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Bulgaria, it is a little known destination for lovers of white water sports, Nevertheless, its descents through the unknown rapids of this country, They will make you unload adrenaline and you will take a pleasant experience with the hospitable inhabitants of the towns that are along the riverbed. In addition, the climate of the region is ideal so that throughout the year there are large channels in the rivers, where you can practice water sports such as kayaking and rafting. There are different types of routes, to choose based on our preparation and our preferences. We have comfortable routes with hotels and tourist infrastructures located along the entire route, or even on some occasions along the entire river. Other descent routes are more natural, no nearby population or sometimes annoying conglomerations of tourists, they are wilder routes that require more preparation. These types of routes often require long walks on dirt roads.. We can take advantage of the forced need to go hiking, with the possibility of having a romantic camping if we go with our partner. Peace in silence and the thrill of meeting the unknown, it is the perfect combination for kayak water tours. In Bulgaria you can organize an individual journey or hire a guide and the necessary equipment for the activity, ask us in and we will inform you about how you can carry out this activity.

Here we show you some of the most interesting routes for kayaking descents:

El rio Struma (kresna gorge)

The struma gorge offers the opportunity to go downhill all year round and is the most popular destination in Bulgaria. During the spring of 2008 the European Rafting Cup was held there. The gorge consists of two sections of 8 km long each, a difficult category V, and another easier category II. Along the river there is a main road that facilitates access to the start of the competitions, as well as suitable places to see and enjoy these attractive descents. We also find in this gorge a section of low difficulty, that allows organizing special descents for the learning of young people between 8 and 18 year old.

The river burns

It is a picturesque canyon, with extreme rapids and deserted shores. When the river rises, the descent can be done through two routes of about 15 km long, the routes are separated by the medieval bridge of the Devil, one of the main monuments in the area. The descent has a difficulty level III-IV.

And if you want the adrenaline to go even higher, you will have to wait for the spring flood of the rivers Iskar, Chepinska, Zlatarishka, Rilska, Beli Iskar, Levi Iskar, Bebresh, Chepelarska for your descent in Kayak.

Danube river

With narrow river channels, islands with wild and impassable forests, with wide sandy shores, exotic birds and fish. All this is what we find when cruising between the Bulgarian and Romanian shores. These calm waters await you throughout the year. One of the most popular events on the Danube River is the TID (Danubien International Tour) and it is celebrated in August every year, but the biggest challenge is the river tours during winter.

The rivers Arda, Maritsa, Tundzha, Yantra, Great, Kamchia.

After the excitement and adventure of having gone down some wild and fast stretches of river, we are reaching the calm waters of the low currents of the main rivers of Bulgaria, that will take you to hidden beaches, deserted, and by places of high cultural and historical interest.

To discover a secluded island or a hidden and deserted beach, take a tour of one of the dams with crystal clear waters and picturesque banks. Set up your tent on the shore or stay at a hotel with incredible views of the reservoirs and enjoy the kayak adventure. Tours of these calm waters are available for children from 5 years. With a child on board, fun is guaranteed. These aquatic tours with such pure landscapes, It is the perfect alternative to experiment with the whole family, in which everyone participates and learns.



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