Veliko Tarnovo.

Veliko Tarnovo is a city of fascinating Bulgaria, It was ancient capital of Bulgaria and has a long tradition as the leading university city of Bulgaria. Its tourist attractions are undeniable and there are many blogs and articles detailing sights in Veliko Tarnovo, Therefore rather than list the places to visit we thought it would be more useful to our personal vision of where best to stay. However if you want our advice on what to see in Veliko Tarnovo you can contact us through this web page and make us your query.


Veliko Tarnovo

Vista aérea de Veliko Tarnovo, al frente la hill de Tsaravets.


The decision of where to stay in Veliko Tarnovo is complex because of its special distribution, limited by the topography of the area and especially by the Yantra river surrounding the city center. There are two options depending on how we move there, if we lead or we train and not have to worry about parking our car or transit through the narrow streets of downtown, then the initial idea would be to stay as close to Fortress Tsaravets is must stay, the problem is that the strength is at one end of the city, totally surrounded by the Yantra River (so it was decided to lift the fort there) except for a narrow stretch that connects with the rest of the city. In addition the meanders of the river Yantra make the most interesting part of the city has an elongated shape but making curves, are inclined neighborhoods and narrow streets where there are hardly any hotels, and there are a few houses not recommended guests or hotels that although I recognize well, They have very few rooms and therefore usually complete in high season.

Fortaleza Tsaravets in Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo old neighborhood.








Therefore often the best option is to stay in hotels that are west of the city, Around the square “Maika Bulgaria”, They are of good quality / price ratio and offer sufficient capacity even in summer. The only downside is we have to walk a little further to reach the Fortress Tsaravets, but it will not be wasted time because in the way we pass by commercial and most beautiful streets of the city, where there are the restaurants and taverns. Many tourists center their day in Veliko Tarnovo Fortress Tsaravets visitanto, it is located on a hill, between reaching, go up, go down the wall and spend several hours walking, They get tired and eventually lose the opportunity to learn about the city of Veliko Tarnovo, so it is not a bad idea to take the first ride from the hotel to the city center and then visit the Fortress Tsaravets, Contrary to what the major travel programs I've seen.

Fortaleza de Tsaravets

Part of the wall and archaeological remains of the Fortress Tsaravets.

Veliko Tarnovo in Winter.


If instead we will drive to the city my proposal is even more radical, directly I recommend you do not stay in Veliko Tarnovo, Do it in the neighboring village of Arbanasi. As anticipated earlier, the city of Veliko Tarnovo is hell to drive, even just the fact of having to get in or out is a complicated task, there is a junction of highways, inputs and outputs in curve with little visibility and rather confusing making it easy to circumvent the correct output to the center, and if this happens the next change of direction leads to several kilometers outside of town with a good time of lost time.

complicated motorway exit towards the center of Veliko Tarnovo

On the other hand callejear it is also quite a feat. There is only one main street, where parking is impossible and if we left her adventure awaits us: narrow streets, poll, browsers will always lose because they are streets one-way and are not properly stored in the GPS maps, all is “blue zone” limited parking (no parking meters, but you have to send an SMS from a Bulgarian mobile to park) orography and public car parks are nonexistent, you just have to see the map of the city to get an idea of ​​what story…


Location of hotels in Veliko Tarnovo (Arbanasi right of the fortress)


Therefore we recommend staying in Arbanasi, Besides everyone will should visit Arbanasi Veliko Tarnovo, which it is one of the most picturesque towns across Bulgaria, therefore as they say “We kill two birds with one stone” (stating that we are against hunting birds, but this is a said, What can we do). Arbanasi is just 4 km del centro de Veliko Tarnovo, the road communicates in a 5 minutes, Many tourists go up to meet her and because there are better restaurants and taverns on it's own in Veliko Tarnovo. In addition Arbanasi is located on a hill overlooking the town of Veliko Tarnovo, therefore there is even the possibility of staying in some hotels offering panoramic views of the city. Arbanasi, because it is also very visited, There are numerous hotels, some in old houses, other large complexes, but the general atmosphere is quiet village away from the hustle of the city.


Views of Veliko Tarnovo from the hotel Arbanasi.


House-museum of old merchant family Arbanasi


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