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Speleology. We organize visits to caves both for tourists and experts. A guide-instructor always accompanies you so the visit can be made by people of any age and all the necessary material is provided..

Bulgaria is famous for another natural treasure: its subsoil, with abysses, aquatic caves, crystalline formations, etc…. The recorded caves are more than 5.000. Some of the most famous are in protected areas, but you still don't need to get special permission to visit them if you are a licensed spelunker. During the period from September to May there is a ban on access to the habitats of large bat colonies. The Bulgarian Federation of Speleology offers all the information regarding the dates when the caves are protected.

In Bulgaria there are nine illuminated caves with tourist routes inside: Glacier, cruel Dupka, Yagodinska peshtera, Dyavolsko garlo, Magurata, Snezhanka, Orlova Chuka y Bacho Kiro. In these caves all tourists can appreciate the beauties of the underground world, secondary formations or paleontological findings.
For the more inexperienced hunters of unknown sensations, it is suggested to do the guided tour in the caves that are not yet equipped: the waterfall near Krushuna village, Goluboitsa (near Smilyan village) , they are caves submerged in water; Haramiyska is an abyss, Bacho Kiro a maze.

Cavers can explore the horizontal mazes in Duhlata near the village of Bosnek, the longest cave in Bulgaria (some 19 km), The Dark Hole (near the village of Lakatnik) u Orlova Chuka (close to the town of Ruse); the deepest cave in bulgaria is Raychova dupka (-384 m, located in the Steneto Reserve in the Central Balkans); Most of the most promising cliffs are in the territory of the Pirin National Park and perhaps the cave that requires the most skills is the Barki 14, located above the city of Vratsa.
All children from an early age can visit the 9 tourist caves. Those who are physically better prepared will be able to enter many of the abysses or labyrinths accompanied by our guides / translators.

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