Buzludzha : The monument in the shape of a UFO

Monument to Buzludzha.

Tbehind this strange name, a monumental building built to extol pro-s communism is hidden among the mountains of the geographic center of BulgariaSoviet Union that at that time controlled in the country.

Monumento Buzludzha Inauguracion

Monument Buzludzha. Inauguration in 1981.

We talk about the year 1981, what was when it opened (see the photo contiguous of the event) after 7 years of construction carried out by almost 6.000 workers, including the 20 best Bulgarian artists of the time who dealt with the rich interior decoration. Your location was not chosen at random, It is located on the Buzludzha mountain a 1.441 altitude meters, a 10 km from the town of Shipka and 250 km from the capital Sofia, and coincides with the place where the final victory of the Bulgarian rebels over the Ottoman invaders occurred in 1868. However, communism chose that location for another reason, since in that same place, in 1891, some socialists got together to found the first organized socialist group in Bulgaria.

Buzludzha entrada

Buzludzha actually

monumento olvidado del comunismo Buzludzha exterior helado

In 1989 the Communist Party of Bulgaria was dissolved and ownership of the Buzludzha building passed to the state that closed it, falling into ruin. Currently the building is still abandoned, which makes me think of the sad similarities between communist propaganda from 40 years and the propaganda of our current politicians who spend the money of the citizens in pharaonic works that soon after they were inaugurated cease to be useful and are abandoned. The fact is that this monument currently closed, stoically withstands inclement weather until it arrives, who knows when, its final collapse by the collapse of its cover. Meanwhile every year at the end of July, some 10.000 Bulgarian socialists gather at the gates of Buzludzha to commemorate the founding of the Bulgarian Socialist Party. I have collected some photographs of its original state where you can see the luxury it had in contrast to its current decadence.

Buzludzha interior original


Buzludzha pasillos originales



Buzludzha interior actual


Buzludzha pasillos helados 2


The visit to Buzludzha is an adventure. From the outside you can see a concrete structure shaped like a flying saucer of enormous dimensions and an obelisk of 70 meters high with two stars on each side, at the time they were made of red glass and were made in Russia. If you access the interior you can guess the luxury with which it was decorated, both the corridors and the main congress hall, they have brightly colored mosaics on their walls depicting Soviet and Bulgarian communist themes that are kept in good condition, as you can see in the next picture, and the typical communist symbol stands out on the dome: hammer and sickle, that despite the general deterioration of the building seems to remain intact and vigilant against the visits of the curious, his vision sends a chill through your body. At the time soils, walls and ceilings were decorated with marbles and glass that have suffered debris and are no longer.

Buzludzha mosaicos 2


Buzludzha comunismo

The ceiling

The images taken in the winter are impressive when the Buzludzha building is completely snowed, outside and inside, since the loss of windows and the holes in the roof let blizzards and snow enter the interior. In fact, name “Buzludzha” taken from the mountain where its location means "ice cream", perfect description of what happens to the building in winter…

Of course, if you plan to travel to Bulgaria and you like adventure travel, This visit is something out of the ordinary and that you will not find in the tourist packages of any tour-operator… If you are interested contact us and we will take you to see this forgotten corner of communist history. Yes, Access to the interior is prohibited by the authorities due to the risk of collapse or detachment of its roof. Despite many adventurers, under its responsibility, they try to enter there every year through some of the most unsuspected places of its structure. To avoid this, security cameras have been installed, but its effectiveness is doubtful…


Photo: Copyright Timothy Allen .

Interior of the Buzludzha building in Winter


If you are interested in this type of thematic trips, here you have a different travel example: Trip to know the traces of Communism in Bulgaria, which among others includes a visit to this forgotten monument of communism…


  1. Adrián Reply at


    We are two guys who are going to visit Bulgaria next July. We wanted to know your availability to visit the buzludja since we are great followers of history and especially of the communist era but we do not know how to do it, that is why we contacted you because we wanted to know how we would access the buzludja without the use of the car and how much time we would need to access it and how much
    it would cost us.

    Thanks for your attention.

    • Luis Carro Reply at

      Hello Adrian, Access to the interior of the building is prohibited by the authorities due to the danger of collapse but you can see freely from the outside. Being isolated in the mountains you can only get there by road, by car, either private vehicle, for rent or with a taxi from the nearest city, there is no other public transport. We organize travel packages that, among other visits, You can include a visit to this monument in the travel program.

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