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Lovech is a quaint village about 35.000 inhabitants located on both banks of the river Osam, in central Bulgaria, but in the northern part of the country. Its origin is a settlement of the three Traciae, Bulgarian ancestors Current 2.000 A.C. years. Lovech The name comes from an old Bulgarian word meaning "River City". For those planning viajar a Bulgaria is a destination to consider, not only for the city itself but also by the natural attractions of the region where he is and I will describe below:

1. Lovech Covered Bridge.

No, not in Italy, or France, or Germany, Europe is hidden: Bulgaria. It is a peculiar bridge, only in Europe, It has a structure of oak and beech, the cover is made of iron and stone pillars. Connects the old part of Lovech (Quarter of Varosha) with the modern part and it is the symbol of the city. It was built in 1876 by the Renaissance master Kolyu Fitcheto, in 1925 He suffered a fire that destroyed but was rebuilt in 1931. It has a length of 106 meters and a width of 10 meters.

Its uniqueness lies in being covered and that from the beginning the bridge was designed not only to communicate both sides of the river but he was also given a commercial use to set up small stalls and shops of local craftsmen within (until 40 different), so that the 10 meters wide, 5 They were dedicated to transit and other 5 stores. The historical importance of the bridge is that Lovech is the shortest way between Danube, the Balkans and the Aegean Sea. It is a hub of a network of roads, some of which date back to the time of Roman rule.

Lovech Covered Bridge

Currently the craft stalls remain, Local products and souvenirs inside, adding 14 posts, so a stroll along this bridge is like stepping back in time tunnel to a medieval covered market while crossing the historic district of the city. Also in the center of the bridge there is a small café with great views of the river and city.

Interior del puente cubierto de Lovech

Entrance to Covered Bridge Lovech

Rio helado de Lovech

Rio Ice Cream Lovech (click photo to please)









2. Cave Devetashka.

It is 18 km of Lovech and is one of the largest in Bulgaria and Europe. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Cave DevetashkaThere are traces of the Devetashka cave was inhabited in prehistoric times but now its only inhabitants are one of the largest colonies of bats in Europe with a 30.000 specimens of different species. In order to protect, access to the cave is restricted in the months of June and July which is their main feeding season. But it was not always like this, in 2011 It was filmed here a scene from an action movie of Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other "big players" that reduced the bat population in half, They fled by the stress suffered. Fortunately the population is subsequently recovered. I recommend traveling to Bulgaria to know that the measures I can give here do not give an idea of ​​its majesty until one goes into it, but here they are: 2 entries 30 meters high, un hall principal de 60 meters, two main galleries, an inland river and up 7 gaping holes in the roof which allow passage of light and therefore plant life inside. The entrance to the cave Devetashka is free except for galleries that require equipment Caving in which case you have to apply for permits. Just ask a small parking fee, which is just a short walk before reaching the entrance to the cave.


3. The old quarter of Lovech: Varosha.

Neighborhood Houses Varosha in Lovech

As I mentioned before, This district is one of the banks of the river Osam Lovech divided into two, the new and the old. It dates back to the twelfth century although current typical houses were built between the years 1850-1870. Its streets are narrow and winding, and a mixture of medieval architecture styles, Renaissance and early twentieth century, all concentrated in a neighborhood of houses are inhabited course, some are small ethnographic museums. They are generally houses 1 from 2 heights, patios planted with geraniums and lilacs, made in spring of every the city smells like lilacs as if it had been purposely scented, the exaggeration, It is a curious thing to experience if you're traveling to Bulgaria. There are some 180 houses in this neighborhood were listed building so if you're traveling to Bulgaria and visit this city prepares your camera and get lost in its narrow streets without a ton of mass tourism of other European cities.

4. Krushuna waterfalls.

Krushuna waterfall – Click to enlarge picture


natural lagoons of Krushuna









Krushuna waterfalls are very close to the cave Devetashka. It is the biggest waterfall in Bulgaria, no height, its greatest dimension is 20 meters, but by the number of waterfalls, ramifications, forming steps and rafts. The first impression given to who decides to travel to Bulgaria and the visit is to be in an exotic island surrounded by lush vegetation and perpetual humidity. Downstream several pools of water form on a green staircase incredible. In addition to hiking enthusiasts it has enabled a path with wooden bridges allowing close as possible to the waterfalls and make spectacular pictures.

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