traduccion bulgaroYour brain also wants holidays!: You're on vacation, leaves language courses at home for a few days, You do not need to force yourself to understand a guide or instructor Anglophone and lose some of the information you can give about the country or the safety tips for practicing activity. You have the rest of the year to strive with English!. Yet if you choose a guide / instructor English-speaking Bulgarian will be conducted at a discount greater availability of them compared to Spanish-speaking.

Do you know the Cyrillic letters?: In Bulgaria the Cyrillic alphabet is used in all of the street signs, maps, city ​​names, Restaurant menu, etc, so a Spanish speaker is preferable that trip with guide speaking in Spanish and / or English to facilitate everyday.

Your English is not enough! : Due to the influence that the Soviet Union until 1990, knowledge of English is limited among most of the population, only in large Black Sea resorts it is more common. Since our activities are carried out in semi-rural areas should be accompanied by a local guide for recording hotels, restaurants, ticket for museums, cable, shopping, etc., even for medical care if necessary, since the English have no assurance that we can communicate with local.

A luxury within reach: While hiring the services of a guide can be a luxury in the rest of Europe, as we discussed above, the socio-economic situation in Bulgaria makes available its services at very reasonable prices for how much they can help the adventurer who visits Bulgaria.

You're with tourism professionals: It is not necessary that before visiting Bulgaria devote weeks to investigate the places to visit, where to eat, where to sleep, etc, despreocúpate because the guides who work with us are native Bulgarians and know better than anyone all these local issues, a simple chat with them and will save hours of your time on Web search.

Take a local guide who speaks your language is highly recommended especially if you plan to hike in Bulgaria.

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