que ver en plovdiv

Plovdiv, the city of seven hills

Plovdiv, the cosmopolitan city of Bulgaria Summary of contents of this page:Plovdiv, the cosmopolitan city of Bulgaria.1. Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in the world and the oldest in Europe still inhabited.2. Plovdiv's Old Town is one of a kind.3. Plovdiv is a fascinating mix of cultures and exotic influences.4. […]

El carnaval más antiguo de Europa y del Mundo: Kukeri

The oldest carnival in Europe and the World: Kukeri

What is the oldest carnival in Europe and the World?… Although there are always controversies around history, there are data that speak of the existence of parties that can be similar to a carnival already in ancient Rome, some 200 years before Christ. Sin embargo hay otro carnaval en el Este de […]

viajar en coche por Bulgaria

Traveling by car in Bulgaria

Traveling by car in Bulgaria, What should you know?. First of all, very calm, we are going to drive in a European country where traffic regulations are harmonized but still each country has its peculiarities when it comes to driving through its streets and highways, and Bulgaria has many, many quirks,… trataremos de aclarar algunas de […]

Complejo etnográfico de Zlatograd

Zlatograd Ethnographic Complex

  For those who enjoy rural tourism, Bulgaria offers a multitude of incentives, among them that there are many populations that have their own ethnographic museums, with information about the history and customs of the region where they are found, they usually have old photographs, folk costumes, ancient war clothes, household and / or work utensils, etc,… […]

Museo de Espeleología Kárstica de Bulgaria

Bulgarian Karst Speleology Museum

    During the summer , las montañas de Ródope son aún más espectaculares que en Invierno. Still spending a week every summer there for several years, there are always new places to discover, like this unusual Museum that I am going to present here. It is the Bulgarian Karst Speleology Museum, también traducido […]

Monasterios de Meteora

Monasterios de Meteora

  Los Monasterios de Meteora son la unión perfecta entre la asombrosa Naturaleza y la belleza de la arquitectura creada por el ser humano. Estos monasterios ortodoxos coronan la parte superior de enormes formaciones rocosas naturales, de hecho la palabraMetoroasignificarocas en el aire”. Algunos de estos monasterios ortodoxos fueron construidos hace más […]

La danza del fuego

Dance of fire

Bulgarian ancestral ritual. The Fire Dance or dance on embers, call “Nestinarstvo” in Bulgarian language, It is an ancient rite in which people walk on red-hot embers. It is also done in Greece and here in Spain (in the province of Soria). Tradition marks that “nestinari” What are the “bailarines […]

Monasterio de Etropole

Accommodation in Orthodox Monasteries : the 5 best of Bulgaria to sleep

Alojarse en monasterios de Bulgaria.Resumen de contenidos de esta página:Alojarse en monasterios de Bulgaria.1Monasterio Etropolski “Santa Trinidad”.2Monasterio de Troyan “Asunción de la Virgen María”.3El Monasterio de Klisura de “San Cirilo y San Metodio”.4 – Monasterio Cherepishki “Assumption of the Virgin Mary”.5 – Monasterio de Sveta Bogoroditsa o Sedemte Prestola (Los Siete […]

El "balneario fantasmal" de Rila

He “ghostly spa” of Rila

  The one that I have called “Rila ghostly spa ” it is located a few kilometers from two of the biggest tourist attractions in Bulgaria, I am talking about the Rila Monastery and the natural phenomenon of the Seven Rila Lakes. He “Rila's ghostly spa ”is located in the Belchinski neighborhood […]

Buzludzha : El monumento con forma de OVNI

A trip through Bulgaria off the beaten track

Un viaje diferente por Bulgaria.Resumen de contenidos de esta página:Un viaje diferente por Bulgaria.Itinerario. This trip will allow you to know the interior Bulgaria, both ancient cities such as Sofia and Plovdiv, like its traditional villages with their exotic architecture, its rich gastronomy and a mixture of Slavic cultures, Bulgarian, Ottoman, mediterranean, etc. in perfect harmony. Pero lo […]

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