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In Europe there are many bicycle routes and tourism by bicycle or cycle tourism is booming. In we are specialists in active tourism trips to Eastern Europe, and based on our experience, since 2014, we are programming bike trips Guided every Summer in Bulgaria. Our services are based on adventure cycling trips in Eastern Europe, Therefore, the type of organized bicycle trip that we propose is a mountain bike trip through Bulgaria that also has a local English-speaking guide.

Why an MTB trip in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is a tourist destination quite unknown by most tourists, but this gives the advantage of not being overcrowded, making it ideal for adventure sports like mountain biking. Unlike typical European bike tour destinations, In Bulgaria you can still cross forests and trails with the impression of being the only one who has passed through them for a long time… In addition, the low tourist pressure and the small population of rural areas keep Nature in a virgin state., the flora and fauna that you will find is surprising. To this we add that the weather in Summer, in the areas through which the routes of our bicycle trip run, it is ideal for cycling, with sunny days, but without excessive heat.

viaje en bicicleta organizado por bulgaria


How is this bike trip?

The trip is made by mountain bike as unpaved roads and trails are traveled. From the first day to the last, the group is accompanied by a local English-speaking guide with experience in mountain biking. The guide waits for travelers at Sofia airport on the day of their arrival in Bulgaria, from the airport the bicycles are loaded into the support vehicle and everyone goes to the hotel together. On cycling route days, the luggage remains in the support vehicle so that cyclists only have to carry the equipment necessary for the bicycle route on that day. The support vehicle can wait for you at the end of the afternoon to take you to the hotel, although with the adventure travel essence of our program, We design the route so that the bicycle route goes from one hotel to another without the need to use the support vehicle. That is to say, The days follow each other mounted on the mountain bike through isolated places without having to travel kilometers by road in a vehicle. The support vehicle transfers the luggage and if necessary for an emergency it can transfer some of the travelers but most of the trip is done mounted on the bicycle itself.

It is an organized bicycle trip in which the group of travelers must come already formed, that is to say, we do not organize the group, the group must be formed from origin, ideal for a group of friends or for a cycling club that can all come together. You will share a trip only with your colleagues or friends, We do not add external travelers to your group of acquaintances, except for the local guide, Of course.

Why a bike trip with a local guide?

There are cycle tourism trips in which travelers go their own way following their GPS navigator and the service provided by the local travel company is limited to transporting luggage and picking up travelers at the airport. Not our case, we also provide assistance throughout the trip, routes included, from an experienced cycling tour guide. The presence of the guide makes the travel experience totally different from traveling on your own. The guide knows perfectly the best trails and paths, and is able to improvise alternative MTB routes on the fly if necessary, which in rural areas tends to occur relatively frequently due to inclement weather, roadblocks or other unforeseen events. The local guide also helps with the Bulgarian language, since in the interior Bulgaria through which the bicycle routes are made there is little knowledge of a language other than Bulgarian, which also uses Cyrillic letters, like russian language… The local guide is an invaluable help in restaurants and hotels.

sofia in cyrillic

Welcome to sofia. In colors “Sofia” in Cyrillic letters typical of the Bulgarian language.

It goes without saying that in case of an eventual accident cycling of any of the travelers, the presence of the local guide is essential, both to notify the emergency services effectively and to accompany the hospital, etc. Also in case of a severe breakdown of a bicycle, the guide can take care of finding a replacement mountain bike for the rest of the trip..

And from the point of view of pure tourism, the guide provides valuable tourist information about the country, customs, History and places that are visited. In this way you will make the most of your cycling holidays in the country, both from a sporting, cultural and travel experience point of view.

What is the hardness of the trip?

The days on the mountain bike are between 50 and 88 kilometers per day on mountainous or flat terrain. The route is mostly off-road although there will also be some asphalt section. The details of the ascent and descent slopes, and the percentage of off-road sections, You can check them in the description of each day of the trip.

Travelers are recommended to be in good physical condition and general health. The all case, as it is an organized bike trip for a private group, the guide can adapt the pace of travel, and the tour, to the suggestions and needs of travelers, always keeping in mind that, for his knowledge of the terrain, the guide acts as the leader of the group in this sense.

viaje en bicicleta organizado por bulgaria

MTB route in the mountains of Bulgaria

What are you going to know and visit in Bulgaria?

The bike tour passes through the most prominent mountain areas of Bulgaria: Vitosha, Rila, Pirin and the Rhodopes. Vitosha is the neighboring mountain to the capital Sofia, very close therefore to Sofia airport. Rila y Pirin there are two National Parks, which gives an idea of ​​its ecological and landscape value. Finally the mountainous massif of the Rhodopes, an important part of the trip passes by, it is made up of rounded and forested mountains that are ideal for cycling routes.

Depending on the arrival and return time of your flights there will be time to get to know the capital, Sofia. But the real adventure awaits you in the villages of the interior of Bulgaria, getting to know its people and their lifestyle, still based on agriculture and livestock, where almost every house has its own garden and its own animals for self-consumption. The accommodations these days between one cycling day and the next are in rural houses and family hotels in these towns, so you will know first-hand the life of deep Bulgaria.

Bike tour organized by Bulgaria

Pueblo de Shiroka laka

During the bicycle trip you will observe natural phenomena such as lakes, rivers, throats, forests and also picturesque places like the Roman bridge known as “The Devil's Bridge” or villages with typical traditional architecture such as the town of Shiroka Laka, Trigrad and others…

What does and does not include our travel program?

• Reception at Sofia airport upon arrival at the required time. • Spanish or English speaking escort guide service (according to availability) throughout the program. • Transfers according to itinerary in a vehicle with air conditioning and driver throughout the program. • Fuel costs, parking and tolls. • Accommodation in double-use room with breakfast and dinner • Transfer to Sofia airport on the day of departure. • Administration fees.

• Plane tickets. • Footwear and personal sportswear for activities. • Mountain bikes: they can be rented there on request or bring your own bicycle from Spain • Because they are optional for each traveler: museum tickets, monasteries, iglesias, forts and chairlift and cable car services. • Entrance to the Borovets bike park (aprox. 15 € / person and day). • Optional excursions. • Travel assistance insurance, with own coverage for the activity, nor rescue. • Tips and personal expenses. • Meals, dinners and drinks of all kinds.

What should you know?


This trip must be done by MTB mountain bike, road bikes are not suitable as much of the bike tour is on unpaved roads. We recommend you use your own bicycle, the carriage to Bulgaria from Spain would be on behalf of each traveler, but once there, We transport you in our support vehicle to the starting points of the routes and back to the hotel. The approximate cost of checking it in with the airline Wizzair: 30 € / way, and with Ryanair: 60 € / way, see conditions and updated price on their respective websites. If you prefer, there is also the option of renting mountain bikes upon arrival, contact us and we will give you daily rental prices.

Necessary equipment.

Although in Bulgaria it is not mandatory, we highly recommend wearing a helmet during cycling routes.

Other garments such as cycling gloves are also recommended, breathable clothing, Waterproof gear and cycling shoes or sneakers. In any case, the sports equipment is for the account of each traveler.

Reception at Sofia airport.

The transfers from the airport that are included are made at the time that is necessary, unlike the rest of organized bicycle travel companies, we do not charge a supplement for it. You just have to tell us the number of your flight in advance and the guide will wait for you in the hall of Sofia airport upon your arrival regardless of the time..

Visa information.

Bulgaria belongs to the European Union, therefore no visa is needed, If you are a resident within the European Union, it is only necessary to travel your identity document, The passport is not mandatory either, although it is advisable.

Information on the pandemic and health.

In Bulgaria the incidence and mortality due to covid has been one of the lowest in Europe, in general in eastern countries they seem to have greater natural immunity to covid-19. However, a vaccination campaign is being carried out in unison with that in the rest of the European countries.

Our travel program does not include medical insurance of any kind, Due to the sports activity that is carried out we recommend, although it is not mandatory for each traveler to contract an active tourism insurance in a personal capacity. In any case, if an accident occurs, the country's emergency services will be able to assist you if it is a medical emergency., for this it is necessary to carry the European health card. The drugs, Treatments and hospitalization do entail costs for the traveler who needs them.

If you want more information, Details and PRICES about this organized bike trip in Bulgaria can be found on our page: MTB trip through the mountains of Bulgaria

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