Ornithology and Bird Watching Trip in Spring in Bulgaria.

Duration: 8 days to choose between 16 April and 22 of May.

Do you like to watch birds?,

Did you think that to see Pelicans in freedom or rare oriental species you had to travel to distant countries in Asia??, Nothing is further from reality, you can observe them within Europe only 3 flight hours from Spain with the help of our local Bulgarian experts.

rock Nuthatch sitta neumayer

Western rock climber (Sitta neumayer)

This trip is specially designed for fans of Spanish bird watching because it focuses on those species that cannot be seen in the Iberian Peninsula.. They are species whose presence in Europe is limited to the Southeast corner of the European continent where Bulgaria is found.. To name a few: Eastern Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca) , Black hawk (Accipiter brevipes), Papialbo harrier (Circus macrourus), Red-legged kestrel (Falco vespertinus) and Moorish buzzard (Buteo rufinus), Shrike (Lanius nubicus), Big wattle (Hippolais olivetorum) and eastern mosquito net (Phylloscopus orientalis), Western rock climber (Sitta neumayer), Partridge sucking (Alectoris chukar), Black-headed bunting (Emberiza melanocephala), Dalmatian and White Pelicans, Pygmy cormorant (Microcarbo pygmeus), Cinnamon jar (Tadorna ferruginea), Correlimos falcinelo(Limicola falcinellus) and Sandpipers of the Terek (Xenus cinereus), Falaropo picofino (Phalaropus lobatus), Papamoscas semicollarino (Ficedula semitorquata), Red-bellied flycatcher (small eater), Sallow wagtail (Motacilla citreola), Pious collalba (Oenanthe pleschanka), Gloomy chickadee (Poecile lugubris) and the Collaba isabel (Oenanthe isabellina).

Cinnamon jar

Cinnamon jar

We can see more than 150 species in our trip although in the itinerary that we reflect below we have only mentioned some of the species that cannot be seen in Spain, or that are considered oddities, or scarce and irregular migrants.
There will only be 2 long journeys during the trip and the walks will be easy with moderate walks. We will have enough time in the wild to search for our target species and we will spend most of the day doing what we like., search and observe birds. However in addition to the birds, given that it will be spring, we can see good specimens of butterflies and even the common jackal (Canis aureus) .




This is a typical Itinerary, for this specific offer, but if you want other dates or duration, please make us your inquiry through Custom budget request.
Day 1: Arrival in the capital, Sofia, Pick up at the airport and drive to the East of the Rhodope Mountains, It is a trip of some 4,5 hours of duration with the option of stopping en route to see some birds. We will stay the following 2 nights in the town of Krumovgrad in a hotel 3***.


map bulgaria tour birds spring

Red-legged kestrel

Red-legged kestrel









Day 2 : We will spend the day in the nearby valley, a 15 minutes from the hotel. It is a quiet and bucolic valley rich in birds and other wildlife.. Here we will look for the black hawk (Accipiter brevipes), Shrike (Lanius nubicus) , Big wattle (Hippolais olivetorum), Eastern mosquito net (Phylloscopus orientalis), Western rock climber (Sitta neumayer), Partridge sucking (Alectoris chukar), Lesser Shrike (Lanius minor), Black-headed bunting (Emberiza melanocephala) and many others. We can also find butterflies of the species Zerynthia polyxena , Allancastria cerisy and others.

Day 3 : Today we continue on the road to the East and in a couple of hours we will reach the gentle hills of Sakar, here we will look for the Imperial Eagle of the East (Aquila heliaca), Aguila pomerana (Clanga pomarina), Moorish busardo of the nominal subspecies (Buteo rufinus), Syrian Peak (Dendrocopos syriacus), Curruca mirlona oriental (Sylvia crnssirostris), Zarcero icterino (Hippolais icterina) and again Zarcero grande (Hippolais olivetorum) , as well as the Shrike (Lanius nubicus) and the partridge sucking (Alectoris chukar). Hotel accommodation 3*** next to the town of Topolovgrad.


Cozy flycatcher

Cozy flycatcher

Days 4 and 5 : We will spend the morning in the area near the hotel looking for the species that we missed the day before., then journey of 2 hours to the Black Sea coast in order to visit the wetlands of the city of Burgas, 4 large lakes of cold and partially saline waters, plus a few other smaller lagoons. Here we will look for the White and Dalmatian Pelicans, Pygmy cormorant, Cinnamon jar (Tadorna ferruginea) , and some beats Red-necked Grebe (Podiceps grisegena) , among the birds of prey: the European Pigargo (Haliaeetus albicilla) and the lonely papialbo harrier (Circus macrourus) , and some more common like the Common Buzzard (Steppe buzzard) , Red-legged kestrel (Falco vespertinus) and Aguila pomerana (Clanga pomarina). There will be a large number of waders and in particular we will look for the Correlimos Falcinelo, the Sandpiper of the Terek (Xenus cinereus) and Archibebe fine (Tringa stagnatilis) and the picofino phalarope (Phalaropus lobatus), possibly the Alinegra Canastera (Glareola nordmanni) and many others. Fumarel aliblanco (Chlidonias leucopterus) and the Caspian Gull will be around hovering while we observe the red-headed flycatcher (small eater) and Collared Flycatcher (Ficedula albicollis) and possibly the Sallow Wagtail (Motacilla citreola) and the gorgirrojo pipit (Anthus cervinus).We will also look for a few typical Bulgarian forest species such as the Collared Flycatcher. (Ficedula semitorquata). Accommodation in Burgas at Hotel de 3***.

Collalba isabel

Collalba isabel

Day 6 : This day we visit Cape Emine an hour's drive north. There we will look for the Pious Collalba (Oenanthe pleschanka), the gloomy chickadee (Poecile lugubris) and possibly the Crimson Bullfinch (Carpodacus erythrinus). Many of the species on our check list for the preceding days are also found here and we will spend part of the time observing the Sea.. In the afternoon we will drive back to Sofia for a few 4 hours, stopping halfway to see some species. We will spend the night in the town of Gabarevo in a beautiful traditional hotel in 2**.

Carmine bullfinch

Carmine bullfinch


Day 7 : In this area near the hotel we will look for the Pito cano (Peak aging) , Collalba isabel (Oenanthe isabellina) , Hawk warbler (Sylvia nisoria) and Carricero políglota (Acrocephalus palustris) and many others. In the afternoon we can search for the elusive Greek Partridge ( alectoris), for this we will need to take a moderate walk of about 3 km on a wide dirt road. Other species may be the Moorish Buzzard ( Buteo rufinus ) and we will have a small chance to see the Whiteback Peak (Dendrocopos leucotos, spp. liffordi) . When we are ready, An hour's drive by road will take us to the town of Mirkovo where we will stay in a family hotel in 2**. Good dinner and early retreat to sleep to get up early the next day back to Sofia.

Day 8 : Arriving at Sofia airport will take us 1 travel time, to take the flight back to Spain

Note: This is a bird watching trip in which if you want to photograph them you must bring at least one 300 mm and a stable tripod, bean bags can be loaned upon request in advance. In the lakes, a wide angle, as well as a zoom of 70-200 it would be very useful. We also do specific trips for nature photographers, ask us.


Spring Bird Watching Trip Prices.

Pelicano ceñudo © Georgi Slavov

Pelicano ceñudo © Georgi Slavov

Prices including VAT (with local English-speaking guide-ornithologist, transport, hotel and breakfast) :

Reduced price by booking with a minimum of 90 days in advance:

Group of 3 persons: 1.458,00 € / person

Group of 4 a 6 persons: 1.305,00 € / person

Single room supplement: 145,00 € / person




What includes:

• Reception at Sofia airport upon arrival. • Guide service / English-speaking translator throughout the program, the 24 h. • Transfers according to itinerary in a vehicle with air conditioning and driver throughout the program. • Fuel costs, parking and tolls. • Accommodation in double use room • Breakfasts. • Transfer to Sofia airport on the day of departure. • Administration fees.

What is not included:

• Plane tickets. • Observation material and personal clothing for activities. • Because they are optional for each traveler: Entrance fees to museums, monasteries, iglesias, forts and chairlift and cable car services. • Optional excursions. • Travel assistance insurance, with own coverage for the activity, nor rescue. • Tips and personal expenses. • Drinks of all kinds, lunches or dinners.


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