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This is a quote form is to travel as in BULGARIA, for other countries of Eastern Europe we see the proposals above, please, tab "Destinations".

Who will travel?
I travel alone
In couple
en Pareja
Families with children
Con hijos
With family and / or friends
Con amigos
How many people travel?

(Discount 20% in price "Activities" for groups of more than 3 people)
How do you like travel?
I take my time
Con tiempo
Go moderate
A ritmo normal
See as much as possible
Cuando más se vea mejor
What kind of activity prefer? (Choose one or several, but most 1 per day, Please note that the more activities wish to make, the longer you stay on the road for a change of scenery)

High mountain hiking (4 a 8 Route hours / day)Moderate hiking in green areas (2 a 4 Route hours / day) (*)Visits to traditional villages (*)Visits to capitals of the country (*)Visits to Orthodox monasteries (*)Natural phenomena: lagos, rivers, waterfalls, forests ...(*)Climbing and via ferrataCanyoningMountain bikingSpelunkingBird watching tourHot-water treatments SPAs (*)

(*) Optional doing the activity as self-guided tour : rental car + Accommodations. Select this type of trip 2 Paragraphs below
What kind of accommodation desired?

Accommodation type Premium: hotels 4 starsTourist accommodation type: hotels 3 from 2 stars, Family hotels or rural hotels

What kind of trip desired?

Premium class: Private tour guide, also it takes care of shipmentsTourist class: Self-guided rental car with travel itinerary tailored to

What language do you want to speak the local guide?
Unguided trip, self-guidedIt does not matter to me: guide speaks Spanish or English (3% off)Essential guide speaks Spanish
How did you know?

Google search engine type, Bing, Yahoo...On other websitesBy facebookAnother way different from the previous

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