Fotografía de paisajes : Bulgaria, mejor destino en Europa
Fotografía de paisajes : Bulgaria, mejor destino en Europa
Fotografía de paisajes : Bulgaria, mejor destino en Europa
Fotografía de paisajes : Bulgaria, mejor destino en Europa
Los Siete Lagos de Rila
Rocas ferricas de Belogradchik con fondo nevado
Senderismo moderado y turismo rural en Bulgaria - 8 días
Parque Nacional de Los Balcanes
Lovech: la ciudad perfumada
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Buzludzha : El monumento con forma de OVNI
Burgas salt flats (Bulgaria)

Burgas salt flats (Bulgaria)

First of all I want to explain some of the advantages that Bulgaria offers to take landscape photography within Europe and that help me justify the risky title of the article as “Landscape photography : Bulgaria, best destination in Europe” :

  1. Within the European Network “Natura2000”, Bulgaria has 228 protected areas for habitat protection, what supposes that the 29,5% of the territory of Bulgaria is protected for its ecological value.
  2. Variety of ecosystems and landscapes within a relatively small and accessible territory. It is true that spectacular photographs can be achieved in many European countries, However, Bulgaria has the advantage of having a great variety of ecosystems that allow to obtain very different photos and in a short trip..
  3. In Bulgaria the population density is very low compared to the rest of Europe, so it is easy to find unspoiled places, ancient forests, unexplored mountains,… and feel as if we were the first to discover them.
  4. After the fall of the Communist Party of Bulgaria in 1989, huge green areas that were owned by the state (Party) they became public, For this reason, Bulgaria is currently very easy to access these places to take photographs without the need for permits and without the risk of entering closed hunting grounds.. In addition, most private farms are crossed by a multitude of free-passage paths for cattle., hikers, even vehicles,… you just have to be careful not to cause damage…
  5. Being a country with little tourist pressure and little known in the rest of Europe, there are natural phenomena, landscapes, flora and fauna that have been little photographed and are little known, so without having to travel to distant destinations, in Bulgaria you can get photos of original and little seen landscapes, while spectacular, just 3 flight hours from Spain.
  6. For popular architecture photography, ethnography, etc, Bulgaria is also a unique country. Here you can take photos of centuries-old houses that are still inhabited, made of wood, stone, slate roofs, etc,… Older women and men, farm workers who never retire… that remind us of the hard life our ancestors lived in Spain and that in Bulgaria it continues to be day to day because smallholdings and self-consumption continue in rural areas.
  7. For architectural photography, Here you can find picturesque buildings and monuments from the communist period such as the building Buzludzha, huge Orthodox monasteries of typical Bulgarian aesthetics as in Rila, Orthodox churches in Bulgarian or Russian style, even mosques with minarets from the Ottoman occupation stage.
  8. If you are looking for photos of spectacular colors and textures, in Bulgaria there are multiple examples: the violet of the endless orange blossom fields, the red of the salt flats by the Black Sea, all the autumn hues in a single photograph of a wooded hill, white snowy trees,…etc., etc…

When you start thinking about writing this article on landscape photography that can be done in Europe, I started by compiling some of the landscape photographs that I have liked the most in Bulgaria, however I immediately realized that it is impossible to put all of them in a single article, therefore I made the decision, instead of putting dozens of photos, add links to pages showing the professional work of various Bulgarian photographers specializing in landscape photography, nature photography, ethnography, Aerial photo, etc,… These web pages show a complete gallery of photos from Bulgaria. Also on the rest of our website: , You will be able to see many other photographs in the different sections and in the rest of the Blog.

In , as fans of Nature and the mountains, we have opted to reflect some links to pages with photos of landscapes of natural phenomena, are the following, click and enjoy professional images (for the record that we do not have any personal or commercial relationship with them). These photographers have their photos easily accessible on the internet, But if you want to know more about other professionals you can contact us and we will talk about all of them… :

Evgeni Dinev

Ivan Miladinov

Albena Markova


Whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, If you want to visit Bulgaria in person to take pictures, you can count on our services, we have local Bulgarian guides with extensive experience in guiding groups and solo travelers in Bulgaria, photography experts who know the best sites, times of year and angles to take the best possible photos. Choose dates and contact us at

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