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Nature photography in Bulgaria is booming and reaching fame throughout Europe and many professional photographers Nature, ya sea flora o fauna. This is a beautiful country that has one of the highest places in the scale of biodiversity in Europe. In fact it ranks second in biodiversity of plants, only surpassed by our beloved Spain. Bulgaria has about 4.000 plant species, of which about 400 They are endemic to this region of the Balkans.


Eastern Spadefoot_Pelobates syriacus

Pelobates syriacus


It also has cataloged to 425 species of birds, 19 amphibians, 37 de reptiles, 110 mammalian, 68 dragonflies and nothing less than 224 butterfly species, all concentrated in a territory of an area of 110.879 km2 (versus 504.645 km² in Spain). Addition 35 bat species listed in Europe, They can be found in Bulgaria 33 of them, in any of the 5.400 caves located in the country.


Southern White Admiral Photo by Dobromir Domuschiev

Southern White Admiral © Dobromir Domuschiev


In most species can be found in a significant number of copies and have stable populations. For some species Bulgaria is the best place for observation and for others it is even the only place where they can be seen and photographed in their natural habitat.

The main reasons for this diversity of flora and fauna are as follows:



Pulsatilla cases ssp. rhodopaea

Pulsatilla cases ssp. rhodopaea

– Geographic location: Within Europe, Bulgaria is situated on the border between Continental and Mediterranean climate zones.
– Exceptional biodiversity in relation to a relatively small area and has ecosystems from sea level (Black Sea coast) up heights near 3.000 meters.
– Low human population density compared to other European countries: 66,65 inhab. / km² face eg 93,51 hab/km² de España, or one 40% Unless Spain. Besides the distribution of the population is concentrated in big cities, leaving large areas with very low population density.
– Wide network of protected areas that help to conserve habitats.


red birdBut let's dig star mentioning some species of nature photography in Bulgaria, than birds for which there is detailed information in this example tours web, in the rest of the fauna include butterflies Bulgaria is the third country in Europe to biodiversity of species of butterflies (224 as I mentioned earlier), It is the most attractive the Pierrot of the Balkans "Little Tiger Blue" (Tarucus balkanicus),Eastern Festoon (Allancastria cerisyi), Southern White Admiral (Limenitis reduced) or the Apollo butterfly (Parnassius apollo). Among the mammals are the common Jackal (Canis aureus), the Brown Bear (until 600 copies), Grey Wolf (until 1200 copies) and the elusive Suslick (Sperinophilus Citellus), a type of squirrel terrera.

Eastern Festoon © Uri Kolker

Eastern Festoon © Uri Kolker

Habitats and landscapes of Bulgaria are generally untapped a great advantage of Bulgaria It is that you can walk and access virtually anywhere, even private areas provided that no damages are generated, unlike Spain and other European countries where private property, hunting, surrounded, etc. prevent often practice nature photography. And by private vehicle can be accessed almost anywhere on dirt roads thus avoiding having to carry heavy camera equipment or belongings. Besides the proximity of roads to areas of interest even allows photography of good quality from the window of the vehicle because there are also many shrubs and hedges next to roads where many species nest and hide.


Pierce Lilium rhodopae.

Pierce Lilium rhodopae. organize trips in nature photography, Flora and fauna. We have local guides naturists 9 years of experience on these trips. We have a wide range of “hides” observational, which they are usable throughout the year, included 3 “hides” in waterholes.

This years experience also allows us to know where to find the most attractive species as best photograph.



Golden Jackal by Michele Mendi

Golden Jackal © Michele Mendi


If you have never been to this part of Europe and you are tempted by what you just read and see, please contact us and we will work on your preferences. You can join one of our scheduled trips or we can arrange one to your needs based on the time of year most suitable for the species of interest.



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