Get ready for a unique experience… and in this case it is not a phrase: in March 2018 it opens a mega facility for practicing Paintball and Airsoft Outdoor. It is definitely the best paintball and airsoft field in the world, why?… because it is the field of paintball and airsoft more realistic you can find in the world, It is no decorated with artifacts scattered around the field and usually do companies engaged in paintball, This is real brownfields, you will feel the protagonist of the video game series “Stalker en Chernobyl”: walking, I looking and shooting between the former premises of a complex thermal and chemical factories abandoned.


mejor campo de paintball en Europa

actual brownfields, scenario paintball or airsoft field.


Is brownfield aimed at the practice of paintball and airsoft it is also one of the largest in the world 180.000 m2. You can move between former administrative buildings, warehouses, warehouses and other industrial facilities with post-apocalyptic and mysterious atmosphere that brings state of neglect and lush vegetation. To enjoy the best golf paintball and airsoft world you do not have to go to America or Australia, It is closer and within Europe, en Bulgaria, a 3 hour flight direct flight from Spain.


el mejor campo de paintball y airsoft del mundo

Aerial view of the industrial zone, scenario paintball or airsoft (click to enlarge).

We rent equipment or bring yours if you want…








Old poster on one of the walls of the complex says: “Negligence leads to fire. Stay tuned!”

Bulgaria had an important industrial sector during the period when he was behind the Iron Curtain, until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. With the advent of democracy and closer to the European Union, International customers lost Soviet influence and many of these heavy industry factories closed quickly leaving these facilities unused. This creates a sudden abandonment posapocalíptico environment in the zone, adding aesthetic similarity between this field and the paintball abandoned Chernobyl area regarding the machinery, vehicles, Soviet architecture style buildings, language signs in Cyrillic letters, etc…


stalker games

Best paintball field in Europe

el mejor campo de paintball y airsoft del mundo esta en Bulgaria

Aerial view of the industrial zone, scenario paintball or airsoft (click to enlarge).








Weekends can be developed to 14 hours paintball or airsoft game equipment, search for hidden artifacts, special missions as resolution of kidnappings, battles against zombies, all with the atmosphere of the legendary video game ” Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl ” so it is known in the industry under the name ” Stalker games ” . This means that you can not only play paintball or airsoft but you can also experience an adventure of equipment and missions in a real environment to 100% apocalyptic style and outdoor. It has experienced monitors and all necessary for the practice of paintball or airsoft materials because although the paintball field facilities in the industrial area open in March 2018, For years, this practice takes place in a paintball field near conventional style, therefore it has the necessary experience to operate the new industrial scenario with assured safety and fun. Of course it has the necessary permissions owner of the plant or land abandoned where the activity is carried out and the municipal authorities.


One of the buildings of the industrial complex, scenario paintball or airsoft (click to enlarge).










These adventure activities are ideal for groups of friends who want to celebrate bachelor parties, birthday, divorce or other events differently from the usual, adding a trip to a country little known, such as Bulgaria, little touristy but has exciting hidden treasures like this.

despedida de soltero y teambuilding con paintballThe paintball field is also suitable for companies wishing to promote “team building” (team building) among employees. He “team building” which is achieved by practicing paintball is aimed at companies considering learning, teamwork and fun as an experience that gives positive results for the overall organization and brings cohesion to the working group.


And if the practice of a weekend of paintball in the company of friends or colleagues in the best paintball field in the world is no longer sufficient reason to make the trip, we as active travel agency specializing in Bulgaria we offer a complete package of services for your trip: airport pickup, Road transport, accommodation,… and additional trips to extend your stay in the country taking advantage of the trip to the fullest .

Apart from enjoying the best golf paintball and airsoft world going to be able to hire the following optional activities for the rest of the trip Bulgaria:

  • Climbing with Spanish-speaking monitor for all levels of difficulty.
  • Mountain bike routes with Spanish-speaking guide.
  • Hiking trails in natural parks in Bulgaria, with hotel accommodation to choose from, mountain lodge or tents.
  • Shooting royal hunting weapons in aField of close shot.
  • Canyoning and climbing rope down a nearby waterfall 60 meters high.
  • Visit the Army Museum where you can see Sofia vehicles and weapons from the Soviet era.
  • Visit the mysterious abandoned building of Buzludha.
  • Visit monuments in honor of the Russian army and the country's liberation from the Ottoman invasion in the nineteenth century.
  • Visit the arms factory where manufactured assault rifle legendary Russian design: IF 47.
  • Visit a neighborhood aesthetics typical East, with housing blocks precast concrete. At the time of communist society used to be defined as buildings “classless”.
  • Visit the city of Pernik is the largest center of coal mining and heavy industry in Bulgaria: Visit to the Museum of Mining.
  • Any other activity of active tourism, cultural or gastronomic in which you have interest, on this website you can find ideas and examples for it…

Email us at and requests a budget with the activities that interest you and for days of stay you deem appropriate. Obviously the larger the cheaper group and also more fun will be the trip…


video summary:

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