In this new article on our blog, we are going to treat a very interesting topic for the more adventurous. If you are used to adventure travel in Europe, surely on more than one occasion, either for economic reasons, or because it is the only type of accommodation available in the adventure area or because we like this type of accommodation, we will have stayed at a campsite. So far we have told you about many aspects of Bulgaria and many of its activities, we have talked about their culture, of its history, of its mountains, coasts and cities, but we had never discussed camping in Bulgaria. As you all know, Bulgaria is a country with a large number of natural landscapes., a good part of said territory, enjoying some degree of environmental protection. It is an eminently rural country, with a large number of natural landscapes and a rich biodiversity. Thanks to this biodiversity it is also a good place for zoologists, biologists and ornithologists. We do not want to extend ourselves with the kindness of Bulgaria, you already know that you can find more reasons to visit this beautiful country in our section:

Regarding the type of accommodation campsites, in Bulgaria we have a varied and high quality offer. In the Bulgarian campsites we can distinguish them by the area in which they are concentrated. exist 3 main areas where most of them are concentrated, the campsites on the coast to the south of Bulgaria, the coastal campsites in the north and the inland campsites, some of them located within some national parks, indoor campsites are concentrated in the central area of ​​the country in the central Balkan mountain range. Depending on our tastes and the activities that we are going to carry out, we will focus on contracting with the campsites in one area or another.. The campsites that interest us most are the interiors, it is there where we can practice our favorite activities, trekking, trekking, climbing, canyoning, descent of rivers and others , It is ideal to be able to stay in the middle of nature with total comfort and close to where we are going to practice our adventure activities. Camping in Bulgaria is generally cheaper than in the rest of Europe, although precisely the indoor campsites are usually more expensive and run by foreigners, This is so because Bulgarians prefer to go to the coastal area on their vacations and therefore they frequent the campsites in the coastal areas more., that is why they are cheaper. The advantage of inland camping compared to those on the coast, in addition to more equipment, is that we can communicate in English, while the coastal campsites only in Bulgarian, which is a handicap.

In the interior areas, especially in the mountains., we have the best campsites in the country, ideal to stay on our hiking trails. Some of them are:the Tangra campsites, Veliko Tarnovo, Madona campsite, Kamenovo, Strinava , Chumerna…, all of them highly recommended camping if you decide to travel to Bulgaria. In certain parts of the interior, and under strict control, We can find no campsites but camping areas where we can pitch our tents, in the middle of the national park

In the northern part of the Bulgarian coast there are many camping sites, as we have said with an eminently national public. The most prominent of this area are: We found some in the Kamciya river, the “Kosmos” campsite is one of the most prominent. The “Dobrudzha” campsite also stands out for its quality, and other campsites such as Albena and Zlaten pyasatsi in the "Laguna" area (in Spanish) , in the Kamciya River region, el pueblo Shkorpilovtsi.

In the southern part of the coast, the Borovets campsites stand out, the Predel campsite, el de Lyubovishte, the one with Gorski kat, Kransko batak, Atolovo, SBA and some more.

Camping in Bulgaria

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