Okatse Canyon is sure to be unknown to most travelers around the world.. However in We wanted to mention it with an article dedicated to this fantastic place because it seems to us a tourist attraction of maximum interest since it perfectly combines sport, adventure and nature, and it is easy to navigate for any traveler.


Cañón de Okatse

Footbridge over Okatse Canyon


We explain what it consists of: the Okatse Canyon is a ravine that is located near the town of Gordi (Georgia), scarce 42 kilometers from Kutaisi city, city ​​that by the way has direct flights to Spain… It is a cannon of about 16 kilometers in length, 50 meters wide and up to 70 meters deep. At the bottom of the ravine flows the river of the same name, Okatse River, turquoise waters. Okatse Canyon has the category of Natural Monument granted by the State of Georgia for its ecological and scenic value.


Okatse Canyon in Georgia

Okatse canyon


But what makes this place a destination worth visiting is the recently built footbridge on one of the slopes of the ravine that has a length of 780 meters offering impressive views towards the evergreen and wooded landscape of the canyon because it is suspended at 50 meters above the bottom of the ravine through which the Okatse River passes. A walk along this footbridge will raise our adrenaline and will undoubtedly offer us unforgettable anecdotes from this trip.


Escaleras sobre el Cañón de Okatse

Stairs over Okatse Canyon


The walkway also has ascents and descents with stairs and at the end of the route a spectacular platform that stands out is reached 50 meters above the abyss of the ravine. It is the ideal place to take pictures or selfies on the edge of the abyss…


Plataforma sobre el cañón de Okatse

Platform over the Okatse canyon


In Europe there are other constructions of this type, more and more frequent, but none have the exoticism and exclusivity that the Okatse Canyon provides., here you will not have to queue for hours to enter or request access weeks in advance, It is a modern facility but it is not yet overcrowded because it is still little known.


Okatse Canyon in Georgia

Hiking trail through the forest of the Okatse Nature Reserve


But you can't just walk the catwalk, We also recommend doing the complete hiking route that crosses the forest of this Natural Reserve, total 2-3 hours of walking round trip. Another option for those who do not want to walk so much is to take a taxi 4×4 at the visitor center of the Nature Reserve where you buy the ticket (about 5 €) and thus save some 45 minutes up and as many down. In that case the off-road (the price is negotiated with the driver but the price is usually around 10 €, in total to go up and down) leaves you at the entrance of the catwalk.


Okatse Canyon in Georgia

Visitor Center where to buy the ticket

Okatse Canyon in Georgia

Final platform over the abyss








The walkway can be accessed between April and November, every day except Monday, the hours are 10:00 a 17:00 hours. For security reasons, access is restricted on snowy days or heavy rain. For safety, children under the height of 1,20 meters.

In our hiking trip in georgia we include of course the visit to this place.

After the walk through the Okatse canyon we also recommend visiting the Kinchkha waterfall, an impressive waterfall with a waterfall of 70 meters. It is located 5 kilometers from Okatse Canyon, so a taxi can take us there for about 15 €. Apart from seeing this great waterfall up close, you can take a simple hiking route through the surrounding forest and the small ravines of the Okatse River..


Okatse Canyon in Georgia

Kinchkha Waterfall (Georgia)


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