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Central Balkan National Park

The Central Balkan National Park is located in the heart of Bulgaria, particularly in the central and highest part of the Stara Planina mountain range. The highest peak is Botev (2.376 m). The cordillera crosses the country from its western border to the shores of the Black Sea, you can locate it by clicking this bumpmap. The most popular route that runs along the entire range has been called “Kom-Emine” and it is part of the European route E-3, symbolically links the Atlantic to the Black Sea.

In addition there are several trails conditioning, here they called eco-trail, for hiking and cross rivers through forests and sometimes with the help of wooden bridges enabled it, turning the path into a green adventure in the depths of forests. Sportswear and like walking is all visitors need to liven nature and these woods that enjoy little tourist pressure. The length and pace of the route is always the brand guided by our local translator visitor.

The park protects a large amount of unique plant and animal species such as beech common, fir, Maple Mountain, edelweiss, the wolf, Marten, Otter, wildcat, the bat tricolor, the imperial eagle, the flycatcher, etc. The park includes nine nature reserves with an abundance of lush forests, rivers and waterfalls. The area of ​​the reserve covers an area of 20.019 hectares. In 2003, National Park Central Balkan member of the PAN Parks was: international recognition for its well preserved wildlife and managed.

a) Moderate hiking

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