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In we specialize in organizing customized tours Europe. We specialize adventurous travelers, we love to organize trips for hiking, mountaineering, climbing, canyoning or any other sport or adventure activity. Europe is the ideal place for such activities place, its large geographic and climatic diversity gives the continent of many suitable places to practice these activities and during all seasons. In winter, if we do not like the snow and low temperatures, We can go down to southern Europe, where temperatures are milder and have more hours of sunlight; Southern Spain or Italy may be good alternative for a cold winter. Both daylight hours as temperatures, are two essential elements to practice outdoor activities, especially if an activity such as canyoning which imply water. In summer we can travel north where heat is not a problem for long walks or for climbing. As the landscape also have something for everyone, from arid and desert areas in Almeria, the mountainous areas of the Alps, The Pyrenees, La Selva Negra..pasando by the lush forests of the Massif of the Rhodopes in Bulgaria or the icy waters of the Norwegian fjords.

Lake Elenino in Malyovitsa

Europe travel

If you are looking as trips to Europe , surely you've noticed that there is a wide range of online travel agencies, but nevertheless, before deciding on one or the other, you should consider, what it means for each agency have a “tailor made trip”, that is to say, know clearly what you are selling like as Europe trip. for a trip as is one in which the traveler can choose when you want to go, where to go, the time you want to be, if you want to take guide or not and with whom and how much people want to go. It seems obvious, many travel agencies selling trips as, for instance, you can sell a trip where we as a group include tourists who do not know and they will make the same journey or agree with that part of the route. It is also possible that we set a minimum number of members in a group, or us to choose from a set of dates set by the agency. With none of this happens You choose the day of departure, You choose the size of the group and members, choose your destination and days you want to spend, also the activities you want to perform, and in the case of choosing Bulgaria, you can also decide if you want to accompany you a local guide. That is why for your travels in Europe as one of the best options is

Also, if you're not sure your journey as, you can always opt for one of our packages for adventurers. We have several programmed circuits including a local guide full dedication day for you or your group.

Adventure travel in Europe, en Rila

Adventure travel in Europe, en Rila

Specifically guided circuits are developed in Bulgaria, place in which our travel agency has an office and its own local guides. Besides our support any modification on circuit package travelers wishing to, so you can also create your trip as from the circuits we offer. You can check our circuits in our section menu “Top sellers” , in the dropdown you can choose the trip that best suits your preferences.

Europe is much more than old capital, ancient monuments and museums, Europe is a continent like all, also it has a wild side, their places away from civilization, landscapes full of untamed beauty, if you've never practiced active recreation or sports you have made your travel adventure, I recommend you try, It will be an unforgettable experience, from we encourage our satisfied travelers to continue discovering remote places in Europe, either with us or on your own, and all readers of this blog who dare to make their first trip, and if not too much to ask, inquire here before deciding.


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