Black Sea Coast with almost 400 kilometer coastline is certainly a place to visit if we travel to Bulgaria. Bulgaria certainly stands out for its mountains and rural tourism, But if we have enough time and curious about the Black Sea, It is an opportunity not to be missed.


Pueblo típico de la Costa del Mar Negro de Bulgaria.

typical village of the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.


In addition traveling to the Black Sea coast can please everyone in your family or group of friends because it offers the perfect fusion of Cultural Tourism, Sun and Beaches. In the part of the Black Sea Coast Bulgaria it is occupying important seaside resorts, large resorts that enjoy white sand beaches and the warm waters of the Black Sea; but there are also towns and villages typical of ancient history which are ideal places for cultural excursions. Below we mention these cities and towns in order of our preference as we have personally visited:


The town of Sozopol was founded in the seventh century BC, nothing more and nothing less, and is a hidden gem of Europe in all aspects, in our opinion it has everything to be a tourist destination of international fame, however little is known like other tourist destinations in Bulgaria lacking promotion and advertising in the rest of Europe. The town of Sozopol has a population of about 6.000 people are divided into two clearly differences, first in the historical district with quaint nineteenth-century houses manufactured entirely from wood , some of which are offered as guesthouses, and they found in a pedestrian area of ​​cobbled streets that make us think that we are in a village in medieval style, instead of a sun and beach destination. This old part of Sozopol is located on a small peninsula, connected to the mainland by a strip of land one side houses the fishing port and the other the main beach of Sozopol.

This beach is white sand as all of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and being very built is not crowded even in summer. Following is the newest part of town with hotels, restaurants and residential buildings, but not too many, Sozopol which gives a very relaxed and quiet yet with enough distractions for the whole family…What more could you want? : good beach, old town, Complete fishing port and tourist services…and also has the advantage that Sozopol you can walk from one end to the other without using the car. Sozopol predominates in local tourism, It has not yet reached the massification of foreign tourists occurs elsewhere in the Mediterranean all come to mind…




Nesebar is one of the oldest cities in Europe, fOUNDED 3.200 years. Currently the old town is a warren of pedestrian streets between houses quaint old village style and is UNESCO World Heritage. It is one of the most visited tourist places in the country. The old town is surrounded by sea it joins the mainland by a strait that connects it with the most modern part of Nesebar where shops and hotels are located and two good beaches, one on each side of the strait linking the old and the new city of Nesebar.

In addition to the sandpipers and wanting festive atmosphere close to Nesebar just 2 kilometers is one of the busiest beaches on the Black Sea Coast, calling itself Sunny Beach (sunny beach). Here is dominated by large hotel complexes, restaurants, bares, terraces on the beach sand, amusement and water parks for children, etc…everything you need to be a typical sun and beach destination, especially among Russian tourists and Central.


Old town of Nesebar

Old town of Nesebar (UNESCO World Heritage) and beaches at the bottom left and right.



The city of Varna is famous for “Gold Varna”, a set of Thracian jewelry (Thracian civilization is the ancestors of today's Bulgarians) from 6000 years old was discovered in a necropolis and that is the whole oldest worked gold found in the World. It is exhibited in the archaeological museum together with other objects of the Thracian era, Greek, Roman and Ottoman who have settled on this city for its strategic location on the Black Sea. After Sofia and Plovdiv, Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria with almost 350.000 people, and it is currently one of the most prosperous cities in Bulgaria thanks to its business, its port, services and tourism.

Varna has a huge wooded park in parallel to the coast separates the town beach, ideal for walking, nice and cool in summer shade provided by its large trees. Another of the most interesting places in town to visit are the Roman Baths, It is the largest Roman bath on the Balkan Peninsula, with an area of 7.000 square meter. The baths occupy fourth place in the list of the largest spas in Europe, after Diocletian Baths of Caracalla in Rome and Trevira (Germany). They were used until the late third century.

In addition, As in other parts of Bulgaria, in the vicinity of Varna there are several springs natural hot springs used in centers Spa, in hotels and public pools open all year, Even in winter, because the water is kept warm naturally…


Opera building in Varna

Opera building in Varna



Is a famous seaside resort for mud baths that visitors can freely in the lagoon next to the city, applying them on the body. Pomorie also has good sandy beaches and the Black Sea this area maintains a pleasant temperature water bath. It is a people destined mainly to the summer tourism sun and beach but dominated the local tourism, they usually stay in guest houses are the houses of village life that occupy the center of Pomorie. Of course there are also hotels and restaurants but few compared to other destinations on the Bulgarian coast.


pomorie lake

Natural mud baths with guaranteed fun in Pomorie.



Albena is the beach hotels “all inclusive”, because here prevail hotels that host guests in this form offering full board and some drinks for a real holiday of sun and sand, of course with pool and all kinds of attractions and entertainment for families: boleras, minigolf, water park, Beach library, etc… It is also one of the best beaches on the Black Sea coast because the beach is very wide and long, white sand, with warm, shallow waters, ideal for children. And if that were not enough is surrounded by a lush forest through which walking or playing sports like a mountain area is involved.


Hotels & quot; All inclusive" Beachfront in Albena

Hotels “All inclusive” Beachfront in Albena



Beach Bolata.

The beach is a wild beach Bolata, no nearby buildings and is the best example of the many coves and wild beaches on the Black Sea Coast, since this Costa, despite what may seem the cities mentioned above, is little urbanized and much of its coastline is still wild and is unbuilt. This beach being nearly closed by a dike, It is ideal for younger children having fun playing in beach waters as if it were a pool.


Wild beach Bolata

Wild beach Bolata.



The city of Burgas, together with Varna, It is the most populated of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, Burgas has a 230.000 people. It owns the country's largest seaport and is home to major events and festivals, cultural, folk, etc… Adjacent to the city is Lake Burgas, which it is the country's largest natural lake, it feeds the rivers that come from within the country, although its water is salty because it communicates with the Black Sea by a canal. As Pomorie also has an appropriate area for application of natural mud baths and healing waters. Burgas Lake is a protected nature reserve, Here you can be observed, during different seasons, about 260 species of birds. Many of them are rare species in Europe, nine of these species are endangered on a global scale. As a curiosity you can see large flocks of pelicans…If you are interested in ornithological tourism Do not hesitate to contact us.


Lake Burgas

Lake Burgas, in its area of ​​healing baths.


And there are so many interesting towns in the part of the Black Sea Coast Bulgaria occupies such mention from North to South: Balchik, Golden Sands, Obzor, Primorsko, Anthopol, Sinemorets…and many others…but we have reflected in this article our favorite towns along the two main towns of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast: Varna and Burgas.

If you want to know any of these destinations on the Black Sea coast this summer, You can count on our services for that, we can offer car hire + hotel or even driver-guide speaks Spanish for your convenience…

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