Hiking in Rila and Pirin.

Senderismo en Rila y Pirin

Glacial lakes in the Rila Mountains

Trekking technical sheet.

Trip of 10 hiking days in Rila and Pirin, in high mountains within the Rila and Pirin National Parks, although the day 1 and the 10 they are transitional. Longest working day: the day 2 with a route of about 10 hours, including breaks. The rest are from between 3 and 7 Daily hours.
Moderate difficulty but you have to be in good physical shape to do the walks.


Highlights of the Hiking Trail in Rila and Pirin:

Senderismo en Rila y Pirin

Lake of the Eye (one of the Seven Rila Lakes)

Rila National Park:

is one of the few regions in Europe, where the influence of man on the environment is not yet felt so much and where you can spend days without finding anyone to disturb your personal experience. Here we will explore one of the highest places on the Balkan Peninsula: Musala peak (2.925 meters) and we will visit fantastic landscapes such as the Seven Rila Lakes or a beautiful waterfall of 82 meters high.

Pirin National Park:

Alpine character mountains with fantastic landscapes of spruce forests, glacial lakes and rocky peaks. Here we will ascend towards Vihren peak (2.915 meters). Nature fans will be able to enjoy the many wild animals and plants (very, lobo, owl, mountain goat, an extremely rare tree: Pinus Leukodermis, endemic to these mountains.

Rila Monastery-Museum:

It is the star of the Orthodox monasteries in Bulgaria. For several centuries it preserved the Christian spirit in the lands conquered by the Turkish-Ottoman Empire. The place most appreciated and respected by Bulgarians is an extraordinary example of architecture, Bulgarian medieval culture and traditions.


City of 6.000 inhabitants of the Pirin mountain winery. The city is a summary of traditional Bulgarian culture: cobbled streets, traditional taverns, folklore, popular gastronomy, museum houses, etc…

The capital of Bulgaria:

Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe, we recommend visiting the majestic Orthodox Cathedral of Alexander Nevski, the Russian Church with golden domes, the modern center for shopping,etc…


Itinerary of the Hiking program in Rila and Pirin .

Day 1
Flight city of origin – Sofia. Transfer and accommodation at the hotel ****. Price. Brief presentation of the program and the guide. Accommodation: hotel 4****.

Day 2

Hiking in Rila and Pirin - 10 days

Skakavitsa Waterfall in Rila National Park

Transfer by road to the Panichishte region (Rila mountain) 100 Km. Hiking to the Skakavitsa refuge (in the Rila Lakes area) famous for its alpine waterfall. The Skakavitsa waterfall is one of the highest in the country with its 82 m altitude. Visit of the waterfall. lunch – picnic. We continue along the trails to the hostel "Skakavitsa". Accommodation in the hostel that has 89 Beds, shared bathrooms and heating. Dinner in the hostel lounge.
The “Skakavitsa” hostel is built in the area of ​​the Seven Rila lakes which is famous for its strong emanation of energy.; is visited by followers of various mystical doctrines.
Positive slope: aprox. 250 m; duration: 2 – 3 hours.
The hostel is 1,900 meters above sea level, the place is not accessible for cars and buses. Travelers will need to wear underwear for the night at the hostel.

Description: This day will be very good to start the walk, the trek is not long, runs through beautiful forests in a National Park. It is also the time when the White Fatherhood meets. White Fatherhood gathers the followers of the mystical prophet Petar Danov, one of whose followers is the famous designer Paco Rabanne.


Albergue "Skakavitza"

Hostel “Skakavitza”

Hostel lounges

Hostel lounges







Day 3
Breakfast. The hike begins with an impressive tour of some of the most beautiful glacial lakes in Bulgaria.. One of them is the lake "Babreca" ("The kidney"), kidney shaped, It is the largest of the Seven Rila Lakes. We continue towards the “Ezerni” peak from where we have a panoramic view of the seven lakes.

Senderismo en Rila y Pirin

Seven Rila Lakes (Bulgaria)

Kidney Lake

Kidney Lake








Then the trail passes through the mountain ridge towards Malyovitsa peak (2729 m). Descent towards the alpine center of Malyovitsa. Lunch - picnic. Accommodation at the hotel **. Price.

Senderismo en Rila y Pirin

Trekking en Malyovitsa


The Malyovitsa area is famous for its mountaineering routes. It is an important center for fans of trekking and adventure.

Description: A day of beautiful landscapes, crossing the most emblematic areas of Bulgarian mountaineering. Cumulative positive slope: aprox. 1300 m, accumulated negative slope: aprox. 1400 m, duration: aprox. including breaks: 10 hours.


Day 4
Breakfast. Transfer by bus to the Borovets ski center 50 min. Day dedicated to the ascent of Mount Musala (2.925 m). The path begins through a forest of huge pine trees, passing through the Musala hostel and leaves in the high alpine area. It ends at the refuge "Ledeno ezero". Here are several options depending on how you feel, to climb the peak of Musala, 40 minutes and return to the shelter or rest quietly in the shelter. Lunch - picnic.

Hike up Mount Musala

Ascent to Mount Musala

Circus lake of Mount Musala

Circus lake of Mount Musala








Refugio Ledeno Ezero

Refuge “Everest” in Ice Lake


Accommodation – hostel “Everest” in “Ice Lake” (2.700 m). The hostel has a room with 30 Beds. They also prepare very good quality dinner and breakfast. The refuge “Everest” and the “Musala” shelter are in an inaccessible area for vehicles. Travelers will have to wear underwear for the night. It is also advisable to bring a sheet sack.


Description: Day with a strong climb, which brings us very close to the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula, the Musala. The options are to stay and rest in the refuge or climb the peak the same day, counting that the next day we climbed to the peak again. Positive slope 1.400 m. Duration of 6 a 7 hours


Day 5

Senderismo en Rila y Pirin

Peak of Musala Peak a 2.925 meters.

Breakfast. Those who did not want to rest the day before, climb to Musala peak for the second time. Our route continues along the highest ridge of Rila Mountain heading south and down the south face towards Treshtenik Recreation Center (1.600 m). Transfer to the city of Bansko 50 Km. Lunch - picnic. Dinner in a traditional tavern called “table” with live folk music.

Hotel accommodation ***.
The city of Bansko has 6.000 inhabitants and more than 140 mejanas (typical restaurants / taverns in the area) offering unforgettable cuisine and extraordinary music. Walking quietly through the streets of the old town allows you to disconnect from everything and is a trip back in time to discover the life of the town of ago 200 years.

Description: Magnificent journey up and down several peaks. That way we will get very close to the city of Bansko - the starting point for the ascent of the Vihren peak.. Positive slope: 250 meters, negative slope: 1.400 meters, duration 6 – 7 hours.

Bansko old town

Bansko old town

Traditional tavern in Bansko

Traditional tavern “table” in Bansko








Day 6
Breakfast. Relaxing day. Cultural visit to the town of Dobarsko (a 20 km de Bansko) and the old church. Dobarsko Church was built in 1.614, and is famous for the only fresco that according to some controversial interpretations represents Jesus in a spaceship… (visit it and give us your opinion…)
The local folk group will represent several songs before our group, traditions and typical regional foods. Possibility of food in a local house (Optional).

Vuelta in Bansko, free time for walks, visits to the houses - old quarter museum, etc.
Price. With the expert opinion of our guides travelers can choose the mejaná where they want to dine(optional), with or without live music .

Description: The hospitality of the local people, and the representation of the different traditions, songs and food made with all your heart is an authentic show that will remain in your memory as an unforgettable experience.

Food in the courtyard of a local house in Dobarsko

Food in the courtyard of a local house in Dobarsko

ecotourism and eco-gastronomy

Food with traditional recipes of the country








Day 7
Breakfast. Short bus transfer to Vihren hostel (20km). Ascent to mount Vihren (2,914 m). Depending on the weather conditions and the group we can choose several paths to climb to the peak. Vuelta in Bansko. Lunch - picnic. Price in Bansko. Accommodation: in the same hotel in Bansko.

Senderismo en Rila y Pirin

Hikers climbing Vihren mountain peak


Description: A day dedicated to the climb of the highest mountain of the Pirin mountain and second highest in Bulgaria. Our path will cross the protected area of ​​Pirin Norte, where we will meet "Baikusheva Mura": famous ancient tree with approx 1.300 year old (Pinus heldreichii species), one of the oldest trees in the world. Positive slope: 964 m, duration: 6-7 hours.



Day 8

Puerto de "Banderishca"

port of “Banderishca”

Breakfast. Transfer to the Vihren hostel. Ascent towards "Banderishca porta" 2.500 m. Down to the summer resort “Popina Laca” a 1.300 m. Transfer to the city of Melnik (40 Km.). The city is located in a region famous for the production of red wine..
Accommodation: hotel in the city ***.
Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria. It was proclaimed a city-museum and protected area. Good red wine, traditional houses and natural sand pyramids make up the extraordinary atmosphere of this true open-air museum.




Melnik, with the natural sand pyramids in the background.

Description: Another very beautiful journey that passes to the south face of the Pirin massif. After the last day of hard trekking, the city of Sandanski, on the way to the town of Melnik, offers pools with hot springs to rest and recharge your batteries. Positive slope: 550 meters, negative slope: 1.200 meters, duration: 6 – 7 hours.

Day 9
Breakfast. Hiking among the sand pyramids of the Melnik region, road to Rozhen Monastery. Duration of the trek 2 hours. Visit to the Rozhen monastery. Optional: local wine or pomace tasting at Rozhen Monastery. Transfer to the Rila monastery (120 km). Visit of the Rila monastery, the architectural jewel of Bulgaria, know more here. Lunch on the way to the city of Sofia. Hotel accommodation 4**** From Sofia. Price.

Description: The last trek is very smooth and is perfect for resting. This day is dedicated to culture, monasteries and wine , ideal to end the trip.

Rozhen monastery in wood and stone

Rozhen Monastery

Courtyard of the Rila Orthodox Monastery

Courtyard of the Rila Orthodox Monastery








Day 10
Free time for last minute visits or shopping in Sofia if flight times allow. End of the Hiking program in Rila and Pirin, airport transfer. Fired. I return to spain.

Sofia Orthodox Cathedral

Sofia Orthodox Cathedral


1.454 € / per person in minimum group 6 participants.
1.134 € / per person in minimum group 8 participants.
996 € / per person in minimum group 10 participants.
940 € / per person in minimum group 12 participants.
864 € / per person in minimum group 15 participants.
825 € / per person in minimum group 18 participants.
794 € / per person in minimum group 20 participants.

Validity of prices: until 3 months before the start of the trip. Then consult price variation please.
Way to pay: Advance of 150,00 € / person to reserve the trip and the local guide who must accompany you, by bank transfer to the company account in a Bulgarian bank. Rest of the payment to be delivered in cash in euros to the guide on the first day you meet him.

Particular travel information.

*Breakfasts usually consist of tea or coffee, york ham or salami, dulce, toasted bread, Butter, cheese, Fresh fruits. In places where possible we will have breakfast with typical Bulgarian dishes.
* The lunches during the hiking days are picnics, when possible we have lunch in mountain huts or shelters. The picnic consists of bread, vegetables, Mayonnaise, cheese, salami, fruits, or others…
* The dinners take place in the accommodation hotels or in the cities and towns where the hotels are located.. Contain soup or salad, vegetables or appetizers, main course with meat, fish or vegetarian, dessert (cream, pie, fruits, frozen).
Beverages: alcohol, Soft drinks and mineral water are not included in the price.
Vegetarians: we insist that we be informed in advance by vegetarian participants.

Tickets in Museums, iglesias, forts and monasteries are not included in the price. The purchase of gifts or souvenirs is possible in the cities, monasteries and towns for the traveler.

Group, team, Datasheet:
The expected group size is between 6 and 9 people but can be increased if there is demand. All trips are guided (accompanied) by a Bulgarian guide-leader and depending on the number of participants in the group, from another accompanying guide (more of 15 Travellers). Both speak English and Spanish and have experience guiding groups in the mountains.. They also have extensive knowledge of places and routes, history, culture, nature, etc…

Transportation within the country:
All transfers are made by minibus or minivan.

Conditions for high mountain hiking :
The complete itinerary contains 7 trekking days, of 2 a 10 hours a day. The routes follow marked trails. Hiking requires physical preparation normal.

Personal equipment
Travel bag, savanna bag (optional), small backpack 30 liters, hiking boots or shoes, cotton t-shirts, Gore jacket – tex, mountain pants, fleece, Sunglasses, utility knife. The water in the country is generally very good to drink, but if anyone wants to purify it, must carry particular pills.
The complete list for personal equipment will be sent after booking the trip, However, the above contains the most important objects. It is a recommendation but each traveler is responsible for the equipment personal suitable based on your experience and preferences.


• Reception at Sofia airport upon arrival.
• Certified and Spanish-speaking local mountain guide service throughout the program (Depending on the number of participants in the group, you can have a second accompanying guide).
• Transfers according to itinerary in a vehicle with air conditioning and driver throughout the program.
• Fuel costs, parking and tolls.
• Accommodation in double use room, except in a refuge / hostel which is a shared room.
• Breakfasts and dinners (except dinner of the day 6 and 9), no drinks.
• Transfer to Sofia airport on the day of departure.
• A representation of typical folklore in Dobarsko.
• Administration fees.


• Plane tickets.
• Tickets to places to visit such as monasteries, museums, no tickets for chairlifts or gondolas.
• Footwear and personal sportswear for activities.
• Optional excursions not reflected in the itinerary.
• Travel assistance insurance.
• Tips and personal expenses.
• Drinks of all kinds.


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