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Canyoning tours

Bulgaria is an ideal place to practice canyoning or canyoning within the limits of Europe territory. Both beginners and advanced can try our climbing instructor, descend by rope, jump and swim in the deep river beds, waterfalls and rocky cliffs of the country. The biggest challenges are offered Dzhendema canyons in the National Park Central Balkan. Other destinations are Vlahi, Gorge, Krushuna, Karlukovo, Glozhene. Canyoning is suitable for children over 7 year old, but the route must be suitable to their physical capabilities.

The rivers that are fed by visiting waters from the nearby mountains and therefore have a totally clean and clear waters. Canyoning is a sport little known to locals so often visitors enjoy exclusive of these natural phenomena in the other countries of Central Europe are overexploited but remain virgins here. The proximity of mountains over 2.500 meters ensures you can enjoy a continuous flow of clean water even in summer while temperatures are high and invite the plunge without fear but with the security and support they give our guides / translators at all times.

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