1. Knowledge: Thanks to our knowledge of Bulgaria and tastes of Spanish, we offer the best activities and the hidden parts of the country where they can perform. We prepare programs and activities as if they were for ourselves, for you to enjoy a different holiday and unforgettable.

2. Proximity: We advise and personally recommend everything related to the activity and location you choose visit. We have office in central Madrid where we can assist you for any inquiries or complaints. In addition to having office in Madrid, Us will not have to spend money on overseas telephone conference for clarification.

3. Exclusiveness: Us not have to share your ride with strangers, we do groups with people from other countries, or fill quotas with Spanish customers, so that only you decide and may indicate to guide their tastes and schedules, not depend on those who have other unknown. Who else but you can offer something

4. We are transparent: Apart from the final price we tell everything that is included in the program and what will be in charge, We hide the extra expenses. We recommend you spend some time reading the fine print of the offers that handles so you can compare them with us on equal terms, Do they include fuel? What sports material? Will the accompanying guide is for a group of few people?…. What category of hotel you will be staying?, etc, etc…

5. Pay on arrival: Choose the way of final payment. We asked for a first payment for reservation corresponding to the amount of hosting services you have chosen, payable by bank transfer with a minimum advance of 60 days to the day of departure from Spain, The sooner you reserve will be increased availability of guides. The remaining sum can choose between 1) pay for transfer as late 25 days before the day of departure or 2) pay cash on arrival in Sofia the guide-translator. See Terms to complete this information.

6. Safe outputs: We are flexible in terms of dates and number of people per group, including individual tourists and couples. With us there is the risk that your trip is canceled at the last moment because it has not reached the minimum cover someone in the group or group withdraws before leaving, read the conditions of the other companies, the power to cancel the trip if granted do not cover the streets and although they are required to return the money, you will have to find another ride with little reaction time and airline tickets already purchased… You will find in our terms of service and commitment that we do not cancel the trip for that reason, Since we specialize in single travelers and couples.

7. Bulgarian-Spanish synergy. Our instructors and local guides are accredited professionals who, thanks also to speak Spanish and / or English, they can teach and guide you in the easiest and fastest way to take advantage of all that Bulgaria has to discover and enjoy.

8. Specialists single travelers and couples: In we specialize in organizing activities or Bulgarian guided Spanish-speaking instructor for individual travelers, couples and groups up 6 people, We think this is the best way to discover and enjoy Bulgaria. Larger groups are possible on request.

9. Written: Before departure we will send by e-mail copy of the program of activities, itinerary and conditions.

10. Local agency: Having the headquarters in Bulgaria allows not need intermediaries to organize our activities and reduce costs for our customers. In order to limit the fixed costs and prevent the drawbacks of traditional agencies, We committed to new technologies. Our shop window is our website, It is another way to save them.

11. Specialized: is not a simple intermediary selling tour packages but have developed our own portfolio of adventure activities, sport and culture based on our own experiences and knowledge in the field.

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