Where to practice extreme adventures in Europe? The answer lies in Bulgaria, this country in Eastern Europe has a similar half of Spain but much greener extension. And within the country there are many possibilities to practice adventure tourism and extreme adventures practice , whether extreme sports or activities outdoor adventure. We will advise you some of them and where in the country you can make:

1) High mountain hiking. It can be performed in the National Park Rila or of Pirin. Allow trekking high mountain peaks reaching up 2.925 meters high, the highest in the entire Balkan Peninsula. And you can reach the summit without the aid of climbing equipment, making it one of the most extreme hiking trails, there is only a steel cable railing to hold onto the mountain ridge that rises to the top.


aventuras extremas en Bulgaria

Foot peaks rise to 2.590 Pirin meters


2) Climbing vertical wall, It can be performed with different levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced. The best area is the Natural Park of Vratsa, famous among climbers in Europe for its walls almost vertical limestone. There are also other very picturesque areas of the country where you can practice climbing, where the environment is almost science fiction, like another planet, for example the cave Devetashka, Cave Prohodna (or cave “Eyes of God”) of forest Belogradchik Rocks.


Rock wall climbing


3) Spelunking in the caves of Bulgaria. There are many options to visit as a tourist caves in Bulgaria, for example we recommend the Magura Cave which it has the oldest cave paintings in Europe and also the largest stalactite in Europe, but for more extreme views you have to enter the caves which require special permission to enter with a local guide, Contact us if you are interested in this please.


Stalbitsa inside cave

Stalbitsa inside cave


4) Travesías ATV Offroad to the viewpoint of “Eagle Eye”. It's not a sport, but we may be considered as an extreme outdoor activity. It is that a local driver transports us in an SUV type pickup, ie we open pit in the vehicle, and a hill climb to the viewpoint of the “Eye of the Eagle” which it is next to the village of Yagodina, From that viewpoint you can see a wide expanse of Rhodope Mountains, and on clear days even the mountains across the border with Greece.


Eye Mirador del Aguila


Extreme adventure lies in the way the vehicle, because for the uninitiated off-road (off-road driving), this is an experience that adrenaline rush, and it has the advantage that it can make anyone regardless of age, whether children or older. It is caught as the vehicle can climb slopes as you did not think that a car could go up, raisins puddles, potholes, etc. end rewarded with spectacular views, And in summer, local driver can even stop a moment to gather wild strawberries in the forest that crosses to the viewpoint. Then return downhill also has its point of adventure…




5) Routes multi-day mountain bike, sleeping in the countryside or in rural hotels. The trip may include some time in a “bike park” by drops (downhill) at high speed and then getting back together with your bike on the chairlift, the same tracks and facilities in winter ski slopes are used.


Jump extreme mountain biking

Jump extreme mountain biking


6) extreme hiking in any of the routes especially designed for this purpose, such as hiking route of signalized “Borov Kamak” one in Devin. They are not routes for any hiker because you have to climb almost vertical stairs, climb rocks, cross rivers, etc. and therefore it is more complicated than a standard trekking route.


hiking trail in Devin

Hiking trail in Devin


If you are interested in making some of these extreme adventures , please contact us at and give you more information and prices according to the number of days in Bulgaria.


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