Viaje al Festival de la Rosa y otras atracciones de Bulgaria

What to see in Bulgaria in 12 days ?

The best travel route in Bulgaria in 12 days. If you are thinking of visiting Bulgaria soon, and you don't have many references about what to see in Bulgaria , Here we make our proposal for a travel route through the country. And please note that we can offer you a trip of “hotel + coach […]

La capital de Bulgaria: Sofía

Why travel to Bulgaria?

Are you planning to travel to Bulgaria?. An honest opinion about Bulgaria. Hi there, I'm Luis, travel adviser at . The first time I traveled to Bulgaria, some years ago, I knew that that first trip was not going to be enough and that I would want to return. Why travel to Bulgaria ?: because I love this type of […]

Viajes fly and drive , ¿qué debes saber?

Viajes fly and drive , What should you know?

Tips for hiring fly and drive trips or self-guided trips. What are fly and drive trips? Fly and drive trips are also known as “self-guided tours” The “trips to your air”, the “fly and drive” (literally “fly and drive”) it is a trip in which you drive a rental vehicle, Following […]

espartaco gladiador tracio

Historical themed trip: Spartacus in Thrace.

Searching for Spartacus in Thrace: the origin of a legend We present you a very special historical and archaeological journey. A journey to the origins of Spartacus and to his homeland, Thrace, currently territory of Bulgaria. We all know the story of Spartacus as a gladiator but on this journey we will discover his origins: How was it […]

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia

14 Fun facts about Bulgaria

Information about Bulgaria. On this occasion we wanted to share some very curious facts and information about Bulgaria and about aspects of the country that surely you have never heard of. Undoubtedly one more attraction to travel to Bulgaria … 1) In Bulgaria when you want to say “And” with your head you should say "No" and vice versa. Mover […]

Museo de La Rosa de Kazanlak

Kazanlak Rose Museum

Who could have thought that an entire museum could be dedicated to a single flower? Well, in the Bulgarian city of Kazanlak they have done so, is the Museum of the Rose of Kazanlak . It is also a museum dedicated to a specific kind of rose, the damask rose. The story is not really […]

Buzludzha : El monumento con forma de OVNI

Buzludzha : The monument in the shape of a UFO

Monument of Buzludzha. Behind this strange name is hidden among the mountains of the geographical center of Bulgaria a monumental building built to extol the pro-Soviet communism that at that time controlled the country. We talk about the year 1981, what was when it opened (see the adjoining photo of the event) after 7 years of construction carried out by almost […]

Mausoleo Tracio en Kazanlak

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bulgaria

List of UNESCO Places in Bulgaria. In Europe, more than 400 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and these include the 10 found within the territory of Bulgaria. From them 7 belong to the category of Cultural Heritage and 3 remaining to Natural Heritage. This is […]

mascara funeraria tracia de oro

National Archaeological Museum of Bulgaria

Sofia's essential museum. The National Archaeological Museum of Bulgaria (in bulgarian: National Archaeological Museum, National Archaeological Museum) is an archaeological museum located in the center of Sofia. For us it is “Sofia's must-see museum” because although there are others, This museum has a very appropriate size for a quick visit and allows you to go deeper […]

Buzludzha : El monumento con forma de OVNI

A trip through Bulgaria off the beaten track

A different trip through Bulgaria. This trip will allow you to know the interior Bulgaria, both ancient cities such as Sofia and Plovdiv, like its traditional villages with their exotic architecture, its rich gastronomy and a mixture of Slavic cultures, Bulgarian, Ottoman, mediterranean, etc. in perfect harmony. But what makes this a different and special trip around […]

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