This time we are going to talk about another sport idea to practice in Bulgaria, canyoning. Canyoning is a brave sport that is practiced in the ravines and canyons that the river forms as it passes. The tours are very varied, we can have tours with waterfalls and steep falls, others with badinas and deep pools, others with a lot of flow and others almost dry. Canyoning therefore consists of overcoming the difficulties of the route by adapting to its changes, walking, swimming, rappelling or climbing. To be able to classify any river descent as a ravine in which canyoning can be done, there is 3 variables to consider. That has flow, verticality and character of embedded in the rock. It can be practiced alone, although for safety we recommend that it always be done in a group. It is a risk sport but like all risk sports, they have their reward. Lovers of nature and adrenaline will not be able to stop practicing it, especially if we do it surrounded by the Bulgarian landscapes, some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. Canyoning can be practiced from 7 years of age and the age limit will depend on the physical form of each one. In We put at your disposal everything you need so that you can enjoy this activity in our star destination. For beginners and for the more advanced, our instructor will teach us to climb, descend by rope, jump and swim in the rivers and cliffs. Why is Bulgaria better than other European destinations for canyoning? Because in Bulgaria this activity is unexploited and we will not have to worry about meeting anyone we do not want during our canyoning day.

For the most expert we can find the canyons of the Central Balkan National Park, specifically the canyons of Dzhendema. Other destinations of high difficulty that we can visit are Glozhene , Krushna, Karlukovo, Vlahi..

We can visit the rivers coming from the nearby mountains of more than 2500 meters high, a continuous flow of totally clean and crystalline spring waters , even in the summer months. This characteristic makes it an ideal sport to practice in this area during the summer, because the high temperatures invite you to take a dip!

If you decide to come with us to practice this sport, it is good that first we give you some advice:

Very important, If you do not have experience in hiking or canyoning it is better to contact a company specialized in active tourism like , They will provide you with an experienced guide and all the necessary equipment to enjoy this sport safely.

We prepare our canyoning backpack with all the material that we will need during the descent. On the one hand we have the individual equipment and on the other the collective equipment, in both cases the equipment to be used will depend a lot on the descent and its difficulty and also on the experience of the person practicing the sport.

The minimum individual equipment consists of a wetsuit, helmet, suitable footwear that has good adhesion in an aquatic environment and neoprene booties, harness, cabos, descenders, carabiners, mechanical blockers, love express, backpack, watertight drum, aluminized blanket, flashlight and drink calculated for the duration of the journey.

Regarding collective equipment, we need progression ropes, two and semi-static, emergency ropes, you take out for the strings, installation house, mobile phone and a vehicle.

Remember never to do this activity alone, It is good to go in a group and inform the nearby authorities that we are going to practice this sport in the area. As well as estimating an arrival and departure time.

We also have to be clear about the characteristics of the ravine through which we are going to descend, to carry the appropriate equipment and not get into places with a difficulty that is not adequate to our experience. Know the obstacles that you are going to find on the route and be clear about the escape zones in case a flood takes us by surprise.

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