1. Conocimiento: Gracias a nuestro conocimiento de Bulgaria y de los gustos de los españoles, le ofrecemos las mejores actividades y los lugares escondidos del país donde poder realizarlas. Preparamos los programas y actividades como si fueran para nosotros mismos, para que usted disfrute de unas vacaciones diferentes e inolvidables.

2. Proximidad: Le asesoramos y recomendamos personalmente todo lo relacionado con la actividad y lugar que elija visitar. Tenemos despacho en Madrid capital donde podemos atenderle para cualquier consulta o reclamación. Además al tener despacho en Madrid, con nosotros no tendrá que gastar dinero en conferencias telefónicas al extranjero para aclarar sus dudas.

3. Exclusividad: Con nosotros no tendrá que compartir su viaje con desconocidos, no hacemos grupos con personas de otros países, ni rellenamos cupos con otros clientes españoles, de forma que sólo usted decide y puede indicar al guía sus gustos y horarios, no dependerá de los que tengan otros desconocidos. ¿Quién más sino puede ofrecerle algo así?

4. Somos transparentes: Aparte del precio final le indicamos todo lo que está incluido en el programa y lo que va a su cargo, no escondemos gastos extras. Le recomendamos dedicar algo de tiempo a leer la letra pequeña de las ofertas que maneja para que pueda compararlas con nosotros en igualdad de condiciones, ¿incluyen carburante? ¿y material de deportes? ¿el guía que le acompaña es para un grupo de cuantas personas?…. What category of hotel will you be staying in?, etc, etc…

5. Pay upon arrival: Choose the final payment method. We ask for a first payment for the reservation corresponding to the amount of the accommodation services you have chosen, to be paid by bank transfer with a minimum advance of 60 days per day of departure from Spain, the sooner you make the reservation, the more availability of guides there will be. The remaining amount you can choose between 1) pay by transfer at the latest 25 days before the day of departure or 2) pay in cash on the day of arrival in Sofia to the guide-translator. See General Conditions to complete this information.

6. Safe exits: We are flexible in terms of dates and number of people per group, including individual tourists and couples. With us you do not have the risk that your trip will be canceled at the last minute because the minimum group has not been covered or someone in the group unsubscribes before leaving, read the conditions of the other companies, They are given the power to cancel the trip if they do not cover the places and although they are obliged to return the money, you will have to go back to look for another trip with little reaction time and the plane tickets already bought… You will see in our general conditions and service commitment that we do not cancel the trip for that reason, since we are specialized in individual travelers and couples.

7. Bulgarian-Spanish Synergy. Our local instructors and guides are accredited professionals who, thanks to the fact that they also speak Spanish and / or English, They will be able to teach and guide you in the easiest and fastest way to take advantage of everything that Bulgaria has to discover and enjoy..

8. Specialists in individual travelers and couples: At we are specialists in organizing activities with a Bulgarian Spanish-speaking guide or instructor for individual travelers., couples and groups of up to 6 persons, we think this is the best way to discover and enjoy Bulgaria. Larger groups are also possible on request.

9. Written: Before departure we will send you a copy of the activity program by e-mail, itinerary and general conditions.

10. Local agency: Having the head office in Bulgaria means that we do not need intermediaries to organize our activities and reduce costs for our clients.. In order to limit fixed costs and prevent the inconvenience of traditional agencies, we bet on new technologies. Our commercial showcase is our website, is another way to make them save.

11. Specialized: is not a simple intermediary for the sale of tourist packages but we have developed our own portfolio of adventure activities, sport and culture based on our own experiences and knowledge on the ground.

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