El origen de la Diosa Afrodita

The origin of the Goddess Aphrodite

The true story of the Goddess Aphrodite. In most of the articles you find about the Goddess Aphrodite they will tell you details about this famous character based on Greek mythology. However, the origin of the Goddess Aphrodite dates back many centuries., pre-Hellenistic and Greek times. La Diosa Afrodita […]

Buzludzha : El monumento con forma de OVNI

Travel in the footsteps of communism in Bulgaria

Thematic trip in Bulgaria: Viaje tras las huellas del comunismo Duración: 7 days, dates to choose. Trip summary: Bulgaria had a communist regime during 52 years, since 1947 until 1989, and for that reason it had the support of the USSR. Although it is currently a democracy and belongs to the European Union, de esa […]

espartaco gladiador tracio

Historical themed trip: Spartacus in Thrace.

Searching for Spartacus in Thrace: el origen de una leyenda Os presentamos un viaje histórico y arqueológico muy especial. Un viaje a los orígenes de Espartaco y a su tierra natal, Thrace, currently territory of Bulgaria. We all know the story of Spartacus as a gladiator but on this journey we will discover his origins: ¿cómo era […]

aquiles en troya

The truth about the Achilles myth and the Trojan War

The truth about the Achilles myth. Napoleon Bonaparte once declared: “History is a collection of lies that everyone has accepted”. The divine origin of the Achilles myth and the epic Trojan War, Can you be examples of it? … Next we go in search of the facts: The Trojan War. […]

El descenso al inframundo de Orfeo y Eurídice

The descent into the underworld of Orpheus and Eurydice

The descent into the Underworld of Orpheus and Eurydice. Orpheus and Eurydice : Who were? … According to the myth of Orpheus, this was the best singer, poet and musician of antiquity. Su padre era el dios tracio de los ríos: Eagro, and ruler of Hemus (central region of present-day Bulgaria), and his mother, […]

los Tracios

Who were the Thracians? according to Herodotus and other historians

Who were the Thracians?. The Thracians were a group of tribes that occupied the southeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula, la zona que actualmente ocupa Bulgaria. They are little known because there have been few remains of their culture and because their civilization was assimilated by others and their entire legacy was blurred.. […]

Visitar Stonehenge puede quedar ensombrecido por el sitio de Perperikon

Visiting Stonehenge can be overshadowed by the site of Perperikon

Perperikon archaeological site could overshadow Stonehenge. “Perperikon” o Perpericón, “the rock city”, near the city of Kardzhali in Bulgaria is a very impressive archaeological site that can compete with the biggest attractions in Europe. However if you ask 100 people in the world who have […]

Historia de Espartaco, su vida oculta antes de ser gladiador

History of Spartacus, his hidden life before he was a gladiator

Who was spartacus? Spartacus (Spartacus,113-71 a.C. ) is a historical character on which an American film of 1960 (based on the historical novel of the same name by Howard Fast) and directed by Stanley Kubrick, with Kirk Douglas as lead actor, What does Spartacus do in the movie?. Ciertamente la película de […]

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