The best beach on the Black Sea : AlbenaWhat is the best beach on the Black Sea?, Without a doubt, the preferences of each traveler will determine the answer to this question, but for the vast majority of tourists the answer is that the best beach on the Black Sea is Albena.. Now we explain our reasons for praising Albena as the best beach in the Black Sea.

Albena: the best beach on the Black Sea why?:

The beach itself is stunning, has a length of 5 kilometers with a width of 150 meters of fine white sand.

The marine platform is also excellent for swimming because the depth of the water does not exceed the 1,60 meters until after 100-150 meters from shore, that is to say no “it covers” suddenly as it happens in other beaches. Therefore it is ideal for all ages The waters of this beach are calm and the water remains clear and crystal clear, ideal for the bathroom.


albena mejor playa del mar negro

Hotels “All inclusive” on the beach in Albena


Albena has a long history as a seaside resort, so its services and accommodations are very prepared to give a good travel experience to visitors.

The surroundings of Albena are also impressive, Albena is literally inside a forest of beech and acacia trees that reach the shore of the Black Sea. As soon as you leave the Hotel you will find the trees that surround each building and you can walk along the paths of these forests directly from your hotel.


albena mejor playa del mar negro

Albena surrounded by an orchard


Albena is arguably the safest city on the entire Costa del Negro. In Bulgaria there are no excessive security problems, there are no thefts from tourists or other crimes that are frequent in Spain, However, Albena has developed a strict access control to the city so that those who are inside do not have to worry about watching their belongings while they bathe in the sea or in the pools, to give an example. This system consists in that access to the city by car is made through a single point, there are several barriers like in highway tolls, where the license plates of all vehicles entering and leaving are controlled. There are also surveillance cameras in the streets and private security that patrols the entire vacation complex for the safety of its visitors., some with high purchasing power, russians, germans, etc…


The best beach on the Black Sea : Albena

Albena access controls


The hotel offer is wide, large hotels with large gardens and swimming pools predominate, some of them even have small water parks within their own pools. They also have the characteristic that they mostly offer full board with all inclusive, drinks included, all at very reasonable prices due to the fact that some hotels compete with others.


The best beach on the Black Sea : Albena

Mini water park within the facilities of a hotel 5***** of Albena


Despite finding large hotel buildings, Albena is a population “open”, in the sense that there is a lot of free space to move, large pedestrian avenues and parks between some hotels and others.

For traveling with children and not so children, the offer of attractions and fun offered by Albena is ideal. You can visit the Albena Water Park that has been voted for several years by users as the best Water Park in Bulgaria and I assure you that there are many on its coast that compete but this is the best. We have no commercial relationship with this water park, We only recommend it for being the best valued in the country by the Bulgarians themselves and tourists who have tried it.


albena mejor playa del mar negro


There are other good beaches on the Black Sea but unfortunately in Summer they are overcrowded as with the good beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.. However, thanks to the large extension of this beach and the fact that the buildings in Albena were built with the correct separation between them, you can enjoy this wonderful beach without crowds even in high season..


albena mejor playa del mar negro

Albena hotel complex, surrounded by natural forests


In Albena you will not get bored, there are activities scheduled day and night, for example on the beach games and sports are organized for children and young people, there are floating inflatable platforms, beach library in various languages, etc… and evening activities such as dances and open-air buffets organized by the hotels.


The best beach on the Black Sea : Albena


However, if you want to make a getaway, we recommend the following places near Albena so that you make the most of your stay in Bulgaria knowing other places of interest:

Balchik Palace and Botanical Garden.

North direction, along the Black Sea coast, just 11 km you will find the coastal town of Balchik, famous for the Balchik complex which includes the Palace of a former Romanian princess and the surrounding gardens which are very well kept and located on top of a cliff with fantastic views towards the Black Sea. Learn more about the Balchik Palace here.


Jardín Botánico de Balchik

Balchik Botanical Garden


Bolata Beach.

A small beach past Balchik, a 50 km from Albena. It is an excellent excursion to change the huge beach of Albena for this small and wild beach. The photo says it all, It is a curious beach that protected by two small dams offers calm and crystal clear waters as if it were a swimming pool. There are no nearby buildings, You can get to the beach by car along a path and it is ideal for children because it is very shallow.


Playa salvaje de Bolata

Bolata Wild Beach


Varna city.

Located on the Black Sea coast at 28 km south of Albena, is the third city in population of Bulgaria with about 350.000 population. In it you will find all kinds of services and activities that a city can offer you, but at very cheap prices. Know the attractions of this city in another of our articles: “Varna: the capital of the Black Sea Coast“.


Varna Opera Building

Varna Opera Building


Golf course “Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort”.

For fans of this sport, they have the option of practicing it in this impressive golf course located on a cliff above the Black Sea.


The best beach on the Black Sea : Albena


But not everything is perfect in Albena, Although for us Albena is the best beach on the Black Sea we want to be objective and give some information that is not as positive as the previous ones. For example you can find some outdated hotels, Soviet aesthetic. The entire Albena complex is from the communist period of Bulgaria and some hotels are not renovated, For this reason, we recommend that you contact us to find out which ones are the most appropriate according to your preferences and avoid unpleasant surprises.. Unfortunately, sometimes the photos of the hotels that you can find on the Internet are not as recent as they should be, so you can't trust what you find on the internet hotel reservation pages… However, most are renovated and have modern facilities, do not risk and count on our services to enjoy your holidays in Albena, we have been there personally!!!

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