the program and may transfer to the client the extra costs of making reservations without the anticipation that had been foreseen in hotels, rent a car, activities and any other, whose amount will be communicated to the client in writing.

If you want to pay by bank, you will receive a proforma invoice with our bank account number. Bank fees for the transfer must be paid by you if any. Once we have received the amount of the reservation in our account, we will send you the invoice within a period of 5 days.

By booking with you establish a service contract with us, to be governed by Bulgarian law.

1.4. Documents delivery (for example plane tickets and / or vouchers).
They will be sent to you by ordinary mail or email only after payment, to the address indicated in the reservation form. is not responsible for mistakes made by its collaborators or suppliers.

2. Prices and Payment
The prices refer to a certain number of services described in the detailed summary of each activity plan. Therefore, Those services that are not expressly included in the activity plan will be borne by the Client.

2.1. Validity of prices
Prices vary notably, according to the period of enjoyment of the activities, the number of participants, the commercial policy of or of the transport companies. The currency used is the Euro.

2.2. Payment methods
Payment is made in Euros or BGN (bulgarian currency) depending on the payment method used. Regardless of the payment method chosen by the client, The terms in which the payment must be made effective will always prevail. At the time of validation of your operation, you can choose between:

• Payment by bank transfer.
Payment by bank transfer is made to the bank account that has in the bank “First Investment Bank” based in Bulgaria. Transfer charges will be paid by the client.

• Cash payment.

Payment in cash can be made personally by the client by appearing at our Madrid office or at another location that is agreed between both parties within the Community of Madrid..

In special cases it is also possible to pay in cash after arrival at Sofia airport.

• Payment by bank check.

Payment by check is possible. Checks must be nominative, in the name of and sent to the Madrid address that will be indicated. Your payment by check will be made effective after the deposit in our bank. The sending of the checks by any means and their reception by in the stipulated period is the responsibility of the client.

2.3. Prices' check reserves the right to modify its prices to reflect the significant changes that are made after the reservation is made, such as:
• The cost of transport depends on and varies according to the price of fuel.

• Airport fees (landing rates, boarding, disembarkation at airports, which are susceptible to modifications by local authorities).

Variations in the cost of transport and airport charges will be calculated proportionally and, if they are applicable within the requested services, they will be added to the total amount of the price of the services requested from
• The price of currencies, once part of the services have been billed by in foreign currency.

• The price of accommodation, related to the price of too strong inflation due to unforeseeable events.

In any case, the price change may be made at the latest until 30 days before the start of the provision of services by

In case of an increase greater than 10 % on the total price of the services due to one or more of the reasons indicated in this section 2.3, The client will have the possibility of canceling his reservation and without any type of expenses he will be able to request a refund of the amounts contributed for reservation purposes, with the condition of notifying your cancellation to in writing, at least 20 calendar days before the start of the provision of services by In case of not respecting this deadline, cancellation fees will be applied, according to and how it is foreseen in the general conditions.

2. 4. Exceptions
In general and unless otherwise indicated, are not included in the price: insurance, optional excursions, drinks and food, the tips, personal expenses, museum tickets, monasteries and cultural centers, chairlift and cable car services and in general all services that are not expressly included in the activity program sent to the client.

3. Rights and obligations of the parties.

3.1. For the services provided by collaborators and suppliers. may subcontract with local supplier companies the provision to the client of any of the services it deems appropriate provided that this does not imply an increase in the price of said services for the client nor does it imply an impairment of their nature or quality.
Except legal provisions that regulate otherwise, you agree that, As a mere intermediary will not assume any responsibility regarding the contracts of sale or provision of services signed between you and any of the collaborators and suppliers of, especially in terms of availability, nature, the quality, the quantity of Products or Services sold, your conformity, your delivery or use of them. For any guarantee relating to the products and services of the collaborators and suppliers, must directly take into account the Specific Conditions of the Collaborators and suppliers in question.

3.2. For services provided directly and without intermediaries by
In this case, will do its best to guarantee the normal development of the trip and the services. Nevertheless, will not be responsible in case of changes in the schedules, delays, Cancellations and other variations due to acts of God, cases of force majeure, in his opinion, or by third parties unrelated to the provision of services.

3.3. For all services will not be responsible for the breach of services, especially in cases of breakdown of the products or the unavailability of the Product or the Service, By force majeure, by disturbance or general strike, the partial, especially postal services and means of transport and / or communications. will not accept any claim or return in relation to failures or improper performance of the service, caused by you or by your companions or by any act of third parties outside the supply, or by force majeure.

Except legal provisions that regulate otherwise, will not be responsible for the errors or failures of any of its Collaborators and Suppliers.

3.4. commits:
• To provide the client with all the services agreed within the service program and paid in advance..
• reserves the right to apply art. 5 of these general conditions in case of modifications or cancellations of the services to be provided.
• reserves the right to cancel the reservation, not to provide the services of the program and to withhold the payments made without any responsibility if the Client does not make the payment or payments within the specified terms, or does not comply with these general conditions.

3.5. The Client undertakes:
• To be in possession of the official documents required in force and in accordance with the legislation in force of the countries visited.
• To pay in full the value of the services to be provided by, your collaborators and suppliers according to these general conditions.
• To respect the laws of the destination country.

3.6. The customer has the right:
• To transfer your Contract to a third person, according to art. 5.1. of these General Conditions.
• To make modifications and cancellations, according to art. 5. of these general conditions.

4. Responsibility of the parties and Guarantees.
4.1. Liability limitations. will not be responsible for the breach or partial fulfillment of the services to be provided due to causes caused by:
• The Client or his companions.
• Actions of third parties unrelated to
• Forces majeure - Force majeure is understood to be any event outside the parties, unpredictable and insurmountable nature that prevents the client or participants from receiving all or part of the requested services, or that or the service providers involved can carry out all or part of the obligations provided in the activity program

Expressly, as such, the cases of: transport strike, of hotel staff, or air traffic controllers, strikes by other workers or employers, public demonstrations, insurrections, civil or world wars, acts of terrorism, hostage taking, use of weapons, any prohibition approved by any government or public authority, natural disaster, fires and bad weather conditions. In this way, it is expressly agreed that force majeure suspends, for the parties, the fulfillment of the reciprocal obligations that were affected by said cases. Respectively, Each one of the parties will bear the charges of all the expenses that correspond to them and that derive from cases of force majeure. Therefore, clients and participants will bear the additional expenses that may arise in the event of force majeure, to allow the continuation of the activity program, without any responsibility on the part of

In case of breach or partial fulfillment of the services by, mentioned in the activity program, The latter undertakes to compensate the Clients for the breach of the services or for the respective damages. The maximum amount of liability in these cases is limited to a maximum of 100% of the total price. reserves the right to cancel the reservation and to provide the services at any time before the start of the program activities, if the minimum number of participants has not been covered (only for activities where a minimum number of participants has been set prior to confirming the reservation by In this case, will return the amounts paid to the client. In cases of force majeure, will not be considered responsible for the non-execution of the program of activities partially or totally and therefore the amounts paid will not be reimbursed to the client. cannot be held responsible in cases of cancellations, delays or modifications of the terms and conditions of the provision of services that do not depend on your will and above all:
• Delay, modification and cancellation of air flights for technical reasons, meteorological or other.
• Cancellation or termination of the trip by the client.
• Losses, theft or damage to luggage during the client's trip from Spain or in their transfers within Bulgaria.
• For clients of Spanish nationality, it is essential to have a National Identity Document to travel to Bulgaria and it is advisable to carry the European Health Card, both in force. Passport is optional within the EU . People of other nationalities (outside the eu) They are responsible for the validity of their documents and must inform themselves about the administrative procedures they require to visit Bulgaria.

For minors: for all border crossings, all minors, regardless of your age, must be in possession of a national identity document or personal passport, according to destinations. Parents are strongly recommended to accompany them and bring the family book. If the minor intends to leave Spanish territory in the company of another person other than his parents, he must, what's more, have an authorization, to be able to leave Spanish territory, in force, issued by the corresponding Administration.

The information we provide you is useful for both you, as for the participants of the trip. Whatever your nationality, it is your responsibility to ask for the relevant information, for example, at the consulates and embassies of the countries to visit, Without forget, countries of stopovers or transit, on administrative and / or health procedures during your stay outside of Spain for you and your minor children, as well as for any other participant in your group. Those are the only administrations that will be able to provide you with perfectly updated and truthful information. The completion of these procedures and the expenses they generate will be your responsibility.. And, due to your inability to not respect you and / or any of the other participants in your group the administrative and / or health formalities in force in the European Union, is not responsible for the consequences, and the amount of the amounts paid to in no case can be reimbursed to the client.

We ask them, in good faith, to verify the coincidence of the personal data that appears in the travel documentation (how can flight reservations be) with your personal identification documents and visas. will not be responsible for any penalties and / or fines imposed, both to the client, as the participants of your group, as a result of violating the sanitary and / or customs regulations in Spain, in the country of stopover or in the country of destination, as well as the consequences that may arise from it. will not be responsible, nor will it reimburse the amount of the plane tickets or the amounts paid for the services to which the client does not show up on the scheduled date, when the client cannot board due to lack of personal and / or health identity documents required for the completion of their trip or for presenting expired documentation.

4.2. The website
The Website and the means of contact it offers must not be used for speculative reservations, false or fraudulent.

The spread of threats, defamatory data, porn, politicians o racists o, usually, of any illegal information is totally prohibited. reserves the right, to report these cases to the Justice, to report the user who propagates them, without prejudice to any claim for damages.

4.2.1. Information published on the website makes general information available to you on its website that is solely intended to guide you in your searches. The information published may be erroneous or modified without the knowledge of For this reason, it is essential to consult in advance with the final service providers., Embassies or tourist offices at your travel destination to check if the information is up to date. does not guarantee the updating of the information published and made available to you on the website, in particular, the one relating to the procedures and procedures of passports, mandatory visas and vaccinations. It is your responsibility to inform yourself and respect the rules and requirements, in accordance with the provisions of article 4.1. of these General Conditions.

further, all the information regarding the products and services offered by our collaborators and suppliers, including features, rates conditions, amounts, Availability of products and services is the responsibility of our collaborators and suppliers who exercise full rights over them.. will make every effort to obtain updated information from its Collaborators and Suppliers, regarding the Products and Services offered by them through the website.

Thus, information and descriptions, including texts, Photographs, graphics, prices, types of discounts related to the products and services marketed directly by partners and suppliers are published by on the website for informational purposes only, and there is no guarantee that they are updated., its accuracy, its veracity or its relevance.

4.2.2. Use of the website is not responsible for your inability to access the Website or use it at any time., nor of any interruption of such access or use, or defects that may prevent them from performing any operation. does not guarantee that the Website is free from computer viruses or other anomalies that may cause damage or loss of information on your computers..

You declare to know the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, especially its technical features, response times to consult, find out or transfer data and security risks in relation to communications.

Therefore, In no case, will be responsible for indirect and / or non-material damages, predictable or unpredictable (including loss of profit or opportunities…) due to the offer and / or the use or the total or partial inability to use the services provided on the Website.

By last, cannot control any of the sites to which it forwards information through links and hyperlinks, that exist only to facilitate your navigation or your information, is not responsible for its content. reserves the right to deny access to the Website at any time, without prior notice. does not guarantee that the information about the products, services and software provided on the Website will be free from defects or errors, or that can be corrected, or that the site works without interruptions or failures, nor that it is compatible with hardware or configuration that are not expressly validated by is not responsible for failures caused by third-party software that are installed on the Website and that are incorporated into it.

The site may contain links to other websites owned and operated by third parties.. has no control over such third party sites, no relationship with them, and is not responsible for the accuracy, the integrity and quality of the information contained therein. The content of these sites does not reproduce the products, services or information provided by Any questions related to these links, It should be addressed to the administrator or to the master web of these sites.

Every Internet user should be aware that some search engines can find web pages with outdated information, with expired dates, for which the user is invited not to take into account these pages.

Communication of the existence of websites or search engines, and / or the possibility of access to them, through our site, in no case does it hold responsible.

4.2.3. Capacity
One of the objectives of the site is to help you in the search for products and services related to travel and recreational activities., and make the appropriate reservations or any other transaction with the collaborators.

Every client of recognizes their right and responsibility to contract under the following conditions: be of legal age and not under guardianship. You are solely responsible, in terms of economics, for the use of the site, so much for you, as by third parties, including minors in your charge. You also guarantee the truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided about you or your companions on this site..

The fraudulent use of the reservation service against these General Conditions may lead to the immediate denial of access to the services offered by

4.2.4. Photos
We strive to improve our published photographs and illustrations and to provide the most realistic and truthful view of the services offered..

However, we inform you, that the photos and illustrations in the descriptions are nothing more than a simple illustration of our services. The photographs are used by solely with the aim of illustrating the category or the degree of the class of the services but in no case their lack of veracity or similarity to reality may be taken by the client as a reason for claim or return amounts of money paid to

4.2.5. Intellectual property is the owner of all the intellectual property rights related to the Website that belong to it or have the rights of use under it.

Access to the site does not grant you any right to intellectual property rights on the website and its contents., which remain the exclusive property of

The elements accessible on the Website, such as texts, Photographs, images, icons, sounds, videos, software, databases, are protected by intellectual property rights, industrial property rights and other property rights of

Unless explicitly stated otherwise in this document, you will not be able, in no case, play, Modify, to transmit, to post, to adapt, on any support, by whatever means, or explode in any way, either all or part of the Website without the prior written permission of reserves all rights not expressly granted in this document, to user, that you will not be able to claim in any case its use or benefit.

The exploitation or unauthorized use in advance by of all or part of the Website, may be subject to appropriate action by Europa travel, especially of an action of infringement and complaint before the competent jurisdictional bodies.

The inclusion of hyperlinked links or mention of other web sites outside of in any part of the Website is prohibited without prior written permission of

5. Procedure for the modification or cancellation of the reservation for the provision of services.
Each party has the right to request a modification or cancellation of the service provision reservation due to basic changes in the circumstances in which said reservation was made.

5.1. By Client's request
Any modification or cancellation must be notified in writing via email to at the following address: requesting a read receipt

Any modification or cancellation of the reservation will be effective after confirmation by within a period of 72 hours from receipt of notification. However,, cannot guarantee the viability of the requested change.

Any modification in the file, before departure involves an expense of 150 € at the customer's expense.

Said expenses will be added to the expenses assumed and demanded by the suppliers and in that case, the client will be informed before the modification is made.

Some modifications are treated as a cancellation followed by a new operation in such a way that it does not cause cancellation costs.

The client can transfer their reservation (excluding insurance contracts and air flights) To thirds, as long as you report to following the procedure described above, I eat very late 20 days before the start of the trip, expressly indicating the name and address of the beneficiary and of the participants in the trip, accepting the same conditions as him for the services requested (particularly for children who must be within the same age group). The holder and the beneficiary are responsible for the payment of any outstanding amount and the additional costs derived from said transfer.

5.2. By request of
If makes a basic modification in the program of activities or in the conditions of provision of its services, is obliged to immediately inform the Client. The Client declares that the telephone numbers, Emails and postal mail provided to Europa travel may be used by as a means of rapid transmission of said information., as well as for any other type of correspondence.

The client has a period of 3 days from the receipt of the file modification information to accept or deny said modification. After this period has elapsed without the receipt of any response or observation, modifications are accepted automatically. The acceptance of the new conditions will then be applied to the file.

In case of non-acceptance of the modifications by the client, is committed to offering an alternative of similar quality. If the client rejects this new proposal, the reservation is canceled without having the obligation to pay the remaining amounts mentioned in the file. undertakes to return the amounts already paid within the 14 days from the date of receipt of the notification of refusal by the client.

The change on the part of of hotel, restaurant, conveyance, visit or activity for another of the same or higher category without changing the price, it will not be considered a basic modification of the file.

5.3. Administration fees
The costs of managing a file are 30% of the total amount with a minimum of 150 €, that are retained by in case of cancellation, regardless of the cancellation date.

5.4. Annulment expenses
Cancellation costs vary depending on the providers that participate in the provision of services. Following the specific conditions of each service, the expenses indicated in the table below apply.

5.4.1. Amounts referring only to the rental of a vehicle for transfers.
When booking a deposit of the 30% of the total. This amount will be retained by in case of cancellation of the reservation, regardless of the term.

5.4.2. Amount referring to the reservation of hotels or other types of accommodation, tour guides, instructors, tourist activities, sports and / or cultural, etc.

• For any cancellation it influences:

Time before the start of the provision of services Percentage of the total price retained by Minimum amount withheld
More of 30 days 30% 150 €
of 30 a 16 days 40% 150 €
of 15 a 11 days 50% 150 €
of 10 a 3 days 80% 150 €
less than 3 days 100% 150 €

5.4.3. Amounts relating to travel (including charter flights or scheduled flights at a special price).

For all types of charter flights and scheduled flights, subject to full payment of the amount on the day of reservation, as well as on other flights that are subject to special conditions, the expenses to pay are the 100% of the price of the trip, in all cases without exception.

5.4.4. For all formulas
In case of no-show or show up outside the established time at the meeting place, you will be charged the 100% of the amount of the file. The management costs in case of cancellation are of 30% As minimum, not being refundable (with a minimum of 150 €), always applying the amounts shown in the table in section 5.4.2.

In case of interruption of the activity program by the client, no amount will be refunded. If the client has purchased an optional insurance that covers the interruption of the trip, You must comply with the cancellation terms that appear in the general and particular conditions of the insurance policy.

When you have taken out cancellation insurance with an insurer, We remind you that you are solely responsible for informing the insurer directly of the cancellation or any other inconvenience in the conditions and deadlines established in the policy.

6. Provisions relating to the characteristics of the services to be provided.
6.1. Risks
The Client declares to know the risks and mishaps associated with the nature of some activities (adventure, sports, …)

6.2. Physical conditions and state of health
The Client and his companions declare to be in good physical condition and have no health problems that a priori could prevent them from carrying out the activities. In the event that the physical conditions or the state of health of the client or their companions prevent them from carrying out in part or in full any of the scheduled activities, Europa travel is not responsible for the consequences that this entails in terms of expenses incurred or lost time or modification of the activity program.

6.3. The authority of the Guide / Instructor.
The Client accepts the authority and decisions of the Guide / Instructor – representing If the guide / instructor considers that certain situations, even if they are included in the program, it can endanger the group or any other person, may modify or avoid such practices, without being the subject of any claim by the client.

7. Lawsuits and claims
7.1. Claim procedure
Complaints of a commercial nature or those related to the quality of the services provided must be sent within the 7 days after the end of the provision of services, a, by email to the following address: requesting a read receipt. Communication via email does not legally exempt from making the mandatory claim by post and if it is not received at our registered office, communication via email may not be taken into account by

After this period, no claim will be processed.

further, claims will be accepted, as long as its reason has been transmitted via email to during the provision of services, with the aim that tries to remedy to limit the damage suffered.

If the claim deadlines and conditions have been met, undertakes to respond within a period of 15 days from receipt of the claim at your registered office. will not accept any claim for any loss, damage or theft of luggage, clothing or personal items that will remain under the exclusive supervision of the client during their stay, nor for the consequences that these damages entail for the client. Only baggage checked by an airline is insured and only for the duration of transport, according to the conditions established by the companies used or the insurance contract that has been contracted and in any case, the client will be solely responsible for informing or claiming said companies in case of suffering any damage.

Any claim related to the provision of products or services offered by should be directed to by the means mentioned above., Except in the following cases when the collaborator or supplier of is established as the sole recipient of the claims:

All claims related to operations with Products or Services provided directly by Collaborators and Suppliers will be transmitted directly to the collaborator or supplier in question.. For example, claims related to products or services provided by: hotels or other types of accommodation, car or sports equipment rental companies, shipping companies, travel agency, provision of tour guide services, and others, should be addressed to these companies, the client being solely responsible for informing or claiming said companies according to the conditions that each of them have for it.

7.2 Conflict resolution

All disputes that arise between the client and will be resolved amicably between the parties as far as possible..

In the absence of such an agreement, The matter will be taken by the party that deems it appropriate before the competent Court of Sofia, in bulgaria, which will rule according to the Bulgarian legislation in force at that time.

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