Guided ecotourism trip including the Bulgarian Rose Festival.

Travel dates: 8 days to choose from the end of May to the end of June.

"Your daily life goes through being in an office, long hours in front of the computer, in an eternal competition with time and multiple tasks; tasks that are never finished, at work and at home. Sometimes you have the feeling that you are a programmed robot, who has no time to relax, to "waste time", not to mention "being lazy"…
Even when you manage to find a little time for sports or cultural activities, or to be with your children, that is also part of the "program", truth?…. Although being sincere is another obligation, What do you mark as done in your agenda as a modern person who is capable of doing everything at once…
Does it sound familiar to you? Sometimes don't you feel like changing the beat?, even if it's only for a week, that you do not have to compete with time, that you do not have to justify yourself and give explanations to anyone. That you simply be yourself and that you enjoy your moment and life..
That you can relax for at least a couple of days, taking care of your body and your mind, that you meet new places and people, try some delicacies, do light physical exercises without chasing a miraculous result in a few days ... or just being able to sleep, do nothing, listen to the song of the birds in a quiet and beautiful place ....
If you think you need any of this, of that temporary change of pace and you're ready to experience something totally different, relaxing, but at the same time exciting, welcome to our program and re-discover yourself!!!


kazanlak rose festival bulgaria

What do we offer you?.

– Disconnect from day to day in the city - relax the body and mind, and renew your energies through the following experiences:
– Pleasant and recreational treatments - swimming in a natural hot spring pool, sauna, jacuzzi, massages and therapeutic treatments according to the individual needs and wishes of each traveler.
– Time to yourself - to sleep, to meditate, absolute rest or rather, well deserved rest and lazy with no regrets.
– Light exercises and walks in nature.
– Interesting and enriching cultural program, which consists of the combination of visits to historical sites with the opportunity to take part and participate in current Bulgarian traditions and festivities.
– Try light and healthy meals, and also tasting of traditional Bulgarian dishes and drinks, appropriate for different tastes and preferences. All taking advantage of the products of the land provided directly by local farmers (what is known as eco-gastronomy).

Ecotourism and Eco-gastronomy in Bulgaria (includes Rose Festival)


In summary, come and dive for 8 days in a totally different reality. Reality in which health and harmony between body and mind is the most important. Reality in which there are no "deadlines" and tasks that cannot wait. Here everything will be to your liking and following your inner rhythm.

Kazanlak Rose Festival

Pick the fresh roses yourself


Reality in which in the morning you will wake up with the singing of the birds and your most important task will be to decide whether to participate in any of the programmed activities or simply stay to rest and pamper yourself.
Okay, you will also have some challenges - getting up at 5 at dawn, but not because the noises of the city wake you up, but to be able to experience the pleasure of seeing the sunrise with the magnificent aroma of Rosa Damascena in the environment.
Or try to learn the uneven steps of some “joro” (the typical Bulgarian dance) and notice how your blood starts to boil ...
But we won't tell it all, we will leave room for some other surprise… Come and trust us!, relax and leave the transformation in our hands.




Reasons for this ecotourism and eco-gastronomy adventure :


Artisan yogurt


1. Yogurt - you can not only taste the "elixir of longevity" in its country of origin (yes, yes, originally from Bulgaria and not from others…), You will also see how it is prepared and how you can do it only in your own home. You will see that this yogurt is not sweet and is used in multiple recipes.


Rosa Damascena


2. Rose damascena oil – you will pick the roses yourself in the cultivation field, you will be part of the process, in which during only one month of the year here more da 70% from all the rose oil harvest from around the world. You will get closer to the production of this valuable raw material, that for centuries has been made by hand and in the same artisan way to later be used in cosmetics and food.


3. Mineral water sources and their healing power - Bulgaria ranks second in Europe for number of mineral sources, after Iceland and is a prime destination for the Health tourism. Each of them has different components and properties. And it is in the city of Hisaria where we will give our body and soul the well-deserved rest, It worked as a spa already in Roman times and was famous for curing all kinds of diseases. As is known, the Romans knew very well the therapeutic properties of hot springs, so we can trust it.

Bulgarian Rose Festival Parade

Parade of the Rose Festival


4. The History and traditions of the Valley of Roses also known as "The Valley of the Thracian Kings" - you will get closer to the greatness of the Thracian civilization, and you can also be part of some interesting Bulgarian customs, that remain alive until today. You will participate in the “Rose Festival”, in the tasting of select wines and try unique dishes of traditional Bulgarian cuisine.


plovdiv casa lamartine

Plovdiv Old Quarter

5. Plovdiv - city older than Athens, Rome or Istanbul. Founded by the Thracians, today's date Plovdiv still the cultural capital of Bulgaria, with its wonderful Old City, with the well-preserved Roman amphitheater, the crowd of cinemas, operas and theaters that are part of the daily life of the city.

All this, In summary, it will be the decoration of "your new adventure movie". We reserve the right to surprise and delight you. We promise that after these 8 days you will not be the same person and surely you will see everything around you with another look and wanting new adventures…

Detailed travel program:

Day 1

Transfer from Sofia Airport to the spa town of Hisaria: 4 hours by road through beautiful landscapes with the high Rila mountains in the background.
Accommodation in Hotel-Spa 3*** from the spa town of Hisaria.
Dinner at hotel's restaurant, team and program presentation.


Ecotourism and Eco-gastronomy in Bulgaria (includes Rose Festival)


Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel.
Visit to "The House of Crafts" in the village Staro Zhelezare (located at 13 km from Hisaria) where we will see how bread was made in ancient times and we will discover other customs and traditions
Visit to the Thracian tomb in the village Starosel (located at 13 km de Staro Zhelezare).
Lunch with wine tasting at the Starosel Winery.
Return to Hisaria with free time to relax or visit the city (those who wish can make free use of the pool, jacuzzi, hotel sauna or turkish bath, or also paying an extra: of therapeutic massage, pearl bath, therapy with barros del mar, etc).
Dinner in the traditional Bulgarian style tavern with guaranteed fun.

Ecotourism and Eco-gastronomy in Bulgaria (includes Rose Festival)

Demonstration at Starosel Winery


Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel.
From the hotel on foot, visit to "La lechería" in Hisaria, with yogurt and cheese tasting. Demonstration of how authentic Bulgarian yogurt is made.
Lunch with yogurt-based dishes.
Back to the hotel on foot, collection of suitcases and travel to Karlovo (a 16 km from Hisaria).
Hotel accommodation 3*** from Karlovo ... free time in the afternoon.
Dinner at hotel's restaurant.
Attention, tonight we go to bed early so we can get up early…


Ecotourism and Eco-gastronomy in Bulgaria (includes Rose Festival)


Day 4

Picnic breakfast at the hotel early.
Participation in the collection of roses in the village of Karnare (a 16 km de Karlovo) - familiarization with the process of collecting roses (process called in Bulgarian ”rozobrane”).
Rest and time for walks and photos.
Picnic lunch on site.
Demonstration of "rozovarene" (method of extracting oil from roses) and techniques used in a distillery or “rozovarnas” of the area.
Return to the hotel and free time (if circumstances permit, the hotel's spa can be used)
Dinner at hotel's restaurant
Attention, tonight again we go to bed early so we can get up early…


Ecotourism and Eco-gastronomy in Bulgaria (includes Rose Festival)

Homemade rose oil extraction


Day 5

You can pick the fresh roses yourself

You can pick the fresh roses yourself

Picnic breakfast at the hotel at 5:00-6:00 hours.
Participation in the collection of roses in the village of Karnare (a 16 km de Karlovo) or another where the event is held.
Rest and time to walk and photos.
Lunch at “La Casa de la Artesanía” in the village of Karnare (just 2 km from where the roses are collected).
Wood carving demonstration and workshop with local craftsman “Boyan”.
Participation in "The collection of fresh roses" and we will see the parade of the Rose Festival in Karlovo or the one in Kazanlak (depending on whether it matches your travel dates).
Dinner at hotel's restaurant.


Ecotourism and Eco-gastronomy in Bulgaria (includes Rose Festival)

Mezquita Duzmaya at Plovdiv


Day 6

Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure for Plovdiv (a 60 km de Karlovo) and hotel accommodation 3*** of Plovdiv.
Plovdiv Old Town Walking Tour.
Food in the old city.
Free time in the afternoon to rest, shopping or keep visiting on your own Plovdiv.
Stroll down the main street and dinner in the city center.







Day 7

Tram in Sofia (Bulgaria). Learn more about Sofia here.

Tram in Sofia.

Breakfast at the hotel.
Trip to Sofia (2 hours and a half).
Accommodation at the hotel and food.
Guided sightseeing tour in the historic center of Sofia, one hour approx., to get acquainted with the city.
Free time to continue seeing the city or for shopping.
Farewell dinner at the hotel restaurant.



Day 8

Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to the airport (depending on the departure time there may be free time).

Ecotourism and Eco-gastronomy in Bulgaria (includes Rose Festival)

Catedral ortodoxa Alexander Nevsky

Prices for Ecotourism and Ecogastronomy Trip in Bulgaria – 8 days.

Prices including VAT (with local Spanish speaking guide, transport, hotel and breakfast) :
Minimum group 2 persons – 1.758 € / person
Minimum group 4 persons – 1.460 € / person
Minimum group 6 persons – 1.124 € / person
Minimum group 8 persons – 952 € / person
Minimum group 12 persons - 860 € / person
Minimum group 15 persons - 790 € / person
Minimum group 20 persons - 760 € / person
Minimum group 25 persons - 740 € / person
Minimum group 30 persons - 722 € / person


  • Full board (no drinks): 155,00 € / person. The Last Supper in Sofia is not included as it is the farewell and travelers choose what to dine.
  • Single use room: 145,00 € / person.


What includes:

• Reception at Sofia airport upon arrival. • Guide service / Spanish-speaking translator throughout the program. • Transfers according to itinerary in a vehicle with air conditioning and driver throughout the program. • SPA according to the special needs of each client: this may require additional expense, will be offered at the request of each client. What the program includes at the start are the hotel pools, jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish bath • Fuel costs, parking and tolls. • Entrance fees to places to visit, folkloric programs and demonstrations. • Accommodation in hotels 3***, in double use room, (individual, supplement of 140 € on the total price) • Breakfasts. • Transfer to Sofia airport on the day of departure. • Administration fees.

What is not included:

• Plane tickets. • Footwear and personal clothing for activities. • Optional excursions. • Optional SPA treatments • Travel assistance insurance. • Tips and personal expenses. • Foods, no dinners, nor drinks of all kinds.


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