Sandanski town in Bulgaria. Sandanski is a small town of about 31.000 inhabitants found in southwestern Bulgaria, close to the border with Greece. For years it has been a tourist city famous for its natural hot springs that are used in hotels, balneological complexes and public swimming pools in the city. […]

Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo town in Bulgaria. Veliko Tarnovo is a fascinating Bulgarian city, It was former capital of Bulgaria and has a long tradition as the main university city of Bulgaria. Its tourist attractions are undeniable and there are already many blogs and articles detailing what to see in Veliko Tarnovo, therefore instead of enumerating […]

Ciudad de Tryavna

Tryavna city

Historic city of Tryavna. The city of Tryavna, that is to 40 km south of Veliko Tarnovo (50 minutes by car), in the center of the Central Balkan Mountains. If the landscape that surrounds Veliko Tarnovo is already quite impressive for its ravines and for the capricious curves that form the […]

Pisicna agua termal en Banya (Bansko)

Is Bansko the new Andorra?

Bansko City. Bansko vs Andorra. Is Bansko the new Andorra? Andorra is one of the places that have a special charm, a mix of old and modern, With many shops, restaurants, cafeterias ... it is quite elitist and many celebrities and athletes attend, also in the center of Europe there are exclusive ski resorts such as Chamonix […]

Fachada casa antigua de la ciudad de Plovdiv

What to see in Plovdiv in one day

Plovdiv, the city of 7 hills. Some time ago we published in this blog an article about the benefits of Plovdiv as a tourist destination (Plovdiv, the city of 7 hills). There we explain why it is a city that you should not miss if you travel to Bulgaria, but now we are going to specify and we are going […]

la capital de Bulgaria Sofía

The capital of Bulgaria: Sofia

Discover the capital of Bulgaria Sofia. Get to know the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia , It is something that I recommend to you before it becomes fashionable and the masses of tourists mask the charm of this city of 1,4 million inhabitants located at the foot of a beautiful mountain. This is a picturesque country and […]

fuente de Bosnek

Sofia city, unusual and secret

Unusual and secret places in and around Sofia. There are various travel guides and blog articles where you can find information about what to see and what to visit in the city of Sofia. In our own blog you will also find tourist information about Sofia. But in this article we are going to discuss the possibility of visiting the city of […]

El Parque Nacional de Pirin

Best time to travel to Bulgaria

Some travelers ask us what is the best time to visit Bulgaria during the year as they lack information about the climate of Eastern Europe, especially those travelers who come from Latin America. First of all we are going to comment on the location of the country, Bulgaria is located just north of Greece and […]

La mejor playa del Mar Negro : Albena

The best beach on the Black Sea : Albena

What is the best beach on the Black Sea?, Without a doubt, the preferences of each traveler will determine the answer to this question, but for the vast majority of tourists the answer is that the best beach on the Black Sea is Albena.. Now we explain our reasons for praising Albena as the best beach […]

Lovech: la ciudad perfumada

Lovech: the scented city

Lovech is a picturesque town of about 35.000 inhabitants located on both banks of the Osam River, in central bulgaria, but in the northern part of the country. Its origin is a settlement of the Thracian tribes, ancestors of present-day Bulgarians from 2.000 years BC. Lovech's name comes from an old word […]

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