Meet our travel program for hiking in Svaneti (Georgia) with Spanish-speaking local guide on our website: “Hiking trails in Georgia“.

Georgia costume with the medieval towers of Ushguli

Georgia costume with medieval towers in the background Ushguli (UNESCO World Heritage)

But in this article we present you an overview of what you'll find hiking trail in Svaneti (Trekking Mestia-Ushguli).

The Greater Caucasus is an authentic alpine wall that outlines the silhouette of Georgia, a country with huge mountains whose peaks remain snow throughout the year. This set of mountains rises vertically to form one of the most impressive natural boundaries of our planet.

Georgia is the Caucasus at its best, located on the eastern shore of the Black Sea and encased in a huge ridge that housed the mythological story in which Jason and the Argonauts would finally get the Golden Fleece. Georgia impresses with its contrasts, both scenic and cultural level.

We propose a hiking route through the Caucasus, in the Georgian region of Svaneti, we have called Hiking in Svaneti Mestia-Ushguli Trekking or because we cross the mountain between these two populations Mestia and Ushguli, the first to 1.500 meters and the last 2.400. Mestia and Ushguli between pass through several intermediate villages in a stunning alpine scenery of mountains and glaciers, and away from the crowded hiking trails in Europe. All this will be accompanied by visits to various points of historical and cultural interest that allow us to better know the country and its culture and use the trip not only for hiking but also to visit this exotic land border between Europe and Asia.


Mapa de Georgia

Map of Georgia, red circle in the region of Svaneti

Svaneti is to our knowledge the most impressive region of Georgia, with beautiful landscapes of high mountains almost all year are covered with snow, deep ravines, wooded areas and incredible valleys. The region is close to mountain peaks up 5.000 meters, Svaneti is actually at a higher altitude region of the Caucasus is inhabited by humans. Two thousand years ago a known population settled there as “Svan”, later, during medieval times built hundreds of defensive towers. Currently these towers offer a unique image in the world of these mountain villages where time seems to have stopped. In the region of Svaneti the highest mountain peak of Georgia is located, the peak or Shkhara “Shkhara” , with 5.203 meters, which it is also the third highest in the mountains of the Caucasus, and mountain Ushba (4.710 meters) which is considered the most beautiful mountain ridge, in fact it is known as “Queen Caucasus”.

Surely this is an exotic adventure in the mountains presented at your fingertips and has the advantage of having direct flights from Spain to take you there in just 4 hours 50 minutes (the company lowcost WizzAir to the airport in Kutaisi).


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