Monasterio de Rila en Bulgaria

Rila Monastery in Bulgaria

Information about the Rila Monastery. Where is the Rila Monastery located?. The Rila Monastery is located within the Rila National Park . It is in a mountainous area 1.150 altitude meters, in fact the monastery walls are surrounded by wooded hills, green in Summer and multicolored when the […]

Rincones se del Monasterio de Rila

Rila monastery : discover its secret corners

  Some time ago we wrote an article about the majestic Rila Monastery in Bulgaria. But now we want to give you some clues about the secret corners of this monastery that, due to its large size or because of the rush that organized excursions sometimes have, do not get to know most of the tourists who visit […]

Monasterio de Troyan y sus alrededores

Troyan Monastery and its surroundings

Not an opinion, it is a fact that the mountain of the Central Balkan Range surrounding the Troyan Monastery is one of the most beautiful parts of the entire range, and it has also been designated by the Bulgarian Ministry of the Environment as the one that enjoys the purest air […]

Monasterio de Etropole

Accommodation in Orthodox Monasteries : the 5 best of Bulgaria to sleep

Staying in monasteries in Bulgaria. A different way to travel to Bulgaria is accommodation in Orthodox Monasteries instead of classical accommodation in hotels or apartments.. Bulgaria has almost 100 orthodox monasteries (Source: Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism), and the vast majority of them have been active for the last 1.000 years without […]

Monasterios de Meteora

Meteora monasteries

  The Meteora Monasteries are the perfect union between the amazing Nature and the beauty of the architecture created by the human being. These Orthodox monasteries crown the top of huge natural rock formations, actually the word “Metoroa” Means “rocks in the air”. Some of these Orthodox monasteries were built more […]

Monasterio ortodoxo de Sokolski

Orthodox monasteries: Sokolski

  Out of all the Orthodox monasteries in Bulgaria, Sokolski is not the largest or the best known, however in my opinion it is the most beautiful. The shapes of its dome, the brightly colored paintings on the facade, the courtyard with stone arches, your garden with fountain, etc… turn it into […]

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