Monasterio ortodoxo de Sokolski

Orthodox monasteries: Sokolski

  Of all the Orthodox monasteries in Bulgaria, Sokolski is not the biggest or best known, however in my opinion it is the most beautiful. The shapes of the dome, brightly colored paintings of the facade, the courtyard with stone arches, your garden with fountain, etc… make it […]

Viajes de aventura por Europa

Adventure travel in Europe to measure

Active adventure tourism. Adventure travel in Europe to measure. Traditionally it has been considered Europe as a tourist destination of urban type, in whose capital can make an active tourism based on culture, gastronomy, Monuments and history. The so-called adventure travel, still it is also a form of active tourism, they have […]

Parque Nacional de Los Balcanes Centrales

Trekking / trekking through Europe

Hiking and trekking in Europe with Europe has large mountain ranges where you can go hiking, or trekking English, enjoying nature and landscapes. Typical destinations for this have traditionally been the Pyrenees and Picos de Europa in Spain, Dolomites in Italy, Alps in Switzerland,… However, their […]

Hacer senderismo en los paises balcanicos

Hiking in the Balkans

Slovenia is green in almost all directions and has a number of trails that leave even the major cities. The variety of courses is important and cater to all audiences, from short walks along the valleys and hills, a very difficult trails in the high mountains, […]

Las mejoras rutas para hacer senderismo en España

Improvements hiking trails in Spain

If you like hiking but do not yet dare to international trails that offer, here are some ideas of places you near from where you can enjoy nature doing your favorite sport. Coming up next 7 places to spend a weekend hiking / trekking and other sports […]

Equipamiento necesario para hacer senderismo y montañismo

Necessary for hiking and mountaineering equipment

Hiking, and mountaineering from which this modality, They are increasingly popular sports. In both cases, We can define it as a long hike or nature walk in an environment uncivilized. When we talk about climbing the environment it becomes wilder yet, far from civilization and inhospitable. The goal of […]

Devin (Bulgaria), ciudad balneario y cuna de civilizaciones

Devin (Bulgaria), spa town and the cradle of civilizations

The town of Devin is a good place as a base point for our adventure trip to the region of the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria. It is located 190 km from the capital Sofia, and only 90 km from the city of Plovdiv. It has a 7.000 inhabitants and is located in the […]

Hacer Barranquismo por Bulgaria

Canyoning make Bulgaria

This time we will talk about another idea to practice sport in Bulgaria, canyoning. Canyoning is a sport of brave practiced in the ravines and canyons to the river forms in its wake. The routes are varied, we can have tours with waterfalls and steep drops, other with puddles and pools […]

Descenso de rios por Bulgaria

Rafting Bulgaria

Bulgaria, It is a little known destination for lovers of Rafting, but nevertheless, its rapid descents unknown in this country, They will make you adrenaline and bear you a pleasant experience with hospital villagers found along the river channel. Furthermore climate […]

Los Siete Lagos de Rila

The Seven Rila Lakes

Seven Rila Lakes are a group of glacial lakes that belong to the National Park Rila, a few 120 km de la capital de Bulgaria (Sofia). They are at an altitude of between 2.100 Y 2.534 meters, each at a different height because they form a kind of natural steps […]

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