Viajes de aventura por Europa

Adventure travel in Europe as. Traditionally it has been considered Europe as a tourist destination of urban type, in whose capital can make an active tourism based on culture, gastronomy, Monuments and history. The so-called adventure travel, still it is also a form of active tourism, They have however a component of some excitement and risk, either it associated with a sport or being able to live powerful experiences. Personally for me is so shocking for example jumping from a waterfall into a pool of water and go into a small town where it is the first time they see a foreign tourist and no one speaks your language… why I like adventure trips in which I can combine several of these activities difficult to forget after the trip.
Geographically adventure travel are often relegated to exotic and remote countries of Europe, belonging to Africa, Asia, etc. But Europe still keeps corners where you can enjoy both active tourism and adventure without traveling long distances, and with the advantages of meeting within the European continent: citizen security, medical assistance, democracy, etc… They are sometimes deals Adventure travel in Europe they are not really, Is it an adventure trip scheduled for Croatia coach circuit with other 40 tourists and therefore no ability to own choice?Who would not like to have a customized tours Europe?How about a cruise through the Norwegian fjords where you can only take pictures from the side of the ship?. It seems to me that the only adventure is in such false adventure travel is to arrive first at the buffet restaurant before other tourists…

Kidding aside, I think that few fans travel adventure with uppercase think of Europe as an interesting destination to enjoy the untouched nature, the practice of adventure sports and excursions to discover the rural life, and those that do usually go to countries in Northern Europe, poorly connected by air with Spain and weather conditions that sometimes hinder the practice of outdoor activities: cold, rain, wind,… even in summer. As these few destinations in Europe, also a considerable accumulation of tourists from different countries that sometimes becomes stressful trip occurs.

However Adventure travel in Europe yet they have not lost the "battle" of adventure against other continents because alternatively exist in Eastern Europe where tourism is not overcrowded and natural resources countries remain unspoilt.

Bulgaria is the case where the low tourist pressure, breathtaking natural resources of its territory and its mild weather make it ideal for adventure travel in Europe. Our team, as a connoisseur of the territory, You can prepare an itinerary and activities in line with the preferences of any visitor, of any age, whether beginner or advanced in adventure sports. In addition Bulgaria has the added bonus of having regions where architecture, tradition and rural life remain as they were in Old Europe and in Western European countries has already been lost. What greater adventure than a trip to the past of a Europe whose way of life is totally unknown to most of the present inhabitants of Western Europe. You can practice adventure sports in Spain itself but I assure you that the move to Bulgaria has a number of incentives which more than offset the travel there. Some of them you can find in the "Why travel to Bulgaria?"In the main menu of the web, but each person is different and if you visit Bulgaria sure you find your own incentives. I suggest that you check all the information on this topic is available on different pages of this website.

We have also focused as travel, that is to say, the customer decides when to travel, because we have a fixed date; decides who travels, because we do not form groups with other unknown travelers to the customer; decides what to do and where to go; and also every minute of the trip is the customer who sets the pace local guide. We call trips 100% as because there are travel agencies that advertise as they are not fully, sure I said before: if you're going to put in a group with other travelers, It will no longer be a trip as 100% because you will depend on the tastes and times that make "others".

At the time we decided to specialize in customized tours because from experience whenever we hired a tour package with no specialized travel agencies we were visits, restaurants, or traveling companions were not very "interesting" for us as once there could not change anything, these packages made us think that malgastábamos money at that time. Therefore even travel as a priori are less expensive than travel with a closed package, we can ensure that worth it because there are no dead times or bad times and every euro is spent on what really matters to the customer that hires us.

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