Pirin National Park

Pirin National Park is located in the Pirin Mountains, found in southwestern Bulgaria, you can locate it by clicking on this bump map. Panoramic views await you in these mountains, 45 peaks of more than 2.590 m high, more of 200 glacial lakes and karst massifs. The highest point in the park is Vihren Peak (2.915 m), which is the second highest peak in the country after Musala peak which has 2.925 m.

The park protects the black and white spruce forests, a wide variety of plant and animal species such as the Pirin zloletitsa, Pirin's cabbage, David's mullein, the turtle, The grizzly, the wolf, Marten, The peregrine falcon, the harrier and others. Inside the park is the Baykusheva Mura pine which is the oldest tree in Bulgaria (more of 1.300 years). In 1983 the national park is included in the UNESCO Natural Heritage List.

Many peaks are easily accessible via cable car and trails, and as you can see in this photo, its summit can be easily reached secured with a rope and a harness to the cables leading the way, and thus get to enjoy spectacular views at the end of the tour. The local guide / translator who will accompany you knows each stone of the mountain and will take you through the best paths always safely and at the pace that you set.

b) High mountain hiking

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