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Adventure travel in Europe. If you want to change your office chair, or parlor, for a seat outdoors with these views, we invite you to discover here the different alternatives you have to get. We are a company that offers customized tours Europe Adventure activities, culture, sports, nature and more. We specialize in a country that we know very well but that is largely unknown to most: We talk about Bulgaria, a country of the European Union where you can enjoy its mountains and natural resources, still unexplored, performing multiple activities: he Hiking trails in Bulgaria It is one of the most attractive and differs from hiking in Europe performing at the North and Central Europe in that here the climate is milder and the trails are not saturated with tourists. In addition to seeking to remote destinations Cultural Tourism overcrowded, he viajar a Bulgaria allows them to make a trip back in time when you visit their traditional villages or picturesque Orthodox monasteries. For the more adventurous we offer activities Climbing, Via ferrata, Canyoning, Mountain biking, Spelunking, etc… And since we are nature lovers also do tours for nature photography, its dramatic scenery, Flora and fauna, Ornithological especially since Bulgaria is a paradise for birds in Europe.

THE BEST OF ALL: You can choose the dates you want to travel without limitations, we have no preset dates, we do not form groups, You will travel only with whoever you decide, You travel alone? We can accompany and guide…, traveling as a couple? you can give your car rental, seek for hotels and give you a personalized itinerary that suits your tastes…, traveling in a group? we have Spanish-speaking local guides for you to profit the most of your stay without incident… Also, if you need more reasons to visit Bulgaria decantarte you can find them in the section “Why Bulgaria?” .

Our activities

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  • a) Moderate hiking
  • b) High mountain hiking
  • c) Ruta Cultural
  • d) Foto Tour
  • f) Mountain biking
  • g) Climbing
  • h) Canyoning
  • i) Caving
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