Rhodope Mountains

Hiking in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria.

We organize hiking trails that anyone in good physical condition and of any age can do with ease. On the route you will be accompanied by a local guide-translator with experience in the mountains and who knows the best routes and places to visit.

One of the areas that we travel and that has made Hiking famous in Bulgaria is the Rhodopes area, south of country, you can locate it by clicking on this bump map. This area is characterized by a mild climate, relief of rounded shapes, green meadows, coniferous forests, impetuous cold springs, herds grazing, sounds of bagpipes and old stone houses.

Western Rhodope and Eastern Rhodope.

The Rhodope Mountains are one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bulgaria. Lush meadows in amazing shades of green alternate with black pine forests, steep cliffs and picturesque canyons. If there is a destination that is worth visiting at any time of the year, this place for sure is Rhodope. The mountain extends over a vast territory and occupies much of Central and South Bulgaria. It is divided into Western Rhodope and Eastern Rhodope.

Western Rhodope is higher and in it the highest peaks are concentrated, the gorges and the caves, and Eastern Rhodope is characterized by a lower relief. In Rhodope, the typical steep peaks and alpine reliefs of Pirin and Rila are missing. In the western part of the Rhodope Mountain the climate is mountainous, while the East is more attenuated, due to the warm air masses of the Mediterranean, brought by the river valleys.

Charming towns.

Through Hiking in Bulgaria and especially the one developed in the Rhodope mountain, one has the great opportunity to get acquainted with the local culture and cuisine. The inhabitants of the region are very hospitable, and staying in a rural house, guests have the opportunity to try different Rhodope dishes. Among the most preferred sites by visitors are the villages of Shiroka Laka, Ghela, Mogilitsa, Kovachevitsa, Leshten, Arda, Trigrad, Yagodina, Momchilovtsi, Orehovo, Smilyan and many others.

Natural phenomena.

The tour of the natural attractions offered by the Rhodope Mountains passes through the majestic gorges of Trigrad and Buynovo. In the area of ​​the two gorges there are three spectacular caves: The devils throat, why they say that Orfeo made the descent to the Underworld in search of Eurycide, also the Yagodinska cave and the Haramiyska cave, all of them with access available for your visit.

a) Moderate hiking

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