update January 2020: Seven Rila Lakes are a group of glacial lakes belonging to the National Park Rila, a few 120 km from the capital Bulgaria (Sofia). They are at an altitude of between 2.100 Y 2.534 meters, each at a different height because they form a kind of natural giant steps, why they are doing among hikers each time Europe's most famous and nature photography, rightly. Seven Rila Lakes are connected by small streams and lowest lake is the source of the river “Dzherman”.


Siete lagos de Rila


Each lake has a peculiar name that refers to its shape. They can be visited on a route of about 3 from 4 hours, lake and once reached a greater height (2.500 m) There is even the possibility to continue the way to the peak Vazov (2.669 m) that is the highest in the area lakes, It required 2 Rise hours but the views you have from this peak are impressive, lakes not only themselves but also a rocky massif landscapes reminiscent of Gondor in "The Lord of the Rings". If you have time (2-3 days) the continuous way to the Rila Monastery which we discussed in a previous article.

Then I will tell my first visit to this fascinating place, to which I was accompanied by a local guide who is who gave me all the information I mention down on the lakes:

Chairlift Rila lakes

Chairlift Rila Lakes

For viajar a Bulgaria it is best to fly to the airport in the capital, Sofia. We went out from there to the 7:30 h in an hour and a half drive we reached the town of “Sapareva Banya” that is closest to the Seven Rila Lakes . We could have started down the road here but that we leave for hikers fitter, we decided to take the chairlift… The 20 minute chairlift ride passed quickly while enjoying fantastic views of the mountains and thick groves of firs are crossed. Furthermore they save 2 hours of hiking 1,5 hour descent taking this chairlift. The chairlift leaves us at the station "Sedemte Esera" (Seven Lakes) at an altitude of 2.100 m. From there we take the "winter route" to the right of the season, I immediately forced to climb a rocky hill that accelerates our hearts just start, but he deserves. If you like adventure travel here you have the option to rent a horse to climb guided by its owners as good lakes but we preferred to walk trekkers.

The first lake we find is the "Dolnoto Ezero" (Lake Down) and next to the "Ribnoto Ezero" (Lake Fishing). Then we saw the lake "Trilistnika" (Clover) and Lake "Bliznaka" (The twin) below us. The Twin Lake to 2.240 meters is the largest of the Seven Rila Lakes and consists of 2 parts connected by a channel as shown in attached picture, hence the name of the Twin.


seven rila lakes

The Twin Lake


Another explanation for the name is that the peak near Haramiata to be reflected in the lake, feels like the twin peaks, which also can be seen in the following photo.


The Twin Lake

The Twin Lake


Lake kidney

Lake kidney


A 2.280 m reached a large indoor grass esplanade beside which is the lake "Babreka" (The Kidney), which it is the most famous of the seven lakes due to its peculiar shape similar to a kidney (or Jewish). The water was so clear we could see numerous trout inside. Around the lake several wild horses were grazing with their foals.



To reach 2 highest lakes had to sweat again. After 200 meters, a path we come to Lake "Okoto" (The eye), I decided to climb towards straight through small waterfalls in search of the best picture and found myself on a hill with beautiful views over Lake Eye. Eye Lake is my favorite for its magical turquoise. It is the deepest lake, 38 meters, and part of its shore is frozen throughout the year as reminiscent of its glacial. You can appreciate if you click on the picture where they appear transport horses.

Lago de El Ojo

Lake Eye

Transport in Lake Eye

Transport in Lake Eye









The last lake is the "Sulzata" (The tear), a 2.535 m altitude, It is the smallest and impresses with its clear waters. On the way back, We take the "path of summer", which it is shorter and more passes near Lake Clover, the Fish and the de Abajo.


Lago de El Riñón

The Kidney Lake

But before, as in other mountains, we join the ritual of adding small flat stones pyramids other hikers who have created a legacy of his visit. The entire tour took us a 4 hours of hiking 3 downstream and ended with a deserved snack based on the typical Bulgarian grilled meats: kebabche and kiufte chairlift station. Our faces, arms and legs suffered the effects of the sun and also we almost slept on the chairlift back to the parking lot but it certainly was a fantastic day of mountain and was surprised how little we know about this part of Europe, What other surprises as yet unknown saves Bulgaria?, every trip I make to this country discover new things, so I try to count them in this blog but nothing like live them in person, why Count on if you like adventure travel in Europe. Also you can see more details and pictures of Rila National Park by clicking this link: Rila

To end, I just want to mention to avoid confusion that the famous Rila Monastery, although it is in the same National Park Rila Seven Lakes, however it comes down to it by the west side of the mountain, by a different road that leads to the Seven Rila Lakes. However for the more adventurous there is a chance to trek through the mountains between the Seven Lakes and Monastery…

If you liked what you read, Dare to travel to Bulgaria and meet him in person. Send us a Budget request and give you an itinerary to suit you quoted.


  1. Elísabet Muñoz Muñoz Reply at

    Good afternoon:
    We would like to visit the seven lakes. We have two days 19 Y 20 of May.
    We would like to know the budget for two people and the difficulty of the course?
    Greetings and thank you.

  2. Patricia Reply at

    Good Morning

    We go on the bridge December, see feasible ascent?

    Thank you

    • Luis Car Reply at

      Hi Patricia, As you have read in our article, Seven Rila Lakes are among 2.100 Y 2.534 meters, therefore in the cold months only we recommend climbing if the proper equipment is worn and has a local professional mountain guide companion…

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