Monumento Buzludzha InauguracionBuzludzha

Tflush this strange name hides in the mountains of geographical center of Bulgaria one monumental building built to praise communism pro-soviético which at the time he controlled the country. We speak of the year 1981, that was when it opened (see the photo next of the event) after 7 Construction years by almost 6.000 workers, including 20 best Bulgarian artists of the time who dealt with the rich interior decoration. Its location was not chosen at random, It is in a mountain Buzludzha 1.441 meters, a 10 km from the town of Shipka and 250 km from the capital Sofia, and coincides with where there was the final victory of the Bulgarian rebels on the Ottoman invaders in 1868. But communism chose that location for another reason, since in the same place, in 1891, some socialists came together to found the first organized group of socialist Bulgaria.

Buzludzha entradamonumento olvidado del comunismo Buzludzha exterior helado








In 1989 the Bulgarian Communist Party was dissolved and ownership of the building passed to the State Buzludzha it closed, fall into ruin. Currently the building is abandoned, which it makes me think of the sad similarities between communist propaganda ago 40 years and propaganda of our current politicians who spend the money of citizens in monumental works that inaugurated soon cease to be useful and leave. The fact is that this monument currently closed, stoically resists the weather until it reaches, who knows when, the final collapse of the roof collapse. Meanwhile every year at the end of July, some 10.000 Bulgarian Socialists gather at the gates of Buzludzha to commemorate the founding of the Bulgarian Socialist Party. I collected some photos from their original state where luxury that was in contrast to its current decline is observed.

Buzludzha original interior Buzludzha interior actual

Buzludzha original corridorsBuzludzha icy corridors 2

The visit is an adventure Buzludzha. From the outside a concrete structure is observed shaped flying saucer huge dimensions and an obelisk 70 meters with two stars on each side, at the time they were red glass were manufactured in Russia. If access inside the guesses luxury with which he was decorated, both corridors as the main congress hall, They have in their brightly colored walls mosaics representing Bulgarian and Soviet Communists issues that are preserved in good condition, as you can see in the picture below, and the dome stands the typical communist symbol: sickle and hammer, that despite the general deterioration of the building it appears to remain intact and vigilant curious visits, his vision makes you scroll a chill through the body. In the soil time, walls and ceilings were decorated with marble and glass that have suffered the spoliation and are no longer.

Buzludzha mosaicos 2Buzludzha comunismo



Are impressive pictures taken in the winter when the building is completely snowed Buzludzha, outside and inside, since the loss of windows and holes that presents the roof let in blizzards and snow into. In fact, name "Buzludzha" taking mountain where its located means "ice cream", perfect description of what happens to the building in winter…

Of course, if you plan to travel to Bulgaria and you like adventure travel, this visit is something out of the ordinary and that you will not find in any tour packages tour operator… If you are interested contact us and we'll take you to see this forgotten corner of communist history. yes, access the inside is prohibited by the authorities to the risk of landslides or landslides your deck. However many adventurers, under its responsibility, They try to go there every year for some of the most unlikely places its structure. To avoid have installed security cameras, but their effectiveness is questionable…


Photo: Copyright Timothy Allen .

Inside the building Buzludzha Winter


If you are interested in this type of theme tours, Here's an example of different trip: Travel to meet the footsteps of Communism in Bulgaria, which among others includes a visit to this forgotten monument of communism…

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