In these two towns in the interior of Bulgaria two picturesque folk festivals are held: Festivals Kotel and Zheravna. Kotel is a town of about 5.000 inhabitants while Zheravna has about 400, Zheravna village administratively belongs to Kotel. Festivals are celebrated Zheravna and Kotel one in August and another in June, but we are discussed together for neighboring towns that are worth visiting.


Stalls of Zheravna


Zheravna Festival is celebrated folk costumes is the event that brings more visitors, all of them, man, Women and children, dressed in costumes Bulgarian traditions. In fact access to the event is permitted only if some kind dresses in traditional costume Bulgarian, although other costumes from other countries are also allowed provided they are traditional costumes of the country. In addition to increase the authenticity of the quote , the entrance is allowed with elements of modern life, as plastic products for example, and the use of mobile phones is prohibited, except in a small peripheral areas of the site where the festival is held. Specifically, the event is held every year on the third weekend of August, within an enclosure that is set within a forest near where organizers Zheravna and control access. Apart from Outfit, There are also music, folk dance, craft market and food stalls to spend the whole day…


Festivales de Zheravna y Kotel

Festival de Zheravna


This festival location near the village of Zheravna is no chance as an architectural reserve Zheravna is nothing less than 172 House declared cultural heritage. In the seventeenth century Zheravna became an important cultural center and artisans in Bulgaria, the houses of that era were restored and now make Zheravna in an authentic village-museum of ancient architecture of old Europe, which has kept the original houses of wood and stone and cobblestone streets. Some of them are ideal cottages or small hotels to be isolated from the busy modern world for a few days… except festival dates that is when the party, Music and dance have no rest…


Zheravna typical rural


For his part in Kotel, Festival is held Kotel carpets, a curious festival where museums and workshops of the city take to the streets their most precious carpets, jewelry folk crafts, handmade wool centuries of local cattle. This festival is celebrated on the third weekend in June, in its latest edition he was 14.000 visitors. Many of these carpets are emblematic motifs and designs that relate to the first European civilization, in fact his drawings are related to the drawings found in the Magura Cave with more than 40.000 years old.


Festival Kotel carpets


these drawings, although incomprehensible to the uninitiated, They symbolize the Mother Goddess, fertility, Nature and other pagan concepts that were important to the ancient cultures that lived in ancient Bulgaria. However, is known or unknown origin, the color and design of these drawings are not indifferent visitors. In parallel with the exhibition of these rugs are made workshops for children where they can learn how to manufacture carpet on ancient looms, There are also traditional dances and music that give the festival a festive atmosphere Kotel and family. A similar festival is held in the Bulgarian town of Chiprovtsi, on the other side of the country, in the first weekend of May each year.


Festival de Kotel


If you can not attend the Festival of Carpets in June, do not worry, Kotel city has a museum dedicated to these antique carpets. In addition the town of Kotel has an old neighborhood, in our humble opinion it is one of the most beautiful of all Bulgaria, even better than Zheravna, old house old dark wood Kotel neighborhood are an authentic relic, they are also all in use and inhabited (Unlike other towns museum where the atmosphere, but beautiful, It is sometimes a bit bleak and melancholic). Kotel here you can stroll along the cobbled streets and talk to the locals, children and adults, They are living and carefully maintained homes that their families have lived for decades, even centuries… It is like taking a trip back in time, just one street separates the old quarter of the new district administrative centers and shops, It's like crossing the street will be passed immediately from a city of the XXI century to a village in the eighteenth century.


Kotel Old Town


Do not miss the Festivals of Zheravna and Kotel , large agencies will recommend you only go Zheravna and as always in a hurry to go back and forth pass by the country that is next Kotel, A big mistake, but it is best to visit both and judge for yourself, we already have our favorite… Certainly if you are looking for information “Boiler” In Internet, Add “I do not Kotel Bulgaria” as it is also called “Boiler” the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and if you just write “Boiler” I will not relate the results of Bulgaria Kotel.


Walking through the streets of Kotel (Bulgaria).

If you want to know any of these two populations, contacts us, We do not follow the usual tourist routes, always we look for hiding places like these and many others that keep us for our travelers… Write about your travel preferences to

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