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Granite walls and limestone

We organize climbing for all levels and ages. I always accompanied by a guide-instructor and lend you all the necessary climbing equipment.

If you think that all good rock climbing are already “sold out”, in easily accessible areas have to queue or in Europe there is no more to scale and are impossible debuts, apparently you have not been in Bulgaria. Here we have excellent conditions to practice rock climbing all year. During the summer months you expect the high mountains, more of 2.500 m, or the rocky shores of the Black Sea. Even rainy days can climb under the stone arches of the cave near the village Prohodna Karlukovo.
For ages 4 age are suitable sites easier routes. In them the little ones can take their first steps, always insured at the top.

Most important climbing areas:

Traditional and alpine climbing:

Malyovitsa part of Rila (granite) – 2.000 a 2.700 m - the length of the routes is 100 a 200 m.Pirin (limestone) - The north face of the peak Vihren - 2.500 – 2.900 m above sea level. The path length is 300 a 350 m. Stapalata (The steps) – 2.200 m above sea level. Length routes 50 a 200 m. Vratsata - near the town of Vratsa (limestone) – 300 a 500 m above sea level. Length routes 100 a 400 m.


The places where it is practiced have a height of up to 100 m, and each has different routes with difficulty: Lakatnik, Bo zhenitsa, Community, Trunsko zhdrelo, Rusenski Lom, Karlukovo, Karandila, Brya novshtitsa, Beledie khan, Gabrovo, Veliko Tarnovo, Lovech, Varna.


Rilski Monastery, Beli Iskar

Deep Water Solo:

Kamen Bryag, Tyulenovo

Via ferrata:

In Bulgaria via ferrata facilities they are designed especially for fun, but also give you the chance to test your will and your endurance compobar. For all routes it is necessary to have a specialized personal equipment that can be rented. The most important routes are: Malyovitsa en Rila, the length of the section is 350 m, altitude 2.000 m. Lednitsata near the village Bresnitsa, has 60 m high and has four routes of different difficulty level. Garga You, near the town of Smolyan, It consists of two parts with different levels of difficulty, with a total length of 300 m. Klisura near the town of Klisura, 40 m, ideal for beginners. Children can start passing via ferrata from 8-10 year old, but only under adult supervision (parent or instructor).

g) Climbing

Balancing on rope between rocksRock wall climbingRock climbing whimsical shapesVertical rock climbing in VratsaClimber ice wallRitlite steep rocks in Central Balkan National Park
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