Bulgaria, donde perdura la vieja Europa

Bulgarian Rose Festival in Kazanlak

Why is there a Bulgarian Rose Festival? Did you know that Bulgaria is the world's largest producer of oil extracted from the rose flower?, This oil is then exported and used in multiple products such as chocolates, jams, spirits, and of course perfumes, many of which if they are of quality count […]

Festivales de Zheravna y Kotel

Zheravna and Kotel festivals

  Two picturesque folk festivals are held in these two towns in the interior of Bulgaria: the Zheravna and Kotel Festivals. Kotel is a town of about 5.000 inhabitants while Zheravna has about 400, administratively the town of Zheravna belongs to Kotel. The Zheravna and Kotel Festivals are held one in August and […]

La danza del fuego

Dance of fire

Bulgarian ancestral ritual. The Fire Dance or dance on embers, call “Nestinarstvo” in Bulgarian language, It is an ancient rite in which people walk on red-hot embers. It is also done in Greece and here in Spain (in the province of Soria). Tradition marks that “nestinari” What are the “dancers […]

El carnaval más antiguo de Europa y del Mundo: Kukeri

The oldest carnival in Europe and the World: Kukeri

What is the oldest carnival in Europe and the World?… Although there are always controversies around history, there are data that speak of the existence of parties that can be similar to a carnival already in ancient Rome, some 200 years before Christ. However there is another carnival in the East of […]

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