Ecoturismo y Ecogastronomía en Bulgaria (incluye Festival de la Rosa)

Bulgarian yogurt

The best yogurt in the world. A mildly sour tasting yogurt, bulgarian yogurt, It is undoubtedly the best yogurt and the healthiest of the dairy products that can be consumed today. In the rest of the world people know it as Bulgarian yogurt but in its land of origin, Bulgaria, it is called […]

Hot Springs , Which are the best for your health?

Bulgaria hot springs. Current situation. Mineral water is life!!, mineral water is health, mineral water is purity… at we are specialized in trips to Bulgaria, We know the country personally and therefore we know that Bulgaria is one of the richest mineral water territories on planet Earth.. Within […]

Un viaje por Bulgaria fuera de las rutas habituales

Natural hot springs of Bulgaria

Best spa towns in Bulgaria. The natural hot springs that emerge from the springs of Bulgaria are one of the treasures that can be found in this country for leisure, relaxation and even healing. Bulgaria is one of the main SPA destinations in Europe due to the abundance of springs of […]

Turismo de salud y bienestar entre montañas

Health and wellness tourism between mountains

Health and Wellness Tourism in the mountains of Bulgaria: from ancient times to the present day…   Brief History of Balneology in Bulgaria. From the remote past, mineral water and mud have been used in Bulgaria for therapeutic purposes in balneotherapies. A series of archaeological finds testify to the development of thermalism in the […]

diferencias entre los tipos de yoga

Differences between types of yoga: Satyananda, Hatha, Raja, Nidra, Kundalini, Nothing and Meditation

Types of Yoga. Types of Yoga there are many and varied, you could make a list of more than 30 types of Yoga, some of them only have slight differences from each other, but here we are going to give information about the types that can currently be considered the most useful, and what are the ones we practice in […]

Turismo de salud y bienestar entre montañas

Best cheap spas in Europe

In Europe there may be very luxurious or famous spas, like those in Hungary, Germany, Iceland, Andorra, etc., but if what you are looking for are natural hot springs and quality spas in cheap spas, then the ideal destination of your trip is Bulgaria.   Where exactly are the best cheap spas in Europe? This country […]

El "balneario fantasmal" de Rila

He “ghostly spa” of Rila

  The one that I have called “Rila ghostly spa ” it is located a few kilometers from two of the biggest tourist attractions in Bulgaria, I am talking about the Rila Monastery and the natural phenomenon of the Seven Rila Lakes. He “Rila's ghostly spa ”is located in the Belchinski neighborhood […]

Los Siete Lagos de Rila

Spend your money on traveling, science says

  Science teaches us why we should spend our money on experiences and why we say “spend your money on traveling”, instead of spending on material things. Money is not infinite, spending it on experiences will make you happier according to this research. There are economists who think that happiness is the best indicator […]

El senderismo es bueno para tu salud mental

Hiking is good for your mental health

  Enjoy reading and if you like this article, you will make us happy by sharing it on your social networks with these icons, thanks.   Attention, don't underestimate the effect of a forest trek on your mental health: A recent study dated last July 2015 suggests that a walk of 90 minutes in […]

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