Information about Bulgaria.

On this occasion we wanted to share some very curious facts and information about Bulgaria and about aspects of the country that surely you have never heard of. Without a doubt one more attraction for travel to Bulgaria

1) In Bulgaria when you want to say “And” with your head you should say "No" and vice versa. Moving your head up and down in Bulgaria means “no” and moving it from side to side means “and”. Curious right? Well, in addition, some Bulgarians, when they are in the presence of foreigners, reverse the movement so as not to mess up the interlocutor and many times they end up getting the opposite. The origin of this custom is thought to be in the centuries of Ottoman occupation of the country (s. XV al XIX) since when the Ottomans asked the Bulgarians if they accepted the Muslim faith, the Bulgarians were nodding their heads to please the Ottoman soldiers but actually in their thoughts they were saying “no” and from there this custom of moving the head was forged unlike in the rest of the world…

2) Lactobacillus Bulgaricus is a species of bacteria that supposedly can only develop naturally in the climatic and environmental conditions of Bulgaria, and in fact it is responsible for the famous yogurt.

yogur búlgaro

3) The Cyrillic alphabet is originally from Bulgaria, although currently it is also used by Russia and the ex-Soviet republics with some modifications.

4) In Bulgaria one of the oldest civilizations in the world and the oldest in all of Europe developed, civilization Thrace. Writing signs have been found that are the oldest in the world.

5) It is the first country in the European Union to use the Cyrillic alphabet.

6) He 35% of the country's surface is environmentally protected.

7) In Bulgaria there are more than 4500 caves, caves and caves known throughout the country.

Cueva Devetaska

8) The oldest gold treasure in the world was found in Bulgaria.

9) It is the oldest nation-state in all of Europe, maintains the name of Bulgaria since the year 681.

10) The stature of Europeans has changed a lot during the last 1000 years, during the Middle Ages European nations were of average height 160 cm while that of the inhabitants of present-day Bulgaria was 175 cm. His explanation is based on the diet followed by the Bulgarians of that time, characterized by a high consumption of meat. This large consumption was possible due to the farming techniques used, that were superior to those used by other European peoples.

11) Bulgaria was one of the few European countries that actively defended and protected its Jewish citizens in World War II even though it was allied with Germany., neither offered forces to fight in the war and was limited to being a logistics center for the Germans. In the synagogue of Sofia this event is remembered as gratitude of the Jewish people towards the Bulgarians.

12) The nomenclature and surnames of Bulgarians are really curious, for their name they use the paternal grandfather's name and for the surname the father's name differentiating with the suffix “-ov” for men and “-this” for women , this can result in that depending on the generation, name and surname can be the same, for example: Angel Angelov or Ivan Ivanov.

13) The world's first digital clock was developed by the Bulgarian scientist Petar Petrov and the first digital computer was devised by John Atanasov.

14) Bulgaria was in classical antiquity, the cradle of the mythical Orpheus and Dionysus, Myth or Reality, its history was later assimilated into classical Greek culture… Also Bulgaria is the cradle of Spartacus.

Catedral ortodoxa de Sofia información sobre Bulgaria

Sofia Orthodox Cathedral

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