The commercial name is registered with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, and it is the commercial name that corresponds to our alternative tourist services company according to article 13 of the Annex of the Bulgarian Tourism Law. Our goal is to promote nature, Bulgarian traditions and culture. We are specialized in eco-tourism activities, adventure and culture for travelers of all ages, whether they are individual, couples or groups (but very small to give a better service). Our team is made up of Bulgarians and Spaniards, which allows us to provide a close service to Spanish-speaking tourists interested in traveling to Bulgaria.. At once, we know first-hand the undiscovered secrets of Bulgaria. Our registered office is in Bulgaria, allowing us to operate with local guides / instructors without intermediaries. To be able to offer this type of activities, we consider it essential to work directly with guides and local companies at the destination since they know the place better than anyone.

In our “Blog” we tell curious and picturesque aspects of the country but we don't want to be that kind of page that tells minute by minute how the trip has been with the intention that someone follow our steps. We believe that every trip should be a personal experience, each traveler must create their own tour, but never trying to copy anyone, That is why our specialty is to design trips tailored to each traveler..


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The team in Bulgaria


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