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The “Rila” National Park is located in the south-west of the country, in the rila mountains, you can locate it by clicking on this bump map. In the territory of the park there are more than 100 peaks with a height of more than 2.000 meters, among which rises the highest peak in the country and in all the Balkans, the Musala (2. 925 meters). The solid structure mountain granite gives an alpine look. The most difficult terrain is found in the Malyovitsa peak area.

They are of an impressive beauty at any time of the year Seven Rila Lakes (Seven Rila Lakes), of glacial origin, located simulating large steps at an altitude of varying with each lake starting at 2.095 m and ending in 2.535 m. which turns the route into a sight to behold despite being a great unknown of Trekking in Europe. The route is long but easily accessible thanks to the cable car that takes us quickly to the upper parts of the mountain.

The park protects rare plant and animal species such as the Rila primrose, el pawlowsko shapiche, rila rhubarb, the balkan wild goat, the squirrel, alpine newt, the long-eared owl and others.

The “Rila” National Park includes 4 natural reserves. Since 2007 the park has a certificate of full membership in the European Network of National Parks, PAN parks.

Also within the Park is the Rila Monastery, a spectacular architectural complex, you can learn more about him in the section Orthodox monasteries

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