Rosa Damascena

Rosa Damascena


Did you know that Bulgaria is the world's largest producer Oil extracted from the flower Rosa?, This oil is then exported and used in multiple products like chocolates, jams, spirits, and of course perfume, many of them if they have this quality component mixtures thereof, such as in the Channel No. 5 and many other…



The main area for growing the rose is near the town of Kazanlak in central Bulgaria. In the harvest season over 2.000 people work hand picking each rose. The importance of this crop and is an industry that generates pride for Bulgarians celebrate harvest time with a colorful Festival.


old still for distillation of rose oil during the Rose Festival Kazanlak


The Rose Festival in Kazanlak Bulgaria takes place at the beginning of every June, specific, in 2019 It will be the 31 May to 2 of June, It is the main day, on Sunday 2 of June. The festival lasts a few days so many activities and focus them for visitors, for instance: self picking roses in the vast fields of roses coming to town, home visiting factories rose oil distillation, go to tastings in the streets of jams, cakes and liqueurs flavored with roses, visit the Museum of the Rose and of course enjoy the festivities that take place in the city. also it hosts a Festival de la Rosa in the neighboring town of Karlovo, in 2019 will be the 18 of May and events are similar to Kazanlak but concentrated in a single day.

But if you can not visit Bulgaria on the dates of these festivals because you have the option of knowing the Rose Valley at any time of year because although there is always special events can visit the Museo de la Rosa of Kazanlak, house-museum where the old process shown and even factories rose oil distillation, although they are inoperative off-season roses, We know one that is open to visitors all year round…

rose oil homemade

Home production of rose oil

Bulgarian rose flavor

Jam and flavored liquors Rosa








Big Day Rose Festival in Kazanlak in Bulgaria 2019 will be the day 2 June and as in previous years a motley parade where local youths throwing rose petals attendees will take place, there are groups of men dancing with ancestral costumes "kukeri", groups attending local schools, many dressed in folk costumes and all in a festive atmosphere with folk music and dances. Furthermore, the last day of the Festival of the local youth is elected "Queen of the Rose".

Parade of the Rose Festival Bulgaria

Parade of the Rose Festival Bulgaria

Trajes de & quot; Kukeri"

Costumes “Kukeri”










Of course, because it is the harvest time, all the time spent there, either in the city or in the fields, it is surrounded by an amazing smell of fresh pink. The doors and windows of the house are decorated with roses, and every woman carries a rose in her hair.
What I like most about the Festival of the Rose of Bulgaria is happy that everyone is. You can guess how proud Bulgarians feel their country and its traditions by the faces of joy and smiles showing throughout the festival.

The History of the Festival.

The first Rose Festival was held at the Rose Valley Bulgaria 1903 because this was the main area of ​​cultivation of roses for extracting rose oil. It has brought its culture of ancient Persia in the Middle Ages and soon became a product exported to the world. The species grown is the "Rosa Damascena". As the story, rose growers, wearing the most beautiful women with roses to show the quality of the roses to potential buyers and then comes the tradition of choosing a "Queen of the Rose" during the Festival.

Collecting flowers of Rosa de Bulgaria

Collecting flowers of Rosa de Bulgaria

Reina de el Festival de la Rosa de Bulgaria

Queen of the Rose Festival








The harvest season is very short, only 25 days, and each rose is picked by hand, one to one. The rose oil is called "liquid gold" there (as we do in Spain with our olive oil) because for a single gram of rose oil it is necessary to collect a 1.300 roses, As I said before, a mano.


Hand roses collection


The Rose Festival in Kazanlak Bulgaria is more than just a party, It is a rich cultural heritage and soon reach fame in the rest of Europe, so if you're going to viajar a Bulgaria at that time we recommend that you know, It counts on us to take you there and guide you through the places and highlights of the festival, most of them require advance booking and payment of an entry, before the Festival. While planning is highly recommended to visit the festival to enter any of the groups engaged in the collection of roses hand, which it is done in the neighboring towns of Kazanlak where the fields are growing roses.

Here are our proposed trip 8 days also visit the Rose Festival Karlovo: Journey to the Rose Festival and other attractions in Bulgaria.

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