Viaje de España a BulgariaThe first time I traveled to Bulgaria, some years ago, I knew that first trip would not be enough and would return. Why travel to Bulgaria ?: because I love this kind of countries that are not crowded with tourists. In Bulgaria local people treat you as a “Foreign” and not a “tourist”, for example, do not try to sell you things or deceive every step, To them you're just a foreigner and are happy to visit your country but do not try to “exprimirte” thus. Paradigmatic that European tourists prefer to travel mostly to neighboring Greece and Turkey, which they are much noisier and thus more expensive, when they could have an exciting experience trip in Bulgaria, or other countries in the various Balkan Peninsula as exploited those two. When you are here in Bulgaria it is a totally different travel experience …
Many people just have an appreciation of the Eastern European countries, or the Balkans, as synonymous with war or insecurity, But that's past history, Bulgaria has indeed had a peaceful history since the end of WW2 and today is a safe country, which it is not threatened by Islamic terrorism or other, Obviously there is petty crime and theft as anywhere in Europe, But being cautious is not a big problem. In fact it is even safer than many European cities at night.

A different travel experience that I mentioned earlier also helps the Bulgarian language uses the Cyrillic letters (as Russian) and all shops signage, roads, etc, It is difficult to understand for the traveler, making the traveler feel definitely found the “other side” the comfortable Europe, when really it is just 3 hour flight from Spain. That which, for me it is a definite plus because it makes it a surprising and exotic place, very different from the rest of Europe we know and where every step you take a new story to tell your return is generated.

But we will try to answer the question ” Why travel to Bulgaria ? ” a more concrete and objective manner (lets try…). Most travel articles speak of the wonders of each country from the point of view of tourism promoters who seek only to extol the virtues of the country (we also recognize that we fell into temptation and shows have this page of our website where we show only the great virtues of Bulgaria: “Reasons to Travel to Bulgaria“). But not everything is black or white, There grayscale and I want to talk about the country from the personal impression that has a Spanish middle class. To know where to go, sights, etc. already travel guides, This article tells you what does not appear in these guides, then you decide if Bulgaria is a good destination to discover for you or not.

There are several reasons why Bulgaria captivates me and surprised me on every trip I make there, It occurs to me 7 to get started:

  1. In countries like Bulgaria, I feel as if something similar to “wild West”, exaggerating a bit, but to understand I mean there I feel more free, with fewer rules and regulations, not that there's debauchery and lack of justice, I mean those little rules that restrict our movements in other most populous countries. For instance, in the subject
    coche montaña

    Travel without barriers, no private reserves, closed without fences…

    trekking, there camping is allowed, You can barbecue in the field all year, It can be through private farms because many of them are not fenced and the owners do not care, you can get the car up pretty remote places without finding a fence of “the preserve”, etc, etc, I guess all this is because the population density is low and nature is lush enough to absorb the few travelers who venture into the forests without significant damage occurring, therefore it is not necessary to limit both the movements of people as is done in other countries. Can you imagine that finding marks walkers who have gone before you on the roads is quite a feat? because there happens and sometimes you feel like a true explorer, as if you were the first who passes by…

  2. Is a very diverse country despite its small size. The different regions of the country are quite different from each other in social, economic and landscape, Spain also will say that this happens, It is true, but the issue is that Bulgaria is the size of Andalucía + Extremadura approximately, Bulgaria thus rapidly moves from one region to another and changes seem more noticeable when a trip circuit as a few days ago the country. Therefore explore various regions of very different country is viable on a trip 7 in 8 days.
  3. Tranvía en Sofía (Bulgaria). por qué viajar a Bulgaria

    Tram in Sofia (Bulgaria).

    Bulgaria is very different than usual in other countries of Central Europe or North, in the sense that in the cities there are not many office buildings glistening glazed, cobbled streets and perfectly clean, no order or silence and sometimes even big cities seem to chaos, is that, it seems, because it is a chaos “organized”. No well-marked lanes for traffic and sidewalks perfectly equipped for pedestrians, or posters with public transport routes, etc., The tram will come from either side, etc., But as everyone knows how to get around the city and what it has to do, the city does not collapse and is very dynamic. Local people are adapted to the environment and operates with ease while the novel tourist who I was for years to come for the first time is baffled every step and since I set foot on the street outside the hotel began a adventure, an adventure in a big city, who'd say…., but an adventure that is fun and generates multiple anecdotal situations…. the end of the day is one of the reasons to travel, learn new and different things, ¿no?.

  4. Bulgaria's culture is valued, History and popular folklore as seen elsewhere, no need to be encouraged or subsidized by government as in Spain, every Bulgarian, I repeat, every Bulgarian, He is a connoisseur of History, folklore and traditions of their country and also very proud of them. also surprised that the new generations although influenced by new technologies, TV, etc. also they are known ancient traditions and gladly follow, They do not deny them, Unlike, culture, especially music, It is something that unites young and old, something that has always surprised and excited.
  5. The rural life, I could write a whole article about it. Bulgaria is Bulgaria for its rural lifestyle. There are people of the inner Bulgaria where time seems to stand still, not only because of the antiquity of their homes and
    subsistence agriculture Why travel to Bulgaria

    Return to the city from the village after the weekend

    buildings but because the lifestyle of our ancestors remains, in many peoples lives on lifestyle based on consumption, the houses have their own garden, a neighbor has animals, the other has vineyards, the other makes bread and so nourish their own productions and trade with neighboring villages with local produce and livestock. No large cooperatives or produced in large farms for export, Most are small private farms (remember that Bulgaria was under communist influence from WW2 until the late 80). It is true that young people tend to go to the cities and small towns most people stay but whenever there is occasion, the children back to the village to visit relatives, to assist in farming and stock up on fresh produce; even if they live in the city they have not lost touch with the field.

  6. Bulgaria's philosophy continues “better repair than throw”, either by tradition or
    Bicycle repair in Bulgaria

    in Bulgaria “it repairs itself, is not pulled”

    family finances, people are used to care, maintain and fix things before you replace them with new, no quirks and things are manufactured and designed to last many years. Whether utensils, facilities, furniture, cars, houses, infrastructure, etc, everything is repaired whenever possible before changing, which makes the country maintains a style “retro” resulting in a multitude of anecdotes visitors.

  7. Best of all is that when you go to Bulgaria, You do not know what you're going to find how many times you've been, every trip is different and there are new experiences. Is a combination of adventure and pleasure for the eyes and other senses. Because Bulgaria is still a rough diamond, real and authentic, as its people, friendly, some tough, other smiling, very direct, other timid, etc., are as life and the changes they have made to each. No ulterior motives hidden behind a false smile, If smile is because they feel it and if not, They have no need to smile, but ultimately all I know are inside, noble and summary “good people”. In fact it is people you can trust and who do not hesitate to help to complicated situations (It happened to me that I was lying on a deserted road in Bulgaria by car breakdown and a young couple took me to the city 1 hour away and then after me “safe” They made their way back, they did so only for helping…).
  8. The gastronomy. It is worth mentioning, although you will not find seafood, ham or
    Casserole Kavarma, Bulgarian typical recipe

    Casserole Kavarma, Bulgarian typical recipe

    other luxuries…, the fact is that the Bulgarian food is the best you can try in Europe, after Spanish, Of course. It is based on homemade recipes lifetime, used the vegetables from the garden, and pork and chicken, either grilled or in stews delicious. The portions are always plentiful and amazing prices. In Bulgaria tomato tastes “tomato” truth and do not charge for it as if it were a luxury tomato. The eggs, the chicken,el cerdo, vegetables, everything has more flavor than shopping in Spain and it shows when savor the dishes. Meet some recipes on our website “Bulgarian food recipes“.


If you have never been in Bulgaria or in the countries of the Balkans I hope this article will serve you to know a little better what you can find there if you decide to travel to Bulgaria. If you want to travel to Bulgaria, whether traveling alone or in groups, in the rest of this web pages find travel options and natural wonders, cultural and gastronomic it offered by the country. But as I said, with this article I wanted to scratch the surface a bit and delve into the soul of true Bulgaria, a country that does not leave anyone indifferent, See for yourself and do not let them tell you…

Have you traveled to Bulgaria on occasion?… entonces puedes contar también tu sincera opinión en los comentarios de abajo por favor



  1. Vivian Reply 1 March, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    Estas son algunas de las razones para viajar al país, y me encanta que lo hayas expresado desde un punto de vista más sustancial, y no tanto de rutas turísticas, etc. Preservación de las costumbres es la principal riqueza de Bulgaria. Y feliz baba Marta!

    • Luis Car Reply 1 March, 2016 at 7:09 pm

      Gracias Vivian, hemos querido dar una opinión profundizando en lo que no cuentan las guías turísticas, nos gusta que te guste 😉

  2. Luis Car Reply 7 April, 2016 at 12:08 pm

    Jose, estamos de acuerdo, la gente aprecia cada vez más ese tipo de Turismohay que cambiar la mentalidad de quevacacionessignifica sólamenteSol y Playa”, hay otro mundo por descubrir

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