natural hot springs – the liquid treasure of Bulgaria

8 October, 2019

  The natural hot waters that flow from springs in Bulgaria are one of the treasures that can be found in this country for leisure, relaxation and even healing. Bulgaria is one of the leading spa destinations in Europe due to the abundance of mineral water springs located throughout […]

Health and wellness tourism in the mountains

13 June, 2019

Tourism Health and Wellness in the mountains of Bulgaria: from antiquity to the present day…   Brief History of Balneology in Bulgaria. From the remote past, mineral water and sludge have been used therapeutically in Bulgaria Balneotherapy. A number of archaeological finds witness the development of spas in […]

Rose Festival in Kazanlak Bulgaria

16 May, 2019

  Did you know that Bulgaria is the world's largest producer of oil extracted from the flower Rosa?, This oil is then exported and used in multiple products like chocolates, jams, spirits, and of course perfume, many of them if they have this quality component mixtures thereof, as for example […]

The best beach in the Black Sea : Albena

12 April, 2019

What it is the best beach in the Black Sea?, certainly every traveler preferences will determine the answer to this question but for a vast majority of tourists the answer is that the best beach in the Black Sea is to Albena. Now we explain our reasons for extolling the best beach Albena […]

Old house facade of the city of Plovdiv

Attractions in Plovdiv in one day

28 March, 2019

  Some time ago in this blog published an article about the benefits of Plovdiv as a tourist destination (Plovdiv, the city of 7 hills). We explain why there is a city you should not miss if you travel to Bulgaria, but now we will realize and we will advise you what to see in Plovdiv […]

Okatse canyon in Georgia

21 March, 2019

  Sure Okatse Canyon is an unknown to most world travelers. However in we wanted to mention an article dedicated to this great place because it seems a tourist attraction of great interest because it combines perfectly sport, Adventure and Nature, and it is easy to go to […]

Lovech: scented city

6 March, 2019

Lovech is a quaint village about 35.000 inhabitants located on both banks of the river Osam, in central Bulgaria, but in the northern part of the country. Its origin is a settlement of Thracian tribes, Bulgarian ancestors Current 2.000 A.C. years. Lovech name comes from an old word […]

Rila Monastery in Bulgaria

28 February, 2019

  Rila Monastery in Bulgaria is within the National Park Rila . It is in a mountainous area 1.150 meters, in fact the monastery walls are surrounded by wooded hills, multicolored green in summer and when they fall colors. It is distant from Sofia, the capital of […]

Why travel to Bulgaria ?

22 February, 2019

  The first time I traveled to Bulgaria, some years ago, I knew that first trip would not be enough and would return. Why travel to Bulgaria ?: because I love this kind of countries that are not crowded with tourists. In Bulgaria local people treat you as a “Foreign” […]

What to see in Bulgaria 12 days ?

21 February, 2019

  If you are thinking of traveling to Bulgaria soon, and you have many references about what to see in Bulgaria , here we'll travel our proposal. And please note that we offer a tour of “hotel + rental car + practical guide in a .pdf file with the itinerary and […]

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